Top Mistakes Every Stream II should Avoid

Top Mistakes Every Stream II should Avoid

Hello dear Stream II and hope you are all doing fine. This article is to inform you about some mistakes made by some Stream I prospective Corps Members that you should avoid.

I already published an article about how to prevent hard to rectify mistakes during registration, but some still went ahead to make some of those mistakes.

Now that Stream I are in camp, I will like to give you a head-up so that you don’t make the same mistakes as some PCM who belonged to Stream I.

  •  Biometric Verification

Biometric became an important aspect of the National Youth Service Corps registration a while ago and the validation became necessary a few batches ago.

During my own batch then, 2016 Batch A, we only registered with a thumbprint and in camp, there was no validation so this biometric of a thing was not that serious.

However, this time around, after the normal registration, you will have to validate it in camp and once it doesn’t correspond, you will not be allowed to stay in camp.

Some Stream I PCM made this mistake and they have to leave camp to fix it in Abuja and still wait for next batch.

If you are Stream II and you are yet to register, kindly be careful and never allow anyone do biometric for you. Do it by yourself.

  •  States Visited

We published an article here that revealed the secret of making NYSC post you to your state of choice and while it was helpful to some, some ignored it.

During registration, you will be asked to select states you have visited and most people make the mistake of selecting the states they have visited for real.

The NYSC system wants to post you to a place that you have never been before that’s why it asked you for states you have visited so that they won’t post you there.

For instance, let’s say, you have been to Lagos, you have been to Ogun, Osun, Abuja, Enugu, Oyo, Ekiti, and during registration, you said you have been to all these states.

The NYSC system will avoid posting you to all these states that you have been to and then boom! They post you far away.

If you are yet to register, when filling the states you have been to, kindly fill the states that you don’t want to go to. Select those far away states. The system will post you closer since you have been to many faraway states before.

  • Name Discrepancy

The management rolled out the addition of names during name correction on the NYSC dashboard a while ago. This means that you cannot add any name on the NYSC dashboard. You can only correct errors or rearrange them.

It was stated publicly that if your name does not correspond with the one on your statement of result or school certificate, you should not bother coming to camp.

Dear Stream II, kindly make sure you correct any name discrepancy that you have. Your name on the NYSC dashboard must be identical to the one on your school certificate.

  • Correction On DOB

Your date of birth is very important to NYSC and that is why it is very important for you to correct it while you still can.

If you know that your date of birth on the NYSC portal is wrong, kindly apply for Correction as soon as possible.

You won’t be able to correct it in camp, so you need to act right now.

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  1. When stream ll go start their//00 register?

  2. Have made the correction of age on my dashboard but not yet rectify over a month.

  3. Pls ma is registration on now for stream ii 2021?

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