10 Shocking Facts All NYSC 2017 Batch B Stream II Must Know

10 Shocking Facts All NYSC 2017 Batch B Stream II Must Know

It’s almost a year now since the NYSC 2017 Batch B Stream II went for Camping. The next thing now you are all anticipating for is your Passing Out Parade Date which is coming up very soon. Below are 10 Shocking facts all NYSC 2017 Batch B Stream II should know.

10 Shocking Facts For NYSC 2017 Batch B Stream II

1. Your POP date is not yet officially announced. We know it’s either this month or early next month but the exact day, we are still waiting.

2. Don’t expect a ceremonial Passing Out Parade. For a couple of years now, POP has been on low key. You walk to the secretariat in Your 7/7, give your ID Card and then collect your certificate with a warm Handshake. Then you are done with NYSC.

3. The allowance will stop with immediate effects after your POP. There is no NYSC pension, you should know that once you pass out, no more monthly allowance. See also: Lucrative Business In Nigeria That You Can Make You Rich

4. Some of you will realize they have wasted their NYSC year on whatever they have engaged themselves in and it will be too late to correct it.

5. Not pitching your PPA to work for few months after NYSC might be one of the cool mistakes you will make because jobs out here are not what it seems to be. And except you have something waiting for you at home, you can work for a couple of months before leaving your PPA

6. Few of you that will plan to teach in secondary school after NYSC should think again. Some schools can be so annoying to the point that they will offer you 20k as an English teacher. This will not be your portion in Jesus Name o.

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7. The NYSC allowance is small but you should have tried saving a little of it. It will be useful after NYSC. Some part of you will only be left with the last Double allowed from NYSC.

8. If you have not started distributing your CV, then I guess you are not working after NYSC, you just want to get married, go for masters or go abroad or maybe your parent is the rich class that has you fixed up already. If you are not any of the above and your CV is not already circulating, you are welcome to Nigeria.

9. What have you achieved in this one year of NYSC when you had all the time in the world to create and add to yourself. Did you applied for professional courses, did even sent some cash to your parents just to buy chicken. Not that you are paying them, but at least just for them to pray for you while eating the chicken or anything else. Did you take God serious or you just spent the one year forgetting someone is protecting you all these while? Don’t close this post, don’t worry, that’s where I will stop.

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10. What will be the next thing for you to do after NYSC POP? If you have not planned for that, it’s not too late. You can start the planning and think about what you will do next. Are you going back to that your street and that your room at home? Will you go for masters, will you go back to your village and start chasing girls with Ex-corper Vibe? That girl you were chasing 15 years ago to go and wear her pant, will you go and be chasing her again to off that pant? How much do you have in your account? Will you start a business? Do you want to learn a skill? Will you impregnate or get pregnant for someone? And many more questions I have in on mind. What is the next thing you want to do? Answer the question to yourself and not to me. Do not say when you get to that bridge, you will cross it. Everywhere is a bridge out here.

Let me come and be going before you say is it my NYSC or is your POP me?. I have been there, I was once a Corper and I know how it feels. I am out here now and I know how it is too. Please reflect on the above and work on it.

I pray that you will not suffer after NYSC, you will not beg for food in your life. You might not know any politician or anyone who can help you, but am sure you know God and he will send help to you. I will hear of Good news about you and you will be a blessing to this country. You will never use your Certificate in the prison yard and your parents will not mourn over you. “Just take a minute to comment AMEN if you believe”

Thanks for your service to Nigeria and thanks for reading this. I am Lola from nyscnews.com. If you have any questions am right below.

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