See How A Female Corper Was Scammed For NYSC Redeployment - ScreenShots

See How A Female Corper Was Scammed For NYSC Redeployment – ScreenShots

We have been shouting and lamenting that you should not pay anybody for NYSC redeployment either on facebook or on WhatsApp group.

I even wonder how a graduate will be so desperate to fall for the cheap format they have been using for a while.

Most Corpers prefer to listen to those self-acclaimed NYSC agents who will scam them than a list to bloggers who will tell them not to pay for nysc redeployment.

These scammers know that:
– you are all new to the NYSC system
– and also that most of you were posted to a place where you will want to redeploy

They then use these two facts as a weakness to scam you.

We have contacted and reported this to the authority and also to the police and we are all on the watch. IF YOU ARE ONE OF THEM AND YOU ARE READING THIS, YOU WILL SOON GO AND CONTINUE YOUR CAREER IN JAIL.

So here is the conversation below:

Please let us share and repost this till no innocent Corper is scammed again.

And to all Corpers, I am going to lament again. Do not pay anyone for NYSC redeployment. You can do the normal NYSC relocation and redeployment. So you don’t need to pay anyone for it.

See the screenshots below:

We got over 7 different reports exactly like this from Corpers who have been scammed. Same way, same idea, and same format.

They ask you to pay half and pay half later. They come telling you to complete the money. You know you can’t get your 10k back so you opt-in to pay the rest and that’s the end of story.

All redeployment will be done in camp. Do not fall for any of the scammers.

If you have experienced this, you can contribute below and if you are a survival of redeployment scam or maybe you almost fell for it. Please share with us below.

Thanks for reading and please share!


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