Online Shopping In Nigeria – Everything You Must Know

Online shopping in Nigeria is an article you must read either you want to buy stuff online or you are a newbie in and you just want to start buying things online in Nigeria. Online shopping in Nigeria is very cool and you will discover some great tips about how you can shop like a pro even if this is your first time.

Let me quickly clear something off your mind before I proceed. You must have heard that there are a lot of scams online in Nigeria and these rumors are giving you some reasons to doubt the potential of online shopping in Nigeria. You need to understand that it’s not a rumor that a lot of people will scam you online in Nigeria. It is a fact that happens on a daily bases. And the reason is that most people often end up on a wrong website either because of the down to the earth cheap products or some village people.

Online shopping in Nigeria is really amazing when you are on the right website. You can have the future like experience of buying anything and getting a delivery at your doorstep right where you are. It’s simple and easy and am going to hold your hand all through sites that are very good at what they do.

Everywhere in the world, people are experiencing the amazing wonders of online shopping platforms like Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, Walmart, Bestbuy, and others. The breaking news is that you don’t have to travel to a developed country to have this experience. We have our own online marketplaces where you do buy anything you want conveniently from anywhere in the country.

Either you want a list of online shopping sites in Nigeria or you are searching for konga online shopping, jumia market Nigeria, kaymu Nigeria, jumia nigeria, jiji online shopping, yudala electronics, and others. Just make sure you read this post to the end before you do your shopping.

10 Benefits of Online Shopping In Nigeria

Before I go on to make a list of the best online shopping places in Nigeria, let me talk briefly about the benefits of online shopping in Nigeria.

1. Convenience

Convenience is one of the many benefits of online shopping in Nigeria that you surely cannot get in a physical shop or supermarket. There are no queues, no bumping on strangers to allow you walk, there is no pollution or disturbance. You are right in your house placing orders as you want it.

Online shopping in Nigeria gives you 24/7 opportunity to buy anything from anywhere. The convenience is unmatchable and isn’t that is what you want? To feel free to buy anything at your on own convenience.

2. Better prices

When you are buying directly from a company, the deals are always great seasoned with cheap price for quality products. At the moment am writing this article, Infinix Note 5 is N57,000 on Konga and the same phone goes buy N62,000 from a store down the street.

I don’t blame them, they have to pay to bring the products from Lagos and I don’t expect it at the same price. The prices of the product during online shopping in Nigeria is better by far. You can compare prices from various websites and choose the one that you can afford. It’s all easy and sincerely, the deals and prices of quality products are better by far.

3. Amazing Varieties

Another of the benefits you stand to get doing online shopping in Nigeria is that you will have a lot of choices you can make without confusion. In the local store, if you are not lucky to have a very big store close to you, there are limits to the choices you have.

Online stores will give you more than enough variety of products. You will be able to find almost any brand of an item you are looking for. You can find different colors, size and any specification you might be looking for. This is actually cool.

4. Sending Gifts To People Is easier

One of the reasons why most of us fail to buy gifts for friends and family is because the distance they are to us is just not a little. With online shopping in Nigeria, you can buy anything for anyone and have the website ship directly to their doorstep.

You can buy any gift for any season in town and make your loved ones feel special. All it takes for you is just to have an Internet connection and in days, they will get their products with a big surprise.

5. More Control and Focus

After our allowance came in one time like that while serving, my friends and I went to a Shoprite in Abuja to do some shopping. We got distracted by various stuff and we ended up buying things we never planned for or even needed.

Online shopping in Nigeria will give you more control cutting away distractions and spending on things you don’t need. You will be more focused and even though they have inventory and related products but they are not strong enough to make you buy what you don’t need.

6. Easy Price Comparisons

There is nothing that is more important than knowing the price of a product. In the local store, you can always walk out to compare the prices with the store nearby but my dear reader, that is going to take extra sweat. However, it becomes easy and handy when doing online shopping in Nigeria as you can comprise prices by different brands.

You can even compare the price of two different online marketplaces at a time. All it will cost you is opening another tab to see the price that is good for you on two sites. You found a product on Konga, you can open Jumia, and others to compare the price.

7. No crowds

If you are like a friend that hate crowds especially when shopping. During festivals, holidays, or on a weekend, there can be so many crowds at stores and they might choke you up.

You don’t have to hustle for parking space and avoid or the numerous perfume of the crowd and noise by shopping online. Most of us really like less crowd when shopping.

8. No Pressure

When you find yourself among good skillful sellers trying to cajole you to buy a product, you might end up buying what you will never need. Most of these sales boys put more pressure on customers just to make them buy something from them. It’s really a good practice buy my dear reader, you can scrap such occurrences by shopping online.

9. Used products are always very cheap

Online shopping in Nigeria gives you the chance to buy a used or damaged product for a lower price than you will get it in your area. Jiji and OLX became popular for selling second-hand products and they are very cheap and of good quality.

