April 2020 NYSC Allowance Latest Update – Official

There has been a rumour flying around about April 2020 NYSC allowance and this post is going to clarify it.

People have been checking their NYSC dashboard and seeing this image below.

And since then, we have been getting messages and emails from panicking Corps Members worried if they will be paid for this month or not. See also: 12 Facts Every Corper Should Know About June 12

The fact is, yes you will surely be paid for April 2020. The objective of the COVID-19 you are seeing on your dashboard is just to call your awareness and it’s for every one of us to work together to end this global pandemic.

No cause for alarm, no panicking and no shaking. You will all be paid.

This is not a mere assumption because the NYSC Management also confirmed this in the statement below.

The appearance of COVID-19 on your dashboard is not a problem You don’t need to worry. Your allowance for the Month of April will be paid. COVID-19 simply means we are working together to put an end to the pandemic. Kindly stay safe.

Hope you have been fine and doing good. Please stay at home, maintain social distance and always wash your hands. See also: Top 10 Reasons Why Serving In The Village Is Awesome

God will see us all through this pandemic. Stay safe.

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  1. Thanks ma’am, God bless you ma’am,,, I believe that we the half baked batch A will be paid also?

  2. When will Batch B stream 1 be passing out because this is supposed to be the last clearance

    And When are we Expecting our Arrears of the increased New National Minimum Wage?

  3. Pls Lola, do u think we the batch A stream 1 pcms who got their call up letter very late and was automatically transferred to stream 2 won’t be affected too… I keep having different doubts that I won’t have issue with going to orientation camp

  4. prince chimezirim

    please i’m batch A 2020 stream 1, I have received my allowance for the month of April and i’m also a relocated corp member which because of the lock down has not done any registration and the instruction given by the NYSC Management that all relocated-in corps members registration are to put on hold till further notice and all relocated in corps members are to monitor their dashboard for information on when registration will commence, now i check my dashboard after i have received my April allowance and found out that my May LGA Clearance was Absent, my question now is will it prevent me from receiving the May allowance and how can i get cleared since offices are on lock down and according to NYSC management rules monthly clearance commences on 1st to 10th of the new month, so what is my fate in this suituation

  5. good afternoon. pls. what is the stand of our service in this period of covid 19?

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