Best Time To Travel To NYSC Orientation Camp

Best time to travel to NYSC orientation camp is an article that will address several questions you have relating to traveling to camp. Either you want to know the best time to arrive at camp, how many days after camp open will you still be able to get to camp and other questions will be solved by the time finish reading this. see also: 10 Things To Do After You Get Your Call-Up Letter

Once the Call-Up letter is out, you will go ahead and open it to know where you have been deployed for the NYSC service year. The address of your orientation camp will be right on your call-Up letter and all you need to is get ready to enter camp and have the 21 days awesome experience.

Some of you will be posted far away to a place you have only heard of in the nursery rhyme state and capital, others will be sent to a strange state they have never been to before. The question now is when exactly will camp open and can you really be late to NYSC Camp? see also: Mandatory Official Information – Don’t Get Kicked Out Of Camp

When Exactly Will Camp Be Open?

The NYSC orientation camp will be open a day before the exact date of the camp. If camp opens by 18th of this month, by 17th, the camp will be open and soldiers and officials will be around. If you want to go a day before the exact date that camp will open, you will be allowed into the camp. Just go along with bread because camp will still be somehow empty on that day and you will not want to starve yourself.

So you can go to camp a day before, you can go on that same day in case you are coming from a far place and according to your wish.

Can You Be Late To NYSC Camp?

Yes, you can be late to camp to the extent that you will not be allowed to enter again. The grace of lateness ends after the 3rd day. Although you might still be allowed to the camp after 4 or more days but my dear, you will need a very strong reason with prove.

If you will not be able to make it to NYSC camp on the exact day the camp opens, you can still go 3 days after. If camp opens on the 18th, you can still go on the 19th, 20th, 21st. Any day past these days, you will need a strong reason with evidence.

The Best Time To Enter Camp

This answer depends on you. If you are coming from a very far place, you can travel a day before, you can also travel , if you are eager and want to break a record nobody will recognize by becoming the first person to enter camp, you can go a day before.

The fun will start on the exact day of camp opening and whatever reason you have or anything you are doing, try to make it to camp 2 days after its opening.

I hope your question about arriving at Camp has been solved. Please share!

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  1. Please help me. I don’t really get is going on about this Nysc. I went for registration but my school has not answered me. Please is it after the streaming 11 that I will start doing registration and what about the orientation how do I do that?

  2. Please ma am for stream 1 but I did not print call up latter because I want to go with stream 2. Can I still go with the next stream and with date will the next stream start camp

  3. please I’m a foreign PMC and I have done my verification since Monday but I have not seen my call up number does that means I won’t go with this stream

  4. Please ma,is green card different from call up letter? And it is compulsory for every PCM to bring medical report to camp

  5. Ma anytime i check my dashboard i will been seeing you are not in this stream,it started since batch C stream 1 call up letter came up

  6. Pls ma,I am for batch c stream 2,an I have printed my call up letter but am unable to go for NYSE for the year 2019 and am 30 on the dot.can I be able to go for the year 2020

  7. Good evening, pls am supposed to go with dis batch A stream 1 but I can’t for some reason, can I still go with stream 2?

  8. When is stream 2 for 2020 Batch A going to camp?

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