How To Do NYSC Registration For Free Without Paying At Any Center

Share Your NYSC Registration Experience – Official Log

Latest Update! 

The NYSC registration is coming to an end and we still have thousands of prospective Corps members out there who are yet to successfully do their online registration. 

The NYSC management has been quiet over the matter but am so sure they have been working on fixing the challenges as fast as they can so that the portal can come back to normal. 

NYSC NEWS want to send a log complain to the NYSC Management and we will need all the details of the challenges available to be get their attention. 

What we will need from everyone passing through one challenge or the other is to provide the details of their challenges below in the comment box. 

Let us know the state you are and then give details of the exact issue you are experiencing at the moment. 

For Instance

Lola From Lagos State

I have been unable to get my Call Up number after completing my registration about 5 days ago. 

Just mention the state you are and then give details of what you are passing through concerning NYSC Registration. 

The more complaint we have, the better it will be to present it to the management. 

Stay connected! 

The official online registration is in progress and prospective Corps members all over the country and our dear foreign-trained graduates have been registering since the portal was opened.

The Portal opened exactly by 12am 1st of June 2019 and a lot of PCM were actually awake across the country so as to be among the first to register. The registration portal will be open till 12th of June 2019.

This post is to enable Prospective Corp members to share their NYSC registration experience so as to know what they are passing through at their respective locations.

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This is Lola Princess and I'm from Earth. Born somewhere in Osun State, raised in Lagos, based in Lagos. Love making friends and blogging. I'm your NYSC Google Assistant and I'm always here.


  1. Francis from Anambra. ….I have been trying to register but it keep saying that my school have not meet up with mandatory requirements while some of my friends in other dpt have registered

  2. My waec date of birth is not the same with my jamb and nysc reg. (although jamb and nysc reg are the same). What can I do?

    • Good morning Lola..the surname in my medical fitness report is carrying my father’s suname while my details in my NYSC portal is carrying my husband’s surname that’s after my registration I did upload the necessary documents for married so my surname was changed ..will it affect my registration in camp?

  3. UNN oohhhhh
    We are just confused. No nysc senate list, no news as regards our registration.
    Lola help us oh!
    What could be the problem?

  4. stephen kelechi

    I hav been awake all through the night …i hav been checking the senate list and graduation list for like the umpteenth time now…but my its still saying no record found…but my school is saying they hav uploaded it…

    i’m just weak

  5. the process of registration was really easy, infact easier than I expected, the states I want was still available, and within 30minutes I was done with registration

  6. Unable to pay

  7. Muhammad Habibu Gusau

    Hello, am from Gusau i registered today and I printed remita for payment but today is weekend no Bank maybe til Monday. Hope that will not affect my registration

  8. My own is revelidation but is very easy I choice the state within short period of time. So what next?

  9. My registration was very easy and fast but didn’t get the state i wanted. Abuja and lagos was not on the list.

  10. My name is Bukola…I have been trying to register since 7am early this morning but it keep telling me my school has not fulfilled the mandatory document submission meanwhile some of my mate from the same department already completed their own registration (ABU) to be precise. Pls I need a quick response. Thanks

    • Your school is yet to upload

    • Bukola am from ABU too and my registration was done fast forget about checking your name on senate list just continue with the registration our school have done it all that you will not see your name on senate list

      • HI lola. I am kelechi in lagos state. I applied for a course correction since on Monday last week and and yet it’s still pending up to this moment and ill be joining the stream. How will I use the correct course for nysc. I’m really disturbed.

  11. Wooow… My NYsc registration was successful though it took alot of time and patience… I advice you sit tight with the person registering for you and then be patient enough patience especially the international student like me because you may have to restart d progress again and again before you get to finish up…

  12. Lola good evening, in the option were u will choose a state of ur choice

  13. There is no Lagos, abuja and river state why is it so

  14. Am unable to pay
    and there’s no change of DOB in my dashboard

  15. please Lola. my waec and jamb date of birth is different from the one in school and nysc registration (the school and nysc registration are the same tho)….will it affect me in camp.. please what should I do

  16. I tried revalidation but I could not registration because in my previous registration they said they were processing my exemption which I didn’t applied for, what can I do now, Lola please help me out

  17. No, I am not up to 30, during my jamb registration they mistakenly put incorrect date of birth, instead of 5th June 1994, they mistakenly put 5th June 1984, and all my credentials are 5th June 1994 which is my normal date of birth

  18. I have tried applying for correction on my date of birth bt there is no Colum for that on my dashboard??

  19. My name is Joseph from Rivers state, am 30year now, can still go for service because my name is out on senate. Pls need an advice. Thanks

  20. Uniben has not uploaded names in the senate list at nysc, I wonder why?

  21. Was not able to make payment. Telling me i don’t have the credential to view it

  22. Please for foreign student,do they asked of ur original waec result,during ur registration

  23. Yeah,I tried registering today and I was finally and succesfuily registered but the following was observed…
    1) my name was on graduation list but it was NO RECORD FOUND on the Senate list
    2) I called my school last week to complain but I was told to wait till Next week Monday
    3) But while I was awake in the midnight to wee wee,I just had it in my mind to play with the portal,but I was surprised to see my name after hitting the mobilization button and it ended well..
    4) I successfully ended the registration but Lagos and Abuja were missing from the list
    5)I tried paying but I was debited without crediting my dashboard…so I think Guys should postpone the payment…

  24. Ozeh Mary Daniel

    I mistakenly skip the payment options, and I want to make the payment now how do I do it

  25. Hi am Dan.
    The registration went well but I’ve been having issues paying. Since yesterday morning Till now the remitta isn’t responding.

