NYSC January 2020 Allowance Update

NYSC January 2020 Allowance Update – Must READ

A While ago, the President of Nigeria increased the minimum wage and in turn, this will affect the NYSC allowance and it has been confirmed that since the minimum wage has been increased, the NYSC allowance will also increase.

To our surprise, throughout last year, we all waited for this increment to commence but it never happened. So this year, we have been getting lots of emails, and messages from corp members asking if the NYSC allowance will increase this year from January or not.

The fact about this matter is nobody knows either it has been increased or not and you should also calm down until you receive an alert. When you get an alert, you will know the amount.

As of yesterday, the NYSC management to questions about the allowance increase is that the Federal government is yet to give them directory for the payment of the new amount.

There is no need to worry or put your mind on N31,800, once the allowance is increased, you will see the alert. And until you see an alert, do not believe it has been increased. So, if you are anticipating for the increase, take your mind off it. Until we get alert, nothing is worth worrying about.

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  1. What’s DG doing or waiting for? Or is it because NYSC has no political benefit for the mongrels on the cross of injustice in Nigeria parading as saviours?

    They should know that increasing this allowance will alleviate poverty. 31,800 * 12months = 381,600.

    There’s no how a corp member won’t save up to 250,000 to start business after service.

  2. As for me, DG you suppose to tell fg the truth about corps members, this #19800 will never be OK for a Corp member serving in other States, you feed your self in #19800, you pay rent in 19800, you pay for other services inside 19800, you also buy recharge card inside 19800, buy data inside 19800 etc… Oga na this thing make us travel to our house for no reason

  3. They are just a bunch of wicked set of people. When you allowances is being increased, you refused to increased that of the corp member or even deem it fit to fight for them. I wonder the kind of country we are filled with people who don’t bother or care about other people’s children or family since their own family is doing well…. May God help us and you except corpers to put in their best when you don’t care or bother about their welfarism…

  4. Hi Lola,you posted something on the group chart about you teaching us how to do online business and km ready for it…But the problem is that my phone got formated and I lost some of my WhatsApp contact so your WhatsApp group is not also on my list again. Pls kindly add me back on this number 08147228372 bcos I have been trying to click on the WhatsApp link its not clicking .Thanks

  5. Lola my allowances January and February have not been pay what shall I do

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