You Don’t Like Where NYSC Posted You? Here is The Best Solution

So NYSC just posted you to a place you think you don’t want. You don’t need to panic or worry yourself. The Call-up letter is not the final say. You still have a chance to redeploy. I have got calls from a lot of prospective Corps members stressing and worried about the state they have been deployed. No need to worry, Lola has got your back and there is something you can do.

Let’s do a little talk before I proceed.

“Hello, my dear lovely PCMs… I have seen and heard and got messages from lots of you people complaining that you cannot survive a state you have been deployed
Some say it’s too far, some say they just don’t want to go. Some say it’s in the North and they don’t want to die… And a lot of reasons I understand

Let me tell you that there are no bad states I am not saying you shouldn’t redeploy, I just want you to know that your NYSC service year depends on You

You can make anywhere lively and profitable and you can make anywhere boring and be like hell. It depends on what you Believe

Most of you guys already made up your mind that you cannot make it in some certain states and if you say you can’t… Who else will say you can.”

Back To Issue

You should also be aware that NYSC doesn’t just redeploy Corp members anyhow. Your reason will not just be, because you don’t like the place. You can read the Acceptable Reasons For Redeployment & Relocation

So here is how to apply for NYSC redeployment. You can apply in just 2 ways

How To Apply For NYSC Redeployment: The 2 Ways

1. Applying Within The Camp:
The first way is during the orientation camp. It is within the 21 days duration orientation course on the camp that interested Corp members will have the opportunity to re-apply for relocation at the second week on camp. Normally, a form will be given out to the interested corpers to fill. As stated in ….. the Corp member will have to state the reason he or she want to apply for relocation, providing proof as evidence. You will also be asked to submit an application letter for redeployment together with the form.

2. Applying Online After Camp
It is sometimes difficult or rather an impossible task to get relocation approval after the 21 days orientation camping is over in time past. But now as we are in the age of the internet, the NYSC board has now made it possible to easily apply online for relocation even after the camp is over. You do not need to wait to get your approval for relocation after 3 months as you can get approved for relocation even after 2 weeks of application.

You don’t know how to apply online, then read How to apply for NYSC Redeployment & Relocation Online

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  1. I am posted to Adamawa and base on security reasons I can’t resume there for camp. Please how do I go about it. Thanks

    • The address of the orientation camp you will use is on your call up letter

    • My dear Anu I’m also a Corp member posted to Adamawa. I was in batch b stream 2 2018 now. I’m relocated to ogun. Though Adamawa is probably very far from where you are. It has one of the best camps. Adamawa camp has steady light and water. Adamawa is very interesting and the Mami market has a lot of bars. The soldiers are strict as usual but not as it is in other camps. Do you know the most interesting thing about Adamawa. They give you a form for relocation and you can decide to relocate on insecurity grounds. Your relocation to your state of your choice is 100 percent guaranteed. You don’t need to pay or bribe anyone. I miss Adamawa camp.

      • Thanks so much for this information. God Bless you dear

      • Remember Lukman Babarabi?? 😂 😂
        I don’t have patience and I don’t forgive

        • Haha. camp commandant!!! How dare you call his name just like that. A captain in the Nigerian army is 😂😂😂. There are two things my parents know about me and it always worries them. 1. I don’t have patience 2. I don’t forgive. I remember when they sent me to guard room. That guy showed us a bullet wound that Boko Haram guys shot him on the waist. He said that was the day they went to fight Boko Haram, the same day they shot Obasanjo’s son

    • Camp Adamawa is not that bad, it’s just the distance. Its actually kinda fun there.

  2. I was posted to Borno..is it true we’ll be redeployed to any state of our choice?

  3. I was posted to borno state..is it true we’ll be redeployed to any state of our choice after camp?

  4. please i was posted in this stream I but i don’t want to go in this stream, i wish to join stream II please it is possible for? and when is BATCH C stream II going

    • We don’t have a date for now of when exactly stream II will be going. It’s either you go with stream I ór wait for next batch

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