NYSC 2019 Batch B Orientation Camp Date

NYSC 2019 Batch B Orientation Camp Date – Official Announcement

The NYSC 2019 batch B orientation camp date is the exact day that dear respective prospective Corps members all over the country both Local and foreign-trained will start the 21 days NYSC orientation camp experience.


The NYSC Orientation camp date was indirectly announced by the NYSC management via a post on the official social media.

The message below is the exact post by NYSC management. READ the full message by yourself and pay attention to every word.

The 2019 Batch “B” Pre-Orientation Workshop commences today in Lagos. This is in preparation for a successful hosting of the forthcoming Orientation Course scheduled to commence on “Tuesday, 18th June, 2019” in NYSC Orientation Camps across the country.

The orientation camp date is Tuesday, 18th June, 2019″ according to that official post above.

Thousands of PCM are still unable to complete their registration while many others are facing one issue or the other about NYSC Registration.

We hope the management will fix the registration issues on ground before the closing date of Online Registration.

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The NYSC 2019 batch B orientation camp date is not always on the official NYSC timetable so this curiosity always makes prospective Corps members ask the question of when exactly will orientation camp begins. See also: How To Know Which Stream You Belong To

The Gist

The NYSC orientation camp is always one of the best moments in NYSC and I am so sure you are all going to enjoy it. Imagine having thousands of people from various institutions and various background all together for 21 days, which is really going to be cool really. See also: Here Is What Next After NYSC Registration – 2019 Batch B

You will get to make friends, come across graduates who can make things disappear into thin air, meet beautiful and handsome people from different races and get training from one of the best Soldiers in the world. Orientation camp experience is really one of those things you can never forget.

For now, if you are done with your NYSC registration, just sit back and stay connected on our whatsapp group because we have a lot helpful hacks that you just cannot miss.

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  1. I have been seeing 18th of June everywhere as the date for stream 1

  2. Lola princess. I am one of the PCM for 2019 Batch B. I have a problem with the update of my name on NYSC Senate list. I need your advise on this

  3. Hi lola. I did my registration since March but was not evaluated due to the absence of my Olevel certificate. I reuploaded it on 1st june, but it’s still telling me that I’m not mobilised because i haven’t uploaded valid documents. Is there a way to start afresh or anything?

  4. How is Kaduna good for coppers,, are we gonna enjoy it,, pls Lola what makes it Good? Pls elaborate on the case study

  5. blessing Sunday

    Hi Lola, good morning. please I want to know if going to the bank and getting the pin will not refer me back to the original age cos I want to change my age. or please if any one has gone through that process can share with me as in to know what I should do. I have did the registration and no states was shown for me to choose. I need help.

  6. can i print my green card on the 15th

  7. i did d registration nd was directed to go n pay 3k at d bank bfor i can go nd print my green card,due to some issues i have nt made d payment but bfor 15th of june i will b able to mak payment.i hope it will nt be too late.pls rply.thanks

  8. State of origin Anambra
    Institution Enugu
    States selected Benue,Kebbi,Delta,Ondo

  9. Hammed Rasheed Akinleye

    Hi Lola
    Would nysc portal reopen next month for stream II or everybody should do it now
    Because I am yet to choose any state and payment

  10. Pls i have issues with my waec date of birth and my nysc date of birth is different from my watch,please what can i do

  11. I will like to know for those pple whose sch has not posted their senate list, probably if we register today or tomorrow is dey any chance we make stream 2 or during stream 1 camping registration portal will be reopened as it was done last year?

  12. Hi lola,during my registration process i was given just 2 slot to choose state to serve and i picked Abia and Ondo. please do you have any idea regarding Nysc experience in both state??

  13. Ukah Nneoma Dilis

    When do we get call up letter? When will we get posted?

  14. now dat d 2019 batch B orientation date has been announced. what happens to any PCM who maybe due to one thing or d order fall to reach d orientation camp ground on d proposed date? Or who reach there even a day after or two days after d main date? pls I want to know. Thanks

  15. Origin Anambra
    1. Gombe
    2. Enugu
    3. Nassarawa
    4. Ogun

  16. Hi Lola reply me pls.
    I couldn’t see my personal details while printing my green card after completion of error in name spelling and it has been 1week I corrected the error yet nothing changed

  17. Hi Lola… What about me
    State of origin… Imo
    State of institution.. Imo
    State choose.. Kano, Delta, Niger, Anambra

  18. Hello Miss Lola, please there are two different info about camp date on this page, please which is correct?

  19. Hi, please I did concessional deployment to lagos though I registered on Friday and I uploaded all the necessary documents . my call up number is out but my concessional deployment wasn’t approved, please what do I do

