Sample Of NYSC Mandated Medical Certificate

Sample Of NYSC Mandated Medical Certificate – See Pictures

The sample of NYSC mandated medical certificate is a picture that will show you the sample of medical certificate of fitness for NYSC that is required from all prospective Corps members. The NYSC medical certificate is very important and it is mandatory for all PCM to provide an original copy.

The Sample of NYSC Mandated Medical Certificate is a picture made available for the sake of those who do not have any idea how its supposed to look like. So if you are here looking for medical certificate of fitness in Nigeria, NYSC medical fitness test, how to get medical fitness certificate for NYSC, list of medical test for nysc and other related questions, this article will be useful for you.

The NYSC has made the medical certificate mandatory for all Prospective Corps members because of the need to know in specific the condition of the health of each Prospective Corps Members. I already covered this point in my previous article. See also: 7 Salient Facts About NYSC Mandated Medical Certificate

I am just going to show you examples of how the medical certificate should look like.

Sample of NYSC Mandated Medical Certificate

Bellow is the sample of the NYSC medical certificate and how it looks like.

That is the sample above. I hope this post really helps.

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  1. Hi gud evening dear Lola, am Mrs Mary, pls dis whole test cn one carry dem out in a private hospital and get d medical certificate of fitness from a Govt hospital? Pls clarify me and again am serving wit my hubby do we need to get different domicile leta?

  2. Hi my name is Mrs joy,I did my reg today n I couldn’t change my marital status from miss to Mrs. Wat can I do

  3. Hello Lola please please please. As a nursing mother will I be allowed to leave camp after registration.

  4. pls Miss Lola does a pregnant PCM also need this certificate too, please tell me I want to know

  5. Hi Lola. My own medical fitness certificate did not list out all the tests conducted but they were conducted. It was conducted in s federal school. I hope it won’t be a problem for me considering the tests were not listed out.

  6. Good morning, Princess Lola.
    I did mine in Sept. last year for the camp in Nov. but didn’t go.

    (1.) Can I still use it?
    (2.) All the test listed were the same I ran, but didn’t or weren’t listed on my certificate of fitness as the one above; yet I have the results. Must they be listed on the certificate?
    (3.) What’s the duration of NYSC medical certificate of fitness for the next camping?

  7. Can’t i do d test in a private hospital

  8. Oloyede iyanuoluwa

    Mary i did all d registration and nysc told me to re upload my waec certificate after uploading but i went to check is still dere but will i still receive my call up letter because am really scared oo

  9. Babatunde Onipede

    Please I want to know why have not been evaluated since I registered and have not gotten call up number too

  10. Good morning Lola, please I have done it before for a job stuff but not all the test for NYSC is there. Can I use it or go for another one. Like eye, stool is not there but HIV, blood group, genotype and hepatitis B test were carried out. Can I use it like that

  11. Can I start my own medical fitness now

  12. Good evening Miss Lola hope you’re having a blessed day The Medical fitness Certificate i have is not carrying those Those futures Blood group and e.c.t. the Certificate i obtain yesterday at General Hospital in Delta State was saying to whom it May concern it had my name on it saying Ive done all Medical fitness and am good to go it has the stamp on it am I good too go ????

  13. Hi Lola, I got a marriage certificate from my local govt and my wedding will come up on 4th January 2020 which was stated in d cert, please can it be accepted during registration?

  14. Pls Lola , I was mobilize for batch b, but I couldn’t register because My status in the senet list was telling me dat I can’t register ,jamb reg number does not exist, but I later do my jamb regularization and I confirmed my name on the matriculation list, but I just check my name on the senet list now and it is still saying the same thing what can I do pls?

  15. Good morning Lola pls i have not gotten my statement of result from school. Pls can i still go ahead and register please answer me.

  16. Good day, please must i do the medical or collect the letter of medical fitness from any Hospital apart from the one in my school? am in Lagos and can’t and I schooled in Owerri. thanks, please do Reply.

  17. Hi, Lola, I am a foreign student and I have completed my registration and payment and it shows that I have. But I am unable to print my green card due to the fact that my dashboard keeps indicating that I am yet to be evaluated. What does this mean. And what can I do?

  18. What are the tests I need to do for my medical fitness certificate. And do I need to take all the individual results with me to camp?

  19. Foreign PCMs are supposed to upload our residence permit or student visa. But the country I studied in gives us yearly student visa. So during my registration I only uploaded the last one. Is this right? Or should I upload everything. Pls help. Becausey dashboard keeps telling me I have not been evaluated. And I am want to be. Sure it has nothing to do with my Documents.

  20. Please i have been trying to register since yesterday, but I’m having “no available slot”
    What do i do

  21. Hi miss Lola,can I get my medical certificate of fitness from my school medical centre?

  22. Hi Lola, please do you have idea of batch C stream 2 orientation date

  23. I got my medical report from UCH where I worked, but I forgot to get it stamped. Can I still use it or will it be an issue that it wasn’t stamped?

  24. Hi lola…i was wondering please can i get my certifcate of medical fitness in a primary health care….or does it really have it be a general jospital…

  25. Hi lola…i was wondering please can i get my certifcate of medical fitness in a primary health care….or does it really have it be a general hospital

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