5 Popular Myths About NYSC Registration

5 Popular Myths About NYSC Registration

5 Popular Myths about NYSC registration is a list of some false conception that people have about NYSC registration. We are getting few things wrong.

NYSC registration is very close and prospective Corps Members must have heard a lot of things.

Myths are irrational explanation about a particular thing. They are tagged as irrational explanations because they don’t provide near accurate evidence or prove about their subject.

Myths are false or wrong conceptions or impressions we have toward a particular thing.

NYSC NEWS is here to present to you 5 popular Myths about NYSC registration and the truth about them.

1. Registration Begins 12am

Myth: The NYSC Registration Portal will be open by exactly 12am of the day

Many people believe that since the registration date is 20th of April 2017, then the NYSC Portal will be Open at exactly 12am of the day. So you have to spend your night awake at the cafe or wherever so that you can register on time.

Fact: The portal will not be open at exactly 12 am. You are free to sleep and enjoy your night.

I fell for that belief too. My friends and I, a day before the day, we went and spent the night on campus waiting for 12 am. We were not alone off course. Many graduates like us were there. 12 am exactly, we all rushed to the stand only to discover that the portal I not yet opened. We waited till around 10 am of the day. See also: Top 10 Scam Methods Prospective Corps Members Should Not Fall For

We slept and woke up around 3pm.

We were sleeping while others are doing their registrations. So funny.

Judging based one just one experience is not a good one. Apart from my experience, ask around, you will hear few more experiences.

If you want to flex through the night, it’s okay. But thinking that the portal will open by exact 12am is a false claim.

2. First Come First Serve.

Myth: If you register early, you will be posted to a good place. This one is really very common. I believe there are other ways we ex Corper can form for these Prospective Corps Members than giving them false impressions.

Many would say if you register on time, especially immediately when the portal opened, you would be posted to a good City like Lagos, Abuja, and Kano etc.

Fact: The posting is random, relax and take your time.

Registering earlier does not mean you would be posted to a good city.

Note, there is no bad city anywhere. So you don’t need to rush yourself and make mistakes filling the form. You will be posted to a place. It’s now your choice to make it good or bad.

3. You cannot register by yourself

Myth: You can’t do the NYSC registration by yourself, you have to use a registration center or a Cyber Cafe.

This is not very true, the fact is below

Fact: You can do the registration by yourself.

The only reason why they say you should go to a Cybercafe is just for the sake of the fingerprint scanner’s external gadget. If you can get it or you have a friend who has one. You can use it. The passport would be snapped with your phone or through your system webcam.

During my day, my friend and I, we did only the thumbprint verification at a Cafe and since we passed that level, we completed it by ourselves on our system.

Once you have a good network and passed the thumb printing verification, you can do it all on your own.

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  1. I will like to do it myself at home but I do not have a thumb scanner. Will the thumbprint be in the first stages of the registration or towards the end. I am asking if I should go and start the registration at the cafe then. Complete it at home or vice versa.

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