NYSC 2018 Batch C Can Start Checking The Senate List For Their Names Now

Uploading of Senate/Academic Board Approved Results for Full/Part-Time Graduates and Revalidation Lists by CPIs is between 3rd – 30th September 2018. Which means you all can start checking your names already on the NYSC senate list.

The Senate list is an official list of approved graduates names and details submitted to NYSC database by every accredited institution in Nigeria. In a simple term, your higher institution will compile the list of names of graduates due for National Youth Service Corps mobilization and then forward the document to NYSC. If your name is on that list, then it means you are qualified for the NYSC 2018 Batch C mobilization.

Before I show you how to check if your name is already on the Senate list, let me tell you this. If you check below and you can’t find your name, below are the possibilities.

  • Your school is yet to upload their list on NYSC database. Before you start to panic, contact your school or call a few of your mates to confirm. The uploads are still in progress and many institutions are yet to start the compilation. Just calm down.
  • Jamb regularization. You can read the details here.
  • If your school senate list is out and you still can’t find your name, there is still Batch A coming up

Below is

How To Check If Your Name Is On The Senate List on NYSC Portal

Most institutions will release a PDF containing the names of the mobilized graduates and almost all schools will paste the list at the DSA in the school. However, you can check it on the NYSC portal direct and that is what am going to teach you now in just 2 steps


Click HERE or the link below to go to the official nysc senate list verification portal


You will be required to fill in your

Select Institution:

Matriculation Number:


Date of Birth

After filling the details, you hit the search button and wait a few moments.

See the screenshot below:

NYSC Verification dashboard

If you have any questions or you need our assistance, or you want anything, just ask below. We got you covered.

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