Lucrative Business In Nigeria That You Can Make You Rich

22 best lucrative Business In Nigeria is a list of businesses that can make you millions of naira or even more. There is no limit to what you can achieve from this Lucrative Business In Nigeria once you begin. The problem most people have is the starting point. They have the information and the idea, but taking that step of faith is the problem. That is why so many business ideas have gone down in the ocean just because the original owner refused to act. You being here shows that you have interest in starting a Business In Nigeria and I will be happy if you can act immediately after reading this article.

Let me quickly tell you that I will be available here as long as possible to answer and reply to all the questions you might have below this topic.

Let me clear this.

I am not here to tell you about a Ponzi or a pyramid business, am here to tell you about the top best lucrative Business In Nigeria you can start and build to become a masterpiece. Big brands around you today all started just like you are about to start your own Lucrative Business. So if you are really ready to start your own business and make money, you should read this to the end.

Many people will tell you that there are no more businesses out there, but I will tell you that there are much untapped Lucrative Business In Nigeria, hot Business In Nigeria, thriving businesses in Nigeria all around you. What you have to do is figure out these businesses in Nigeria out and make it work for you.

So, either you need to know about lucrative Business In Nigeria with small capital, fastest growing Business In Nigeria or hot business ideas in Nigeria. Just keep reading, because am going to talk about every question you might have relating to starting a Business In Nigeria. See also: Make Money Online Without Paying Anything To Start

Let’s just get on it.

Why Start A Lucrative Business In Nigeria

There are many reasons why you should start a Business In Nigeria. If you are a Nigerian, you will understand that there is a lot more benefit in starting your own business than depending on a white-collar job or office work. I am not saying that you will surpass Dangote or be as rich as Bill Gates. However, you can live like a boss and build your own empire based on your own business.

Ranging from the opportunity to be flexible, expand, make decisions yourself, to doing your business your own way at your convenience time, becoming your own boss is really fun and a dream many people will give anything to realize.

If you are still doubting, starting your own Lucrative Business In Nigeria is a genius idea you should do anything for.

Top 20 Best Lucrative Business In Nigeria

I am going to make a long list of lucrative Business In Nigeria and I will leave you to pick the one of your choice. This list will present to your opportunities that you can take advantage of for your own purpose. Below are lucrative Business In Nigeria you can start with any amount.

1. Poultry Farming

Poultry farming is one of the Top best lucrative Business In Nigeria. This business is so profitable that foreigners are investing heavily in it. Many ordinary Nigerian citizens have made a life for themselves and their family from this business. The demand for birds and eggs can never be satisfied in this country. The price of eggs is shooting high and people are still demanding for it in crates. Imagine you start with 2,000 birds and you put in hard work and proper care, you will be making millions in the next 5 months.

If you are thinking of starting a Lucrative Business In Nigeria, poultry business is a lucrative business you can turn to a big deal.

2. Hotel Business

The most searched keywords on Google in any state in Nigeria is Hotels. No matter where you are located, people will find your hotel. Go to any hotel anytime in the evening till morning, you will be surprised how many people you will count just in one night. A friend of mine operating a barbecue stand in front of a hotel in Ile-Ife is making over #25,000 every month. Now think of how much the hotel makes from the bar. See also: Profitable Business Ideas With Low Investment

Investing in a hotel is a Lucrative Business In Nigeria if you have the money to put into it.

3. Restaurant & Fast Food

Eating is something that people cannot do without. No matter what the economy is saying, people have to eat. Restaurants in Nigeria is one of the businesses that attract customers naturally without many forms of advertisement. It attracts people to itself.

You can start anywhere. Make sure you employ good cook that knows how to smile to customers. All you need to do is get started and leave the advertising for people.

4. Dry Cleaning Service

I wrote an extensive article about how you can make millions from dry cleaning Lucrative Business In Nigeria. The article will tell and explain to you how to exploit this business and make a living for yourself. You can read it here.

People are getting so busy and have little time to do some laundry. That is where you come in. Just read this article to see the secret behind the profitable business.

5. Building Materials

Building material Lucrative Business In Nigeria is a very lucrative business you cannot imagine how profitable it is until you get into it or meet someone into it. These materials are expensive and so is the profit you make from them.

If you have the money to invest, you won’t regret getting into this life-changing business.

6. Transportation Business

Good is Good, Eidgbe and many other private transportation organizations are making millions with transportation Lucrative Business In Nigeria. You might not want to make your own as broad as taking passengers to Abuja or Benin. You can have a good plan and become the talk of the town.

I was opportune to meet the owner of a transportation organization in Jos during my NYSC. The organization just started and they have buses for Lagos, Ibadan, and Abuja at that time. The man was talking to the person I went with and he just threw a question to me. He said, “As a Corper, why would you want to book a bus with us and not that transport across the street.”

I gave him some tips and he gave #5,000 that day and also after my NYSC in Jos, I took a first class free Bus to Ibadan. The last time I heard from him, his making so much money from the business he started just about a year ago.

7. Raw Materials Exportation

Exportation generally is a lucrative Business In Nigeria. You find a product, find customers to the country you want to export to and begin business. It can be capital intensive, but I can assure you that investing in raw material exportation can make you a Millionaire.

