Why Is It Challenging For Corpers To Save N10k From N19,800 Allawee?

Why Is It Challenging For Corpers To Save N10k From N19,800 Allawee?

Everybody, come here and let’s discuss the truth.
Most Corp members would have a pre-plan that they will be saving 10k out of the #19,800 allowee during their service year and be spending the #9,800 to keep up.

If you are saving #10,000 every month and spending #9,800, in 11 months you would have SAVED:”#110, 000″ and SPENT: “107, 800”

The issue now is saving that amount. Most people are only left with the last double allowee after POP.

The question is “What are the things making it so hard for Corp members to even save during NYSC year?

Please let’s be realistic and open. God Bless you as you participate.

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  1. The first thing that will determine if a person will save it the city posted to! It is more likely for people posted to village to more than those in cities because of cost of living.
    Other factors ranges from individuals ways of handling money and how they want to enjoy their service year. Personal discipline is also to be considered!

  2. Lolz😁.
    Self discipline and the city being posted to, like the FTC said are the key factors.
    I remember working in a factory in Ilorin few years back and I was being paid ₦12000 at the end of the month.
    Most times, I don’t receive my full salary coz of late coming and the likes but I was able to save ₦8-₦9000 at the end of each month.

  3. Adequate planning is key in this regard, regardless of your location, once you planned and remained focused to the plan nothing in life is unachievable.
    If person cannot manage #10,000.00 well, even if is earning #1,000,000.00 monthly he will still be broke at before the next salary comes.
    Some booting factors to your earnings:
    i. Buy your materials needed in bulk, not in pieces.
    ii. Set up a priority table for your needs
    iii. Make sure your planned expenditure is never greater than your proposed income.
    iv. Never cultivate the act of borrowing for any project of yours
    v. Pay your tithes as Christians and Zakat as Muslim regularly from any money come to you as your own.

  4. Nnaoma Chinwe Mary

    One can actually save if determined. I’m still serving. Two months ago I opened a new savings account. I didn’t request for ATM or even mobile app or any code for any kind of transaction. The aim is to just save. Once I receive my 19800, I forward 11,000 to this account. By my calculations, I’ll be saving 100,000 at the end of my service year. I do tutorials to get little money for my other needs.

  5. You as a guy,u have to foot some bills for your woman and yourself as well as your younger ones.
    Thus it depends on your responsibilities and your Cert cos Medical corps have extra pay so I must save haba!

  6. Owolabi Michael

    Let be realistic,9800 is difficult to spend in an unknown star for a month..imagine what foodstuffs is saying..and maybe the person is posted to a school? A state where they dont even value education not to talk of you earning through coaching lesson..now tell me how u will manage 9800 where u will spend 100 to and fro to your ppa and still eat..pay for electricity and even maintain yourself (bathing soap,washing soap,hair cream and all)

    Even a secondary school student spend more than 9800 a month..everything is costly in Nigeria for someone to be saving 10k out of 19800

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