Top 10 Best Tips To Process Your NYSC Relocation Successfully

Top 10 best tips to process your NYSC relocation successfully is an article you really want to read if you are planning to relocate from your initial state of deployment. The NYSC call-up letter is out and you are feeling confused and frustrated about the state you see in your Call-up letter. Why it is normal to feel down a bit about a state you don’t want, it’s better to know that the Call-up letter is not the final. There is a chance for you to relocate to another state.

This post is just about Top 10 Best Tips To Process Your NYSC Relocation Successfully, you can CLICK HERE to read about how to apply and process your NYSC relocation and other important details their is to know.

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Top 10 Best Tips To Process Your NYSC Relocation Successfully

To Process your NYSC relocation successfully, you should pay attention and take advantage of these amazing tips below.

1. Wait For Call-up letter

The first thing I will talk about is telling you to chill out and wait for the NYSC call-up letter first. Most prospective corps members are just too filled with negative thinking to the extent that they will start looking for redeployment even when they are yet to be posted. Relax and wait for the call-up letter to be out on your dashboard, Check and see where you have been posted before you think about redeployment.

2. Never Be Scammed

This is very important and you should be careful so that you don’t fall a victim. After NYSC registration, there are always several hungry people looking to scam prospective corps members by telling them they can help post them to anywhere they want. We have had several cases like that and believe me, you do not want to be part of the story that touch. Shine your eyes o. See also: Top 10 Ways Corpers Ruin Their Lives During NYSC

3. Have a State In Mind

After you check your NYSC call-up letter and you already know the original place the NYSC management deploys you to, you will then need to make a decision either to relocate or not. Since your choice is to relocate, the next thing is to have a State In Mind. It is very important you think about this and better have reasons known to you.

4. Know The 3 Legal Reasons

Having the proper knowledge about the 3 popular reasons is a head start. There are 3 official grounds you must satisfy if you want NYSC to relocate you to a state of your choice. Marriage, Security and Health issues are the only reasons to apply for relocation. You can read more about those 3 grounds here. Now that you know the 3 official reasons, let’s proceed. See also: Top 10 Security Hacks For Corps Members During NYSC

5. Don’t Fake A Marriage

Faking a marriage certificate to apply for NYSC relocation will be a really bad idea if you are not really married. A lot of prospective Corps members in desperation will want to fake a marriage certificate just to process their relocation to Lagos or anywhere they want. To process your relocation successfully as a single, never try to relocate based on Marital grounds. See also: How To Print NYSC Relocation Letter

6. Don’t Lie About Insecurity

Since one of the legit grounds to redeploy is Security issues, some prospective corps members will want to take an advantage of this. Writing an insecurity letter when you have not even spent a month in the state can be dubious. The NYSC management will never post any Corps members to an unrest environment. Before you apply for relocation based on Insecurity, you should think twice.

7. Fake Medical Report Is a Bae (illegal)

Now, the most popular and easiest way to apply for NYSC relocation is to fake a medical certificate. There are tons of hospitals out there that will give you a medical certificate with just a token. You don’t need to disturb your brain thinking about a particular disease that be the reason. Those doctors have better illness and they know how to go by it. This is illegal, but that’s what people do. See also: NYSC Relocation Approval – Details You Should Know

8. Process It During NYSC Camp

While some will want to apply for relocation after the orientation camp, I will advice you to apply and process your NYSC relocation during the orientation camp.

It’s very easy in camp as long as you take along your documents to prove the reason you want to stay close to the city. The NYSC Camp does not have facilities to verify your medical report. Read also: Duration Of NYSC Relocation

9. Make Friends In Camp And Speak Out

This can really work the magic. You don’t know who that girl at the other bunk is. You don’t have any idea who that guy in your hostel is. What if his the cousin of the DG or he have a strong person who is an official.

What am saying is that you should tell friends about your plan to relocate. Ask them if they know someone who can help make it easier. Do not be shy, just open your mouth and talk about it.

10. Be Specific About What You Want

A lot of people will only say something like “I want a place close to the city” or “I want a place with a good hospital” You have to specify in your relocation letter the exact state and town you want. Don’t say you want a place close to Lagos, say you want Lagos. See also: NYSC Redeployment Letter Sample – Pictures

Those are the Top 10 Best Tips To Process Your NYSC Relocation Successfully. If you have any question or more information, use the comment box below.

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