Top 10 Reasons Why Serving In The Village Is Awesome

Everybody wants to serve in the city. If the NYSC management allows Corps members to choose just one desired place, 90% will want Lagos, Abuja and other major cities across the country.

While the city might have more jobs opportunities, clubs, beautiful and amazing places, the Village also have its charming experience to offer.

By the time you finish reading this post to the end, you will discover the reasons why serving in the village is awesome. See also: Top 10 Chilling Facts About NYSC You Don’t Know

Top 10 Reasons While Serving In The Village Is Awesome

From the low cost of living to good electricity, safety and many more, I present to you below Top 10 Reasons While Serving In The Village Is Awesome.

1. Low Apartment Rate

One of the major challenge in the city is getting an apartment. It even becomes tougher when your place of primary assignment did not provide you with accommodation. Or even worse when they give you an apartment that is not suitable.

Corpers deployed to villages have no worries when it comes to getting a suitable apartment for a cheap price. I have seen and heard of villages where you will get a room self contain apartment for N10,000 or even less.

There are some communities that will even give Corpers members free accommodation all through the NYSC service year. See also: 10 Tips For Renting An Apartment As A Corper

2. Cheap food

Where will you get cheap and varieties of food if not the village. The yam you will get for N5,000 will go for as low as N1,500 or less in the village.

Food is down to the earth low and you will eat like a boss with just a little change. One of the many Vibes in the village you can’t get in the city is cheap food.

A saying goes like “A hungry man is an angry man” Ever seen a hungry Corper teaching Mathematics before, go to the city.

3. Good electricity

The electricity in the village is always Dope. As in, 24 hours a day. There are no industries to divert the power and no big industries to cause low voltage.

I know some of you will have arguments against this point, the comment box is open below for your arguments. The Village always enjoys good electricity which the city cannot match. See also: Top 10 Legit Work From Home Jobs In Nigeria For Corpers

4. Safety

You are really very safe in the village because all the bad guys have traveled to the city. You are safe in health as there are limitations to pollution, accidents, and other diseases.

Your security is sure because, in the Village, people look out for one another. The many risks you face in the city is not in the play here. The village environment is friendly and secure.

5. Saving Is Easier

While you will be a superhero to serve in Lagos or Abuja and have savings after your NYSC, it’s really much easier for Corpers in the village. Because everything is cheap and there is a limitation to things available to spend money on, you can save more.

The city was built to take all your money away with a lot of charming stuff you can’t ignore. The house rent is cheap, the electricity bill is low, no water bill, no clubs, no Sharwama joint, and no Barbecue stand. So how will you not be able to save? See also: Top 10 Best Tips To Process Your NYSC Relocation Successfully

6. No CDS

This might not apply to all villages, but majorly for places far away from the local government. The only thing you have to worry about is the once in a month clearance. Meaning your Wednesday or Thursday CDS day is a free day.

Instead of attending CDS every week, you will only need to go for clearance. This is something you can’t dodge in the city.

7. Personal Project Is Easy

What personal Project idea do you want to do in a Place like Lagos or Abuja that it is not already in place? There is absolutely a big limitation to project ideas in the city while anything you do in the village will be a big deal.

You can bring many ideas of a project that will benefit the village you are serving so easily. Just a walk around the street and you will see many things you can do to add to the villagers. Remember NYSC is not all about allowee alone, it’s all about touching lives. See also: Top 10 Security Hacks For Corps Members During NYSC

8. Touching Lives

It’s really very cheap and easy to touch lives in the village. A Medical outreach, a football match, a seminar, workshop, computer training, cooking training, beads, and many more that will affect lives are very easy to organize.

If you really have the passion to touch lives and impact people, the Village is really a great place to begin because you will have the support of the people from their king to the children.

9. You will have more time

You will have all the time in the world as a village Corper. The schools you are teaching will not stress you out like the professional in the city would.

You will really have enough time for yourself, to travel, to invest and do many other things you wish. See also: Top 10 NYSC Highest Paying States

10. Starting a business is easier

Starting a business in the village is an easy thing as you will see more opportunities around you that you can easily take advantage of.

This one is for the business mind and you can really make it a big deal if you give it a try. There are people in the village and the lack a lot of things. If you decide to start giving them something they lack, they will pay you any amount to get it.

Now you can see that serving in the village is awesome. You can share this article and add to the list below.

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  1. Concerned Nigerian

    Lol…. You dey wine me ni… 24hours light no network, safe money to do Wetin for village, no chance of been retained, mosquito and no good water. Aunty Lola. I pray you serve in agbejukolo IN Kogi state let me see how you go blog 😂 😂

  2. Aunty Lola. Infact, u are wizard when it comes to any matters that concerns NYSC. I’m currently serving in a village and u are right in all u have said especially having more time. I can say we have all the time in this world. D schl. does not stress us at all. there is always light, network dey nyafu nyafu. Our male corpers organised and played football with the student. Here i dey, dey sweet me dia. i ve not travelled even for once since i went there to serve.

  3. wow… Anty Lola I can’t wait to serve at the village that is what I want all along based on the contributions of the corpers and the ex corper

  4. I did name rearrangement on my names on nysc
    Please I want to know when the change will take place

  5. Why is there no option for physical verification center, just one address which is Abuja, and I’m based in Lagos!

  6. Good evening ma
    I have been thinking about something, how are we going to get accommodations? After the camping what is next? How we going to be accommodated for the next one year of our service?
    Or how we going to look for accommodations ourselves?

  7. Good evening ma
    I have been thinking about something, how are we going to get accommodations? After the camping what is next? Are we going to be accommodated for the next one year of our service?
    Or are we going to look for accommodations ourselves?

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