Suspension Of NYSC Camp For 2 Years - VP Osinbajo

Suspension Of NYSC Camp For 2 Years – VP Osinbajo

The Economic Sustainability Committee (ESC) led by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has called on the federal government to consider suspending the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) orientation camp exercises for two years.

In its report presented to President Muhammadu Buhari last week, the committee recommended the consideration of suspension of NYSC camps for 24 months. See also: NYSC Batch A 2020 News Updates – Official Public Notice

“The immediate focus in the Education sector is to address the disruptions caused by the pandemic and ensuing social distancing measures at all levels of education,” the report read.

“Practical steps will be taken to minimise disruption to learning, utilising technology as appropriate. Specifically, virtual learning will be implemented (either online or through broadcast), virtual convocation ceremonies or issuance of certificates (with postponed ceremonies) should be implemented to continue educational progression.

“In similar context, consideration will be given to suspending the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Orientation Camp Exercises for at least 24 months while allowing deployment to places of primary assignment. See also: All “No State Available” Registration Issues – let’s Solve It

“This will ensure that there is no backlog in the National Service placement pipeline.”

In March, NYSC camps were shut following the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in Nigeria.

A statement released by NYSC at the time said “the corps members shall be posted to commence their primary assignments forthwith, while they shall be invited back to the orientation camps when the situation improves”.

Only last week, the scheme submitted a proposal for reopening of its camps nationwide.

It is unclear if the federal government will take this portion of the Economic Sustainability Committee’s recommendation.

What do you think? Are in in support of this motion or you are against the idea. Share your thoughts below.

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  1. Ihekweaba Victoria

    Please I didnt understand this… they want to suspend orientation camp for 2 years? Post everyone to their pop including stream 2 batch A?

  2. this is a total rubbish. The joy of every corp members is to experience the life in camp not only being a graduate. Pls the FG should do the needful. It’s better they complied with the proposal submitted by the nysc DG. This is unfair. Otherwise, suspension should aslo be put on police, Air Force, army, NSCDC, NCDC and PTF gathering. We have to follow what i called the law of parity. We cannot quoto to their pooh

  3. Please the idea should be brushed away, its like putting a pause on peoples life and people have plans. This is a huge delay and it shouldn’t be thought of much less considered

    • You and I know that, what osibanjo said won’t work, its a recommendation they brought but it won’t be accepted, as soon as school reopens Orientation will be open as well

  4. I support the idea that camping should be avoided for the main time since it is for our safety and also health is wealth so what else.

  5. This is absolute rubbish, these men in power just want to jeopardize our education, they just want to cut the dreams of many Nigeria student short. This is not fair at all. NYSC suspension is not the solution to solving the Covid-19 issue at hand. Pls don’t do this to us. Fight what is frighting us and don’t fight that which is not fighting us.

  6. This is unacceptable and clueless if I must say.. you’re going to put peoples life and plans on hold. Instead they should device a means of controlling the ground by allowing a few number of people to run camp activities why others join. If wuhan where it’s all started Have commenced activities and schools are being opened what isn’t disrupting our government from applying same method so that everyone can go back to school.

    • Thanks a lot for your wise input .. Our leaders are just too selfish and greedy that all they care about is there already robust pockets without consideration of the future of the country .. How comes market places and religious worship places and gathering are active and business as well and you telling me Nysc camping will be suspended for 2yrs is that not a joke, activity that is carriedout by adult and graduate with military guidance with all the precaution measures promised by the DG.. Too sad

  7. I am also in support of this Motion, in fact I want the federal Goverment to cancel the whole Nysc and use the monthly allowances to empower each graduate after graduation.

  8. I believe Corp Members has the role to play in the society and country at large during a time like this, if the are call to serve their fathersland, then I humbly wish the government should mobilize camping and tutor this members on what to do to help the country fight this present pendemic hence becoming embassador who can teach others about the pendemic and way of avoiding it spreading.

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