NYSC : The Issue Of Flood & Batch C 2022

One of the major question that PCMs have been asking is about the issue of the flood in the country. And this is really important to know. I will reveal some things in this post and at the end, you will know either to start preparing for camp or you should calm down for now. Just read on.

The flood is really affecting several parts of the country and in some areas, the flood has taken over houses, schools, companies and even a whole community. It’s so sad and so alarming.

Let me show you a few headlines before I proceed so that you will know that this is not a small issue. Viewers discretion is advised.

This video below is an example of some Corps Members at a flooded place of primary assignment. I’m sure no students will be present in that school for a while.

This video above is even small compared to some we have been seeing on the Internet.

A lady in a viral tweet even suggested camp should be on hold because of this flood issue.

During the previous batches, the registration portal was always open for 5 days and Call-up letter will follow immediately. No extension, no dulling. Then orientation camp will follow on. No wasting of time, no delay.

However, this batch C 2022 has been dragging from day one. The registration date came late and then it was extended for a few days that PCMs were praying for it to close. Literarily, if it was further extended, some PCMs might collapse.

Registration portal was closed for good and then call-up letter and orientation camp was tentatively dangling. We now have more evidence that 26th is confirmed anyway. If you are yet to see it, check NYSC Batch C 2022 Updates.

Then we go back to our question. Is it possible that the NYSC management are considering the flood? Or better still, will NYSC be on hold because of the situation of flood in the country?

Let me remind you that the National Youths Service Corps is under the Millitary and even our NYSC anthem confirmed that either its “Under the sun and in the rain” we will remain gallant.

Therefore, the probability of NYSC halting the programme because of flood is very low. Its not like its not possible, its very possible but the probability is low.

NYSC is rugged. During Covid-19 orientation camp held with maximum measures. In some states that are having security challenges, orientation camp will hold in another state. Then you will be given an option to relocate easily later.

You will be deployed to Adamawa and your camp will be at Taraba. Even apart from the security challenges, some states don’t have facilities for a total number of Corps Members deployed there. NYSC will have some PCMs attend camp in another state.

You will be deployed to Lagos but camp in Ekiti, Osun or Ondo state. After orientation camp, you will go back to Lagos.

The NYSC system is very flexible and they always have a solution to every situation around.

Let me shock you. During Ramadan fasting, orientation camp always hold. Our Muslim brothers and sisters will have separate arrangement for food by the management. If you are not shocked by that, na you know.

The fact about our original question is that the flood might not be a reason why camp will not hold.

Orientation camp will hold hopefully by 26th. So get prepared and just wait for the call-up letter to drop.


What do you think about this flood issue? Is the flood affecting your area? Do you think NYSC should continue with the Orientation camp? Do you support that lady’s tweet above?

Don’t leave without dropping a comment. I will read and respond to all comments.

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  1. Frankly speaking I also think that the orientation camp should be suspended for a while.

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