11 Serial Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make During Orientation Camp

11 Serial Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make During Orientation Camp is a list of some things that you should not do, some mistakes you should avoid and some stunts you should never think of during your stay at the NYSC orientation camp.

Human beings like to do funny things sometimes. Graduates can be so hilarious that you would never think they can be so funny in taking some decisions.

Some graduates would do some things at camp and you will want to ask ‘which school did you graduated from?’

Below are mistakes you should never make during the Orientation camp.

1. Rudeness To Soldiers and NYSC officials.

The Soldiers are not authorized to beat you during orientation camp, but they have every right to punish you.

On a normal day, outside orientation camp, you dare not be rude to a Soldier. But people might think because they are in camp, they have every right to be rude to any Soldier.

Number one mistake you will regret is being rude to Soldiers and NYSC officials. See them as friends, mother, and fathers. They can be like a mother to you if you behave yourself and they can be a wicked boss of you don’t respect them.

Learn to add ‘sir’ to all your conversation with soldiers and NYSC Official. That would show you are not a half-baked graduate.

Show respects and don’t be rude.

2. Lamination of Documents

Number 2 serial mistake you should not make is to laminate your documents. Keep them very well and do not laminate any of them. Lamination is not allowed. You should read this for more clarification.

Do not laminate your statement of result, Medical Certificate, Green card and call up letter.

I have been writing on this lamination issue because I know that some people will still make that mistake.

I care so much about you my reader, so please do not laminate.

3. Sexual Harassment

This is a mistake that can kick you out of Camp or even kick you out of NYSC. Sexual harassment of the opposite sex is a crime. This is even more rampant among guys.

Do not harass any girl. If you like a girl, walk up to her and say ‘I think you are beautiful and special, would you mind to be my friend?’

Then go out with her, hang around with her, buy thing for her, give her confidence beside you and you might win her heart.

Guys who harass girls sexually are retards, losers, immature, coward and fools. With time and cares, you could win the heart of most ladies.

You would see some Corpers in white on white and you will feel like God used 12 days to create them.

But you should always remember that a serial mistake you can ever make is sexually harassing a fellow Corper.

If you like her, go for her.

4. Rape

A serial mistake to avoid on orientation camp is to be involved in Rape. This will not only get you kicked out of Camp and NYSC, but it will also get you locked up and spend a few years behind bars.

Why on earth will you result in raping a girl? I do not need your answers anyway, just know that only losers rape.

You are special and important, you are a King of your world, an ambassador of your Family, a royal priesthood, an educated graduate. So why would you result in rape?

If you like a girl, just go for her. With time you will get her and if you don’t, the beautiful ones are not yet born.

Only animal’s rape, real men don’t do that shit.

5. Caught Having Sex

This has got so many Corp Members dishonorably discharged and thrown out of Camp. Some people are so addicted to sex that they cannot keep themselves for the 21 days orientation course. Which is very bad.

If you are caught in the act, the NYSC Official will make fool of you, both of you would be brought out on parade ground, announced and disgraced publicly.

Control your Drogba, control your mind. Do not let 5 Minutes ruin your 5 years in your higher institution.

6. Jumping the Fence

Many curious people might think jumping of the fence to take a walk outside the orientation camp is cool. You will be caught and disgraced publicly.

The NYSC Official can disgrace and embarrass nonchalant Corp Members. So please avoid that mistake.

Why jump the fence when you will actually serve in that state for 11 months. It doesn’t just make sense.

7. Fight

A normal graduate that passed through a higher institution should know that fighting is for kids. Higher institutions do not allow fighting, so why would you want to be Anthony Joshua on orientation camp.

Misunderstanding will come up, many guys will piss you off. On no occasion should you allow your emotion to be clouded to the point of throwing punches or bottles?

Men don’t fight again, only primary school kids do.

8. Don’t Urinate and Excrete around, always use the bathroom

This has become a problem for many people, they are just allergic to the bathroom. What a bad allergy. They piss anywhere anyhow. If there are bushes around your orientation camp, and you are sure it places you can freestyle, then go ahead.

However, Urinating anywhere Is a bad habit that is not allowed during orientation camp. Be careful so that you don’t urinate at the window of the State Coordinators’ office.

9. Getting drunk

Am sure nothing disgrace a man than to get drunk in an environment like that. It happens, but it’s very sad even among graduates.

Why would you get so drunk to the point if vomiting and misbehaving around?

If you are caught, you are on your own.

10. Stealing

Thieves are everywhere in our world. Do not be surprised if your stuff start to disappear.

If all you had wanted was to be was a thief, why did you have to go to school in the first place.

One of the 11 Serial Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make during Orientation Camp is stealing. If you are caught, you will be disgraced along with your family name.

You can have everything you can ever want In life with time. Don’t give yourself a brand name.

11. Forged or Fake Documents

From time to time, several criminals would want to find their way into the NYSC system. They forge result and bring fake documents to orientation camp.

Many of these people have been caught and sent behind bars. If you are thinking photoshop who do the magic, cut the crap. Because if you are caught, that’s forgery, Impersonation which is a crime.

12. NYSC News Platforms

Another serial mistake is not to join Our Platforms. How will you call yourself a Corper or a PCMs and you are not on all our platforms. It’s your right to join. You can share your Camp experiences, read valuable articles, gists and many more.

Nysc news is a voice of Corps Members all over the World.

Join now for free Now!!

Now Your Turn

What other mistakes do you think one can make during orientation camp?

Do you have any experience of someone who has made any of those mistakes?

Share and let’s read……

Thanks for reading 11 Serial Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make During Orientation Camp

If you have any questions, keep them coming below.

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  1. Another mistake anyone can make in camp is not to March! What the hell are you doing in camping you refuse to join parade but hiding behind doors or under the bunk? You just cheat yourself by yourself.

    Abeg go fully enjoy camp you need to March o!

  2. Akwah Temple chinedu

    Kebbi,akwa ibom, anambra,niger
    State of origin:river state
    School: University of education river state.

  3. I laminated my Waec certificate, will it hinder my registration in the camp?

  4. My dad laminated my school certificate before I heard we shouldn’t. Does it mean I won’t be able to do nysc. I’m in stream two by the way.

  5. I have already laminated my neco result and my statement of result what should I do now

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