  26. Hi please my name is lolu I am a foreign student please I’m the requirement they said ur certificate.transcript,waec and your passport page n departure Buh wen I was registering I was seeing student visa and date of arrival pleas I don’t understand again

  27. Hi, Please am combining two waec sitting. My first sitting the date of birth is correct and it is what am using in Jamb regularization and in school, I’ll also use it for NYSC reg. But, my second sitting the date of birth is different. What Should I Do ?

  28. I saw my name on graduation list and senate list last week when I went for registration yesterday it showed no record found and my name is still on graduation list pls what could be the problem any help pls

  29. Good morning, please i graduated last year and i was exactly 30 last year too,will i be able to go for service?

  30. My waec first sitting the date of birth is 1991, while the second sitting the date of birth is 1989. Help please

  31. Mine registration was finally successful at last, after several attempts. The main challenge then was that, I’m unable to sign up on time not knowing that I must confirm my email before anything would move on. So that has also made me to find it difficult to sign in after several attempts.
    May I at this verge call on the attention of those that are yet to register due to one reason or the other, to please remain calm as things will soon get well and better.
    My appreciation goes to Lola our sweetheart for her tremendous and endless contributions towards the success of PCMs for the year 2019/2020, NYSC programme. Thank you so much.

  32. I’m am pelumi I register yesterday and the registration was easily successfully and I also saw my call up number was not stressful at all.

  33. Am done registering
    School: Enugu
    From: Nsukka
    Choice: Niger
    Can i be posted to Ogun State

  34. Good afternoon Lola. I have seen my name in the graduation list but i haven’t seen my name on senate list. Is it possible for me to register. Cos someone said he registered without seeing his name on the senate list. Mine is saying no record found.

  35. Ezewuike Favour

    pls Lola, am having difficulties registering
    The email on the senate Nysc list, is quite different from my own email, and I cant register

  36. Beatrice Adefoluke

    I’m from Caleb University and our names have been sent to Nysc, and we’ve not seen our names since last week we haven’t completed our registration

  37. hi Lola am Diribe kizito from Anambra state.
    Since after completing the correction of name 5days ago I couldn’t see my personal details on the green card.
    I have been waiting for it to reflect but to no avail.

  38. Hi Lola, I am in Rivers state, I have registered since friday but I can’t choose states of deployment because it keep telling me Sorry, there is no more available state slot for deployment

    • Hi Lola, I am in kaduna state, I have registered since on Friday but I can’t choose states of deployment it keeps telling me sorry there is no more available state slot for deployment. Tanx u

  39. I’m a foreign student. Registered since 3rd. Was asked to make a correction earlier, which I did.
    No call up number yet.
    Should I be worried?

  40. Registered since in the first and got an error message that I should upload my original o level certificate which I have done but no call up number till now

  41. good morning. am chucks from Africa, I saw my name on the graduation list on the 2nd, I went further to register, on reaching the cyber cafe I couldn’t find my name on the list anymore. please will there be a fresh reg. for stream 2?

  42. Hi Lola,
    My name is Oladiya, I’m from Rivers state. I’ve registered since last week Thursday but I keep seeing ” No Available Slot ” on my dashboard. So now I can’t get my callup number cos I haven’t impute my state of deployment. And also I can’t pay too.

  43. Azeez Taofeek Oladimeji

    Hi I’m Taofeek from Abuja, I did my registration on Saturday and have not been able to complete my registration, because have been unable to choose my preferred state,it’s showing Sorry, there is no more available state slot for deployment. Please what can I do to complete my registration .

  44. Oluwaseyi isaiah

    Oluwaseyi Isaiah, from funaab,I’m unable select state for deployment, keep saying no available slot,

  45. Sunday chiamaka

    I tried checking my name in the Nysc portal, I saw my name but they are saying that my jamb reg no does not exist(you cannot not register,contact your institution,used by none)

  46. Good morning, Am Abdullahi from Niger, I applied for change of DOB since Friday but till now it has not been changed, how long does it take?

  47. Thompson Ronald Badowuman

    I applied for a correction of name and I want to cancel it because I later find out that it is correct on my call up number

  48. I got to register last Friday but ever since then have not be able to complete my registration casue it keep saying there’s no more available state slot for deployment..

