All NYSC 2018 Batch C Stream II Pressing Questions – Let Solve Them All

Good day dear NYSC 2018 Batch C stream II corps members. this post is to answer any questions you might have. Just keep the question coming and lets solve them all.

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  1. I registered for stream 1 and I haven’t printed out the call up letter but I want to go for stream 2. Pls is that possible?

    • No.. you can’t skip streams, you can only skip batches. If you don’t go now, you will have to wait for next batch

      • I really need an answer, I don’t know if my questions are even getting through. I haven’t been evaluated yet and I registered early. Was asked to upload full transcript and degree certificate in French which I immediately did. I am still yet to be evaluated. I really need an answer to enable follow the next stream. Thanks

  2. I saw my name on senate list but below it is written “the candidate was not admitted, kindly confirm your admission status with your school. You cannot register.” My name is on name matriculation list, my admission status is intact. What should I do(

  3. I registered early ie. On the 6th of October and was sent a message to upload my full transcript and degree certificate in French which I immediately did. I am still yet to be evaluated. I am confused because I av tried calling to know Wat the problem is but I don’t get an answer.
    I really prepared to follow this stream now I av to wait for stream 2 and I haven’t even been evaluated.
    Please I need a definite solution thank you

  4. I registered on the 6th. But when I recently logged in, I got this notification: “Sorry! You’re not in this stream. We’ll let you know when to print your callup letter.” Hence, my question is “when will I be able to print my callup letter?” Since I was spilled over to the next stream.

  5. I checked my dashboard, it was the same as it were before the call up letter came out, however I didn’t get my call up letter, but I checked via their mobile app and saw I was deployed to enugu, Please what could be the problem

  6. Hello dear..my name is on senate list but I was unable to register for stream 1 bcos nysc message is my school hasn’t fulfilled some documents…will my name still be on senate list to register for stream 11


  8. Pls i did revalidation because I couldn’t go for batch C stream 1 due to I’ll health. But I’m still seeing the same Call up letter for the camp I missed. I’m also unable to rechoose states. Will I get a new call up letter and would I be posted to the same state as before. Thanks.

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