10. Discreet purchases are easier

Walking into a supermarket to ask for adult toys, very hot undies and so on might give you some shy. Even if you are buying some products for your home, you don’t want to people to put an eye on you.

Online shopping in Nigeria will give you the best privacy and protect your identity. You are the only one buying what you need and no one who knows you or on the same Street is watching or judging. It’s you and you alone.

Disadvantages Of Online Shopping In Nigeria

I don’t want to leave any stone untossed, so am not just going to talk about the benefits of online shopping in Nigeria without talking about the disadvantages. Quickly, I will be showing you some disadvantages Of Online Shopping In Nigeria.

1. You will not go home Instantly with your product. Many of us will like to buy something and start testing it at home immediately. But you will have to wait for delivery.

2. You will not be able to touch or feel what you are buying until the delivery date.

3. There is no interaction which is sometimes fun. Nobody will tell you anything about the product except what you will read.

4. No option of testing the product until the delivery day.

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5. Only a few websites offer free delivery, you will have to add more money for delivery.

6. There are fraud possibilities especially when the site is not legit.

7. Sometimes, the products you buy might not be exactly what you saw online.

8. Return policy might lead to extra stress and extra cost.

9. No adventure and thrills since its online shopping Nigeria is done right where you are. Sometimes, it’s good to have fun at the physical shopping mall.

Now you know the advantages and disadvantages Of Online Shopping In Nigeria, let me show you the best websites out there that will offer you the best experience of Shopping Online.

Best Online Shopping Sites In Nigeria

When talking about the best online marketplace in Nigeria, am talking about sites that have everything you can ever need. Their coverage, popularity, excellence service, reliability cannot be matched. Below are the best online marketplace in Nigeria you can trust.

1. Jumia

Online Shopping In Nigeria - Everything You Must Know

Jumia is an online marketplace that needs no introduction. Founded in 2012 and it’s the first online market store to capture the attention of Nigerians. Many Nigerians who have been running away from online shopping because of scams giant the trust of Jumia and today, it is one of the best in Africa.

Jumia have a really lot of products of any brand, size, and color. The online giant store have almost everything you can ever need from electronics, cosmetics, clothing, fitness, and many more. Jumia is a reliable store that do what they are best at doing what they do.

2. Konga

Online Shopping In Nigeria - Everything You Must Know

Just a few months after Jumia in 2012, Konga came into existence with a fast acceptance from the people of Nigeria. Konga made online shopping in Nigeria easier and safe.

One of the things amazing about Konga is that they give room for independent retailers to display products and sell on their website. They provided a platform for ordinary people like you and me to sell their products independently on the online store.

3. Slot

Slot is a Nigerian brand known for their specialization in computers, mobile phones, and other related gadgets. They are very specific and only focus on electronics like computers and mobile phones alone.

Slot have a location in almost every city in Nigeria and the have been selling offline before. They realized the power of online shopping in Nigeria and jumped at it. They have quality gadgets at affordable prices. You can shop on their website by visiting

4. Parktel Online

Another restricted online shopping store in Nigeria is Parktel. This online store is one of the leading platforms you can get phones, tablets and other accessories. They don’t have stores around like a lot as they are based in Lagos. The good news is that they can deliver to anywhere in Nigeria.


Kara is also another store that makes the Online shopping in Nigeria experience amazing. Kara specialization range from selling electronics and home appliances. If what you want to buy is something like generating sets, televisions, DVD’s, home lighting products, home, and kitchen appliances or even automobiles, specializes on that and they are good at it.

6. Dealdey

Dealdey is very popular and a reliable place to get some product for a super cheap price. This is an online shopping store with a big difference. It’s not just like the normal conventional online store. It is a special place to go if you’re looking to buy items for dirt-cheap here in Nigeria. It’s really a good online shopping marketplace in Nigeria.


Another store for online shopping in Nigeria is Kaymu. On this online store, you can buy varieties of items like shoes, jewelry, watches, mobile phones, and several other items. Kaymu is very reliable and good at what they do.

8. Mystore

While the other online stores might be broad, Mystore specializes in sales of gift items. Do you want to buy a gift for a loved one, surprise a friend with a special gift and you have no idea, this online store is the perfect place to visit. Another amazing thing is that you can order a gift directly to anybody in Nigeria using their delivery system.

9. Taafoo

Mystore may specialize on gift items alone, Taafoo specifies strictly on fashion. They have various products that will make your head swell and their prices are cool with great deals.

If what you want to buy using online shopping in Nigeria is about fashion and the likes, you can definitely try out this store.

10. Buyright

The last platform I will talk about for online shopping in Nigeria is buyright. This is an online store with a difference as it specialize in selling heavy duty items like inverters, stabilizers, batteries, and other related items.

There are more online shopping sites but am sure these ones above should do for anything you want to buy.

Now you know everything you need to know about Online shopping in Nigeria. You can then proceed to search for the product you want, place an order and pay with your credit card. In days, you will get your products at your doorstep.

If you need a product or this is your first time of Shopping Online, you can comment below and let me help you find the best quality product at great prices.

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