Best NYSC PPA For A Corper In Nigeria - Ex-Corpers Please Help!

Best NYSC PPA For A Corper In Nigeria – Ex-Corpers Please Help!

We got an incoming and you as a dear experienced caring and big brother ex-corper will help us. It is a very hard decision for us because we have not been to every state in Nigeria.  But however, you guys have experienced your NYSC service year from various states. So please help us below:

“I am in urgent need of your assistance on this. I am looking for a good place of primary assignment. How to get posted to the organization, the State or place is not the problem. Just suggest to your guy the best place for a Corps member to serve in Nigeria putting into considerations such as corps member’s allowance, accommodation, hope for being retained etc. You may give the Organisation’s name, location and help provide few reasons for your choice.”

Please let’s help out. Thanks to Every Ex-Corpers and serving Corp members that will make a useful contribution. May you never be stranded in Life



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  1. I won’t really categorically say a place in Nigeria will meet all those criteria but I will advice you pray for the place you can have professional development!

  2. Find your way to Interswitch in Lagos. You’ll develop great skills in a work environment , retainment chances are high.. and the pay is wonderful for a corper, above 80k, if you a web developer then it’s above 100k, all this for a corper oo, imagine when you get retained as a full staff, More than double that.. it’s not easy to get in, but that’s were your hustle and relentless spirit comes in.. after all if you want to enjoy you must be ready to work for it.. don’t give up in your struggle to get in, at least attempt.. Once u can get in your life will never remain the same ! Thank me later

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