Sample Of NYSC Relocation On Health Ground

In this post, I will show you a sample of NYSC relocation on health grounds and also give you some tips that can be useful. All you have to do is read to the end to avoid missing any important information.

Whether you are planning to apply for relocation in camp or just want to know what the relocation letter on health grounds looks like, this post is for you. Keep reading. [Read also: Relocation Letter For NYSC – Explained!]

Sample Of NYSC Relocation On Health Ground

The NYSC Relocation is the process of applying for a change of state of deployment either during the Orientation camp or after.

After the NYSC online registration, the management will release the NYSC Call-up letter, which will show you your deployment state. What if you don’t like your state of deployment? What if you can’t cope with the state? These questions and many more made the NYSC management create room for NYSC relocation.

Everybody will have a chance to apply for relocation in other to change their state of deployment. Yes. Everybody will have the right to apply.

However, the NYSC management reserves the right to approve or disapprove your relocation application. Also, there are three acceptable reasons to apply for relocation to NYSC.

Marriage, Insecurity and health issues are the only reasons to apply for the NYSC relocation. The easiest is the health issue, which is exactly why I want to show you the sample of NYSC relocation on health grounds in the post.

The sample is just below.

Sample Of NYSC Relocation On Health Ground

Relocation On Health Ground

To apply for relocation on health ground, you will need to get a medical report which will be proof of the health issue you have. The medical report can be from a private hospital, but a government hospital always performs better for fast approval.

After you get the medical report, you must write a relocation letter on health ground. During the NYSC Orientation camp, you will attach the medical report and the relocation letter on health ground to the relocation form and submit them.

I believe you have seen the sample of NYSC relocation on health ground in this post. However, if you have further questions, you should use the comment box below, and I will respond with the speed of light.

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  1. My relocation to Lagos from Akwa Ibom worked: it’s showing approved, but then beneath the page where I’m supposed to click to pay for my relocation letter they said I should get clearance from state coordinator. What can I do please?

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