  49. I have registered but unable to select state of deployment, it shows no available slot
    Name: Enoch Felix
    Nasarawa state

  50. Oloyede Temitope

    I tried to register but at the point of choosing States it was telling me no available slots

  51. Azeez Taofeek Oladimeji

    Am from Abuja, What is showing on my dashboard is Sorry, there is no more available state slot for deployment. Pls what can I do to complete my registration

  52. Yahaya Ibrahim misau

    Am from bauchi, my problem is that I could not see states to choose and this is exactly about 4 days, I keep un trying, trying but still show me d slot where not available.
    Am asking whether I can make payment or not, Because there is not time

  53. Hi Lola
    I applied for replacement of name on the 1st of June after my registration and my call up number came out without the correct name and till date, no correction.

  54. I am Hassan Sani Baba from Nasarawa state my challenge is no available slots for deployment and we are more than hundred in number that are facing this problem

  55. Date of birth is my issue
    I bot d waec verification pin
    And I did as dey said
    It says waiting for aprroval, almost 4days nw
    My green card still show d rong date of birth
    Wat do I do?

  56. Ali Abubakar Audu

    My name is in senate list but in the pre payment page where you can write your matric number, school, and jamb is where I have problem. After I have filled everything it will not fetch my details and a pop up massage will appear telling me that “no details found”.

  57. I saw my name on Senate list but can’t register please help

  58. Am obaoye daniel from funaab my name appears on nysc portal but to register its saying no details found

  59. Good morning medical fitness certificate report is carrying my surname not my husband surname will it affect my registration in asking because my surname have been changed in my NYSC portal after have finished upload the necessary documents that proves that am will it affect me in camp?

  60. Adekoya bamidelel

    Am bamidele from lagos please I can’t fill in the states of deployments and make payment as well

  61. I am MONSURAH from Lagos, I have registered since 3rd of June as a foreign trained graduate, I uploaded all required documents and am yet to receive my call up number till date.

  62. mine is I can’t select the states showing no slots available

  63. Am unable to select deployment state it kept saying no available slots.

  64. Aminu Muhammad from Kano states
    The challenge I’m facing is that no available slot for deployment

  65. Chuka from lagos

    I’ve been trying to register since Thursday, whenever I put in my matric number, it reloads and shows “no details found. Please, confirm that your details are correct. Ensure your school provided correct details” I’ve tried changing matric number countless times and even checked if the problem is from my school, and it’s not. 12th is almost upon us, help me please

  66. Daniel from lagos, am having issue with the registration. Anytime I try I get feed back as incorrect detail or Ensure that your school upload your detail correctly

  67. Am from OOU I saw my name on the senate list then i proceeded to the registration.In the pre payment stage after putting my matric number,reg number and name its saying your contact your school .no detail found.

  68. Hello Lola pls have registered since Thursday have been unavailable to find slot, what can I do? Have tried of checking. And am I going to chose state before i can pay?

  69. Hi Lola,
    I have issues with my place of origin….it’s been pre-inputed as Lagos and my place of origin is ekiti…what do i do about it. is it from nysc or my school

  70. Samuel Chekwube Ndidi

    Hi Lola, during my registration, it was showing no available slot and I reside with my husband at ABA South, Abia State. Since it is showing no available slot, will NYSC post where my husband is?
    Thank you
    Awaiting your response.

  71. Fatuase oluwaseun oluwaseyi

    Oluwaseun from Lagos
    I have been trying to select the four state for deployment but keep saying no slot available for state of deployment .

  72. Tausayi Dandoi Gimbason

    Have been trying to select states for Deployment for the incoming batch B and is showing me Not available for upto three days now ,and trying to pay for the fee too is not responding.

  73. I am anda-owei Mary from bayelsa state,am finding it difficult to do my nysc registration… They are telling me that I should ensure that my details are correct, I have called my school and they are telling me that my name is not in the error list…pls someone should help me

  74. Alfa shafiu from kaduna state
    I have been facing this issue of unavailable state for deployment since Last week

  75. Anda-owei Mary is my name lm from Bayelsa state lm unable to register successfully .they kept telling me that I should ensure that my details are correct other verify from school. But l have contact my should l the responded that my name is not in the error list.please l need help.

  76. I’m Anda-owei Mary from Bayelsa state .lm unable to register successfully .they kept telling me that l should ensure that my details are correct other wise verify from your school. l later called for attention from my school and they told me that my name is not in the error list that has been successfully uploaded. Please l need help.

  77. Good day AUNTY LOLA,
    My name has been uploaded online (SENATE LIST)but i’ve not been able 2 register online (PRE-PAYMENT PAGE) cos it keeps writing.

  78. I am from Kaduna. I have not been able to get state of deployment since Friday. Pls what should I do, Lola?

    • The issue of *”No State available”* is general and that is exactly what we have been experiencing for a couple of days now.

      🔹The only solution for now is to relax and try later. The management is working on it.

      You are not the only one experiencing this challenge. Just give it some time and try later. 🤝

  79. I’m ABDULBAKI from Daura katsina state, I started registration since last week Friday, but I was unable to complete it, because it’s showing that no available state of deployment in my dashboard, please what can I do?

  80. Ali Abubakar Audu

    When am I to correct my date of birth, before or after registration?

  81. Good afternoon admin my name is Inah Paul Adida I did my registration last week Wednesday and I received a message that my documents were blurry then I made corrections and since then I am yet to receive my call up number which doesn’t last longer than this

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