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7 Reasons Not To Fake NYSC Fitness Certificate

7 Reasons Not To Fake NYSC Fitness Certificate is a list of reasons why you need to be 100% real and not make any attempt to fake the mandatory NYSC Fitness Certificate.

During the 2016 Batch B Orientation camp, several Prospective Corp Members lost their lives. The families of the fallen heroes blamed the NYSC body, founding their reasons on the drilling of Soldiers and strict training on camp. Many parents even filed cases against the Federal Government demanding a huge amount of money as damages.

Due to this and coupled with few developments, NYSC decided to mandate the Medical certificate for every mobilized PCMs in other to be an attempt to prevent the death occurrences repeating itself and also to discover the health capacity of every PCMs.

Also to ensure quality and discourage illegal acts, only results from Federal Hospitals and Military hospitals are valid.

However, for one or two reasons, some people might want to bypass or even forge the medical certificate so that they do not need to face the stress of going to the hospital. That’s the short Cut Policy. Read also: 7 Things You Should Never Do To Your NYSC Documents

Why You Should No Fake NYSC Fitness Certificate

Below are the reasons why you should not fake your NYSC fitness certificates. Please read with care and pay attention.

1. It is Illegal

This does not need any more explanation. It is purely illegal to submit a fake medical report at NYSC orientation camp. It’s called Forgery, Impersonation, Bribery, and Yahoo. Which is an offense according to Nigeria constitution and if you are caught, you could visit the Darkroom for months.

2. Your Real State Of Health Is Important

There is a saying that ‘You should never lie to your Doctor’ It’s true because it’s about your health. It’s about the status of your body. If you forge a medical certificate without the real status of your health, you are only putting yourself in danger.

It’s best if you take the tests and get to know your health status. It will help you a lot.

3. It Might Be Followed

What if NYSC put a call through to the hospital you claimed you got your certificate from? NYSC is operated by the Federal Government and the Government knows everything because they are the Government.

4. You Might End up having the ailments

This is funny, but it can happen, it is very possible. Let’s say because you want NYSC to post you very close to your house, you lied in your Medical report that you have HIV Aids, Hepatitis, Tuberculosis, romatism and even spiritual problem. You say you are Positive to all those deadly diseases so that you can be posted back home for treatment.

The fact is that what you say about yourself with your mind and mouth really matters a lot.

5. Emergency

What if you fake your medical certificate and you claim that you don’t have any ailment. People always faint and develop one thing or the other during orientation camp. In fact, people faint anyhow. Due to change of environment, camp drilling and so on. In case you fake your certificate claiming you are 100% fit and you faint or develop a fault. They check through your record and that’s confusion. Since your record says you are fit, they might treat you for another thing entirely. And the end result might lead to death.

6. Your Parents Might be contacted

NYSC might decide to verify your medical report by putting up a call to your parents at home. Imagine you fake a certificate that claims you have 12 deadly diseases, and then your parents or guardians are contacted, how they would be able to handle it.

7. Now Your Turn

Do you have any other reasons, use the reply button below. Or have you been unable to obtain your medical certificate, let us know so that we can assist.

Or do you still have any question about the issue of the NYSC fitness certificate, let us know below.

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  1. The prices to fake are cheap
    To go to real hospital is expensive

  2. I have not been able to obtain my medical certificate. And am to report at the camp in two days. What should I do?

  3. Please what is waec verification pin, is it waec scratch card

  4. What type of business can I do with my nysc money after nysc is been done and dosted

  5. Azembe saaondo sylvester

    Good morning, please the was a mistake on my name arrangement on my admission and acceptance letter, though I made the correction in school ICT but the name in jamb portal is still not arranged well and I applied for its correction, uptill now ,it’s not yet corrected and my senate list is out in my school, though I have done my clearance but not yet applied for statement of result becos of the admission letter pending correction of name..will i be still mobilised for this batch?

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