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NYSC 2019 Batch B Call-Up Letters Is Officially Out Check Yours

The NYSC Call-Up letter is the letter carrying your state of deployment and other information about the NYSC Orientation camp.

There is no deployment without the NYSC call-up letter. In fact, in plain language, this letter will be the one to specify the particular state you are going to do your NYSC service.

NYSC 2019 Batch B Call-Up Letters is the document that will show clearly where you have been deployed to.

The NYSC 2019 Batch B call-up letter is finally out. You guys can go and check your state of deployment now. CONGRATULATIONS!


Congratulations again!

Incase you are wondering how to check, follow this step below

How To Print NYSC 2018 Batch C Call-up Letter

Here are 6 Simple Steps To print Your Call Up letter (Batch b 2018 PCMs)

  1. Visit the NYSC official portal, portal.nysc.org.ng
  2. Select “Click here to login”.
  3. Enter your registered email address and password you used during online registration in the space provided.
  4. Click on “Print Call Up Letter”.

Previous Updates

A notice on the NYSC dashboard of NYSC 2019 Batch B PCM has generated a lot of reactions since it appeared a few minutes ago. If you are seeing this message below:

You will be notified when to print your call-up letter. You are in Batch B, 2019.

If you are seeing this message above, that means work on call-up letter is in progress. No need to panic or be scared. The NYSC managements are working on the Call-Up letter and splitting of streams.

You will soon know the stream you belong too as soon as possible. You don’t have to be afraid or confused. Its a normal thing and everything will be arranged in a bit. Please relax and be calm work is in progress.

You can CLICK HERE to check your dashboard but don’t panic, its normal and its a sign that Call-up letter is coming up tomorrow. PLEASE DO NOT WORRY, WORK IS IN PROGRESS!

Stay connected. More updates coming up!

Previous Updates

NYSC 2019 Call-Up Letter Printing Date is the exact date that every NYSC 2019 batch B prospective Corps members who fall to stream I will be able to know the exact state they will spend the next One NYSC service year. See also: Best Places To Serve In Abuja, Lessons I Learned – By Uchechukwu Orji

Shortly after the NYSC online registration is closed, the Call-Up letter will be released and then you will be able to check your state of deployment.

The normal way is that, once the printing of call-up letter begins, only PCM that belongs to stream I will be able to print their call–Up letter on their dashboard while others will get a message that says they will be notified when to print theirs. See also: Top 10 NYSC Registration Challenges 2019 Batch B PCMs Are Facing

NYSC 2019 Call-Up Letter Printing Date

The Notification and Printing of Call-up Letters by PCM is on 15th – 17th June 2019 according to the official timetable and that is still the final say for now. It has not been postponed or changed. The official date for Printing of call-Up letter for this batch is still 15th – 17th June 2019.

You can read NYSC Batch B 2019 State of Deployment Prediction – 84% Accuracy and let me predict where you will be deployed to. Am an expert, try me.

Stay connected and stay with us.

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  1. Hello lola. I am chiamaka from Enugu state. I schooled at Enugu. The states I choose are Taraba Anambra Sokoto and Delta

  2. Pls after call up letter how soon will camp be? Is it like two day or three days interval?

  3. Sorry I thought is everybody that have register now will be stream 1 that the next registration will be stream 11 ?

  4. Said Abubakar Sulaiman

    Pls can I apply for rearrangement of name twice because I made mistake on the first one I did.

  5. I have been able to complete my registration with stream 1 but I won’t be ready on time for Camp, is there any way I can join stream 2?

  6. Nwinyinya Blessing

    I was so shocked when the date came out cause is just a short notice

  7. Good evening, sorry pls can u help me with dis question? I want to be sure maybe nysc will ask institutions for more names for mobilization on d senate list for batch B stream II registration starting on June 19th

  8. Morning Lola, I thought you said the streams have been divided already, so it means some of us that have registered can still be stream 2???

  9. Patani godswill

    Hw do I change my gender on my dashboard,am male but seeing female

  10. Good day. Please I have printed my green slip. I wish to go with stream 2. Is there any way to go about this?

  11. Hello, I’m so sorry to bother you.
    All my documents are complete and I’ve still not gotten my call up number yet.. pls help a sister 😭😭😭

  12. State of origin kwara
    Schooled at Niger state
    Sokoto, Enugu, Benue, Osun

  13. Thanks alot, I was already scared😞

  14. I have not receive my call-up number… Can I still go with stream 1?

  15. Lola I have been deployed to Niger

  16. Uzuhai Ekenedilichukwu Christiana

    Place of service

  17. I just saw my call up letter on my dash board…yipee….I already downloaded it to print out tomorrow. Thanks for your assistance Lola.

  18. Pls sis Lola… Can I go for stream 11 despite the fact my name n call up letter is in stream 1due to fund?

  19. Hi Lola.
    My name is Daniel I’ve just been posted to nassarawa

  20. Hello Lola, there is nothing on my own dashboard, what should I do?

  21. Hello Lola, I didn’t see anything on my dashboard except what have been there after registration. What should I do?

  22. please I’ve checked mine and nothing is shown. no state of deployment and no text confirming that I’ll be in stream 11. it’s only a short text at d extreme which says “know everything about your state of deployment” what should I do, and what’s my fate?

  23. Ajani Solomon Opeyemi

    I got Ogun State

  24. Please, can be able to revalidate in Batch B stream 2 ?

    Because of circumstances beyond my control, I cannot be able to make it in this Batch B stream 1.

  25. Please, can i be able to revalidate in Batch B stream 2 ?

    Because of circumstances beyond my control, I cannot be able to make it in this Batch B stream 1.

  26. I have just checked my portal and I can’t find any thing like call up letter printing or any other related information. What does that mean? Besides, my portal is still reading Friday 14th of June,2019 as the date.

  27. Wow Osun State here i come thank you so much Lola your prediction really worked out for me …

  28. Atamma Muhammad Tahir

    It shows me the link to print the call up letter, but if I printed I would just see a green card not call up letter, my state of deployment was Ekiti

  29. my call up letter is not displaying anything. when I print on call up letter. not in comes up

  30. Abiodun Oladosu

    Origin Osun
    Choice-Kano,Akwa ibom, Nassarawa,Abia

  31. Sis Lola pls reply back to my text
    I got a call up letter Kano… Can’t go due to fund
    What should I do? I really do want stream 11 instead

  32. Please am yet to get a call up letter , what does that mean ? Am I the only one who registered but yet to get a call up letter ?

  33. Abiodun Oladosu

    Institution-Unilag Lagos
    Origin Osun
    Choice Kano,Akwa ibom,Nassarawa,Abia

  34. Please how can I skip stream 1

  35. Pls reply back to my text

  36. Good evening. I log in to my dashboard in order to print my call up letter. But if i click on it, it will show “you have not been deployed yet, please check later ” what does this imply

  37. Alla my document Is complete got my call up number buh did not get my call up letter it is saying sorry you are not in this stream what does that means

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