10 Facts All NYSC Batch A 2020 PCM Must Know

There are some facts that everybody who wants to go with the NYSC 2020 Batch A must know right now. We have promised to keep you updated and nit hide anything from you and that is why I have compiled a list of 10 facts you should know.

1. There is no official date for mobilization yet. The first fact you should know is that as at the time of this post, there is no official date yet for NYSC 2020 Batch A mobilization. The response we have been receiving from the management is that once a date is out, they will communicate to us. SO for now, just relax and stay connected.

2. The NYSC portal is currently open for remobilization. Remobilization is for Corp members who absconded from the NYSC service year and now want to complete it. If you fall to this category, kindly go to the Portal and apply for remobilization.

3. and revalidation have their differences. Remobilization is for people who reported to the NYSC camp and refused to report to their Place of primary assignment. Or after some weeks or days after orientation camp, you absconded from NYSC. Revalidation is meant for people who registered during the previous batch but were not able to go for the orientation camp. [See also: NYSC Portal Now Open For Remobilization – Act Now]

4. Those who were mobilized during the previous batch but were unable to register, all you have to do is go ahead and register once the portal is open. Revalidation will also be during fresh registration. So until the portal is open, there is nothing you should worry about.

4. Foreign-trained graduates don’t need a senate list. Just stay on the WhatsApp group, you will get all the information you need and all the requirement.

5. Nigerian graduates do not need WAEC or NECO or JAMB at NYSC camp. We will share the requirement as soon as mobilization starts.

6. You all should be expecting scammers and you should be wise so that you don’t lose your money. They will come to you in various form but as long as you are with Lola, you will be scam proof. Because we will keep alerting you every time.

7. If you have errors in your name, date of birth, course of study and other errors showing on your document, you will be able to correct them during the NYSC registration. No need to worry.

8. If you are 30 years old at the time you graduated, you will be given an exemption letter and will not be taking part in the One year NYSC service year.

9. Stay connected and follow the Official Facebook Page and Like NYSC News Page on Facebook. Stay connected on our WhatsApp group also if you are yet to join. As long as you stay connected, you will never miss out on anything important.

Now you know the facts. You can use the comment box below to ask questions. Do not leave without sharing.

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  1. Hi sis
    What of someone who have registered like a year + can he or she still revalidate with batch A


    Pls how can I get exempted now with my real age. I Absconded from orientation camp due to family reasons in batch stream 2 2016.

  3. Egwu pls Lola I’m above needed to serve pls what is d way forward. I don’t want to be exempted

  4. Hello sis.I have issue with date of birth from jamb ,but have corrected the date to my real age from jamb,but not yet corrected from sch can I submit my premobilization with d previous age

  5. Gudafternoon Lola, pls d date of birth I have wit jamb has completed 30 years, but my real age is not up to 30years, d real DOB is wat I have been using in school till I graduated, I haven’t corrected d wrong date of birth wit jamb, pls will I be affected?

  6. Pls Lola, is there any official mobilization after pre mobilization workshop school .. Like to know if there is another mobilization after the pre mobilization ma??

  7. Hi Lola pls I was posted to sokoto in 2018 but I didn’t go there and now am planning on doing revalidation, pls can I include my marriage certificate during the revalidation CU’s am now married and is the revalidation going to change the previous state I was posted.

  8. There was a mistake in my graduation year and instead of 2015-2019 ,2016-2019 was written there during my registration.will it affect my camp registration?I’ll be expecting ur reply.THANKS

  9. What if you made a mistake on your date of birth during the online registration, can you still correct it online

  10. And if you didn’t make NYSC payment during registration, how will you pay it later

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