Polio Victim Shares Story, Seeks For Job, Says He Doesn’t Want To Beg

A poliomyelitis victim known as Timi has taken to his twitter handle, @Paco_jayzee to share his heart breaking story of his journey and survival with polio. According to his tweet, he became a victim of polio at the age of 3, right from then his parents has been his means of survival. Unfortunately, he lost his father along the line, he had to strive to be what is father wanted if he was alive. After 6years of struggling to gain admission, he finally gained admission to Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro where he studied Computer science. Upon graduation, he proceeded to the NYSC scheme which he just concluded. He revealed that depression and thought of suicide has creeped in as he collected his last allawee as he has no way of surviving and he doesn’t want to be a beggar. So he took to his handle to seek help as he is in dire need of a job.

Full tweets below:

Please read my story
Am a poliomyelitis victim.
Yes, I am but I survived
Being physically challenged at the age of 3 has not been easy but Gods grace has been sufficient.
At age 3 my life changed when I was diagnosed with poliomyelitis, my Father was an average Nigerian who struggle to make ends meet for his family, he and my mom tried all they could medically and spiritually but faced a lot of limitations.
My father upon being helpless made a decision that even if I can’t walk again with my legs I will get a good and better life like everyone who can walk with their legs.
He took upon himself that he will give me the best education that I deserve.
Being unable to walk with my two legs without the help of my crutches has been really really painful, seeing your pairs engage in the sport you like most and the only thing you can do is watch.
Depression comes in but Daddy and mummy was always there to cheer me up
During my secondary school days we had an inter-house sport,I couldn’t wear my sport wear because I was shy & ashamed of myself but Daddy was there to encourage me.After secondary school I lost my Dad.
it downed on me that I had to pull myself together and be the man my father wants to be the man my father wants me to be.
No financial help to continue schooling and all the schools I had in my didn’t admit me, I had to wait for good 6 years before I finally gained admission into federal polytechnic ilaro,in Ogun state where I had my National Diploma (ND) and Higher National
Diploma(HND) both Computer Science
Today I finished my NYSC program, I should be happy, that I accomplished my dream and my father’s but I must tell you am really depressed and suicide thought have began to set in after I collected my last allowee.
I ask myself “TIMI WHAT NEXT” because no more allowee means no food on the table and going back to be a beggar that most polio victims are is not what I want for my life or plan to do after going through the pain of educating myself. I don’t want to die neither do I want to beg
To Nigerians reading this,tweetlebs,celebrities and everyone.
And also I have quite a number of business idea that can fetch me money to put food on the table
Please don’t just read, please retweet my helper might be on
on your TL
I want a good life, I DONT WANT TO DIE
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