School Principal Brutally Flogs Female Corps Member In Akwa Ibom

School Principal Brutally Flogs Female Corps Member In Akwa Ibom

Another shit is going down in Akwa Ibom as a school principal humiliate Nigeria by flogging a female Corp member. Chaii!!! This is never supposed to happen. Hear the story.

A school principal allegedly flogged a female corps member in Akwa Ibom for helping a friend to write attendance at her place of primary assignment.

The corps member was mercilessly flogged by one Deacon Friday Udoka, the principal of her PPA, the Government Technical College in Abak, Akwa Ibom State.

According to reports, the assault was because the lady, Kolawole Olaitan Adeola, helped her friend write her name in the attendance register of the college, on Friday, October 19, 2018.

The principal was said to have flogged her in his office before dragging her outside to continue the flogging in the presence of students. Udoka then proceeded to notify the NYSC Local Government Inspector that he no longer needs her in the school.

This shit on the whole of NYSC if this man is not dealt with. There are thousands of ways to kill a rat without breaking its head. There are thousands of ways a mature man will deal with an issue like this. If this man did not spend some time in jail for assaulting the federal republic of Nigeria, then this will be a license for people to start beating up Corp members.

Please, I beg you all to share this post to oblivion. Share till everyone within and outside this country will know how a female Corper serving her fatherland was flogged and assaulted.

Every hand that will share this post will never suffer humiliation in Life. This is serious. It might be you tomorrow.


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