8. Nursery And Primary School

Am sure you are laughing and shaking your head right now because that what you do when you know how lucrative it can be to own a nursery or primary school.

Most schools you see around today started as a lesson or a tutorial center. You hear about a brother that started a coaching center last year has turned the place into a school. Millions and millions go into the education sector every term and you can have your own share if you are up to the task.

9. Advance Car Wash

While starting all these common besides the streetcar wash can fetch you some cash, starting a professional car wash can fetch you more. This is a very lucrative silent business that only a few people knows the secret. Packaging and service delivery is the key.

10. Buying And Selling Properties

Properties are one of the businesses that have passed the test of time. You can buy a land today and in 2 years now, you will resell with 100% profit. Properties are something that doesn’t depreciate. A land of last year can cost over 50% this year.

It depends on how you want it to be. You can buy and sell it anytime you want. Just know that the more time, you wait, the more value it adds.

11. Haulage Services

During NYSC, my Cousin, a friend of mine decided to go into Tomato business. The product is cheap in Jos and we can make more money if we transport to Abeokuta in Osun state.

We cannot transport our products on our head and a car is not an option. So we will need someone to transport our goods for us. Here is the point. We paid the driver #100,000 to transport our 50 baskets of tomatoes from Plateau state to Abeokuta.

Imagine having 5 trips in a month. You might not need to drive, you can employ people who will drive for you will be making deals and controlling your own business.

12. Fruit Juice Business

This is a Lucrative Business In Nigeria where you can build your brand and make it a worldwide standard. 5 alive and others are making billions annually from this business. You will need an intensive capital to start, but the investment is worth it because your brand will remain relevant as long as you stay productive.

13. Snail Farming

Am including this on my list of Top Best lucrative Business In Nigeria simply because the few who have taken their time into snail farming are living like a boss. Snail parking is a low scale Lucrative Business In Nigeria. In fact, it’s one of the businesses you can start without any capital at all. Only a few are making money from this untapped business ideas and it is not wrong if you join the trend.

14. Oil And Gas

A filling station or a Gas or Kerosene business are few of how you can share of Nigeria Oil money. God has blessed us with oil in Nigeria and you don’t have to be a politician to benefit from it. The filling station is almost in every Street in Nigeria today because of the huge amount of profit embedded in it. You are your own boss and you should decide which one you have interest in.

15. Pure Water Production

A sachet if water turned to #10 a while ago and a bag turned #150 and believe me, the law of Gravity that state whatever goes up must come down is not applicable to Price In Nigeria. This kind of Lucrative Business In Nigeria might require an extra knowledge and more capital bit the investment will be worth it. Pure water, bottled water are products we use every day.

16. Furniture Market

Unlike building material, Furniture is a Lucrative Business In Nigeria you can invest in and start making money in no time. You don’t have to be a carpenter or a furniture maker. All you will do is buy from local furniture maker and display it in your standard twice the amount you bought it. Packaging and creating a connection is the key.

17. Rice Farming

Rice remains the most consumed food in Nigeria and that makes it perfect and profitable. The rate at which we eat rice in Nigeria surpasses any other food. An average family eats rice at least more than 5 times in just a week. Rice is just a food for everyone. Threading along a food that everybody eats is a motivation in its own. If you are looking for a way to make money fast, Rice Farming is a good choice.

18. Fashion Business

Fashion as you know it is part of our society. We can’t do without fashion. Fashion designers are making millions in Nigeria now and one of the most sought-after skill is fashion design. Once you are good at it, the sky is just the starting point.

19. Palm Oil Business

This is one of my favorite because of the small capital and the flexibility it requires. The Idea is buying cheap and selling when the price is high. It’s a lucrative business and you can start it anywhere you are. You can watch this video or read this extensive article on how you can make millions from Palm oil Lucrative Business In Nigeria. See also: Palm Oil Business In Nigeria – Best Free Guide

20. Popcorn Business

I love Popcorn. Am sure you would not reject it too. There are several ways you can be making millions from Popcorn Business In Nigeria and this article will give you everything you need to get started. See also: Popcorn Business In Nigeria – Make Money Like A Boss

21. Media and Show investment

Nigeria entertainment industry is leading in Africa because we have talents and good artists. Why don’t you invest in this business by looking around for upcoming artists and investing in them? You can become influential and make stupid money from this show business.

22. Online Store

Online business is a lucrative Business In Nigeria especially after the breakthrough of the likes of Konga and Jumia. You can start your online store by choosing a particular niche and you will be surprised how much you can be made from this business.

Every Business In Nigeria you see doing fine today all started with just a spark just like you now. The difference is that they went after the spark and they are a reference point today.

There is this story popular story about Shina Peter and Jim Ovia who both have 20 Million naira each in 1990. Shina Peter built an expensive jeep and he was the talk of the town. Jim Ovia, on the other hand, started Zenith Bank and the rest is history today.

You can start writing your own story from now by starting a Lucrative Business In Nigeria. You can do it, you can manage it, and you have all it takes within you. I believe in you.

You can register and drop a comment below and I am going to be here to answer and reply you.

I will be waiting to hear from you. Thanks for reading

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