  20. State of origin: cross river
    States selected: Nasarawa, Enugu, Bayelsa,kano

  21. Hi lola plz d slots are saying no state available plz wat do i do abt dis? it bein 3days nw n it still d same tin

  22. Pls is it true there is batch b stream 2 because I did not meet up base on jamb reg no don’t exist, because I was told we should wait till stream 2

  23. Please, is compulsory we go to camp on that same day or a day before the commencement of the orientation camp?

  24. Please I want to change my DOB but am not using waec as my o level result am using NABTEB and it’s been stated in the website that it’s waec does that mean I can get a NABTEB scratch card and use it or it must be waec I don’t understand please help

  25. State of origin:imo state
    Schooled outside
    States selected: katsina, Anambra, Nasarawa, cross river

  26. Abdulsalam yakub

    State of origin :kogi
    School: kaduna
    Kano niger cross river oyo

  27. Hi Lola. My documents are not yet complete. Can upload the one’s i have with me now?

  28. Hi Lola . I haven’t been able to select states of deployment. It’s been showing no available slot. Pls help

    • The issue of *”No State available”* is general and that is exactly what we have been experiencing for a couple of days now.

      🔹The only solution for now is to relax and try later. The management is working on it.

      You are not the only one experiencing this challenge. Just give it some time and try later. 🤝

  29. State of origin:delta
    State of school:delta
    State selected: Bauchi, anambra, kebbi, akwa-ibom

  30. Origin Delta
    HND Awka Ibom
    Niger Kano Bayelsa Anambra

  31. State of origin: kwara
    School: Niger state
    State choose: jigawa, osun, plateau and rivers

  32. Hi Lola..I graduated from imo state
    university..my (our) name is on d graduation list but not on Senate list..we met our Dean and he told us dat the school system WAZ hacked and unqualified names (275) WAZ added to d current list and d r still resolving it…he said dey have spoken with nysc in case dey didn’t resolve it on time dat dey will open d portal for registration during stream 2 and we will register and go with them.. how true can dat be????

  33. Hi Lola,
    My state of origin Benue, schooled in Adamawa but states selected are Niger, Kano, Anambra and Akwa Ibom

  34. State of origin and institution oyo state
    State choose zamfara osun and delta. It doesn’t show d last forth state for me

  35. Sister lola
    Please have been on my registration since 3days back but yet to complete, still on d stage of selecting deployment state,
    It keeps telling me no state available
    So am just curious
    Hope all is well

  36. Abdulsalam abdulazeez

    State of origin: Niger state
    Schooled at bidapoly Niger state
    States choosen: Kwara, ogun, kaduna, and delta

  37. Gudmornin ma
    Pls I have issue with my DOB
    My waec DOB is 12 June 1991 and that of jamb/Nys c 12 july 1991 do I still need to get the waec pin to change my DOB becos my real DOB is 12 july 1991

  38. Oduware Oviasuyi

    Hi Lola.. My state of origin is Edo.. school.. Uniben.. Choices.. Akwa ibom, kaduna, benue, and osun.. Also. If one doesn’t make it to d orientation camp on d 18th.. Hope d person will be be allowed into d premises after a day or 2?? D last question is very vital pls..

  39. Hi Lola, good morning
    Pls there’s is a mix-up with my date of birth from nysc(the year precisely). I want to apply for change of date of birth today, Pls can it be rectified before we get our call-up letter? I’m so bothered

  40. State of Origin : Ondo State
    School attended : Adekunle Ajasin University in ondo state
    State chosen : Kebbi, Kwara, Osun and Cross Rivers

  41. I’m from osun studied in Oyo picked Ekiti Adamawa Edo ondo. Where am I going

  42. State of origin_ plateau
    States chosen
    Cross rivers

  43. state of origin :katsina
    institution :kano
    state selected :Taraba ebony osun jigawa

  44. Hi Lola. I registered as early as 8.am on June 1st. Is there any possibility for me being in Stream 2?
    Secondly, State of Origin Imo, schooled in Lagos, Higher Institution Imo . State of deployment Niger, Akwaibom, Kano, Anambra, what do u think please.?

  45. Hi,
    Please I want to know how many days grace we are given after camp resumption, or must I resume on the said date

  46. morning to you, Lola princess I need ur help or advice on wat to do to my d.o.b they made a mistake on the year BT I didn’t do weac for me to log in through them I did only neco wat should I do. Thanx

  47. state of origin imo
    school in Bayelsa
    states choosen ABUJA, LAGOS,KANO, AKWA IBOM…
    I REGISTERED by 7;50.. where are they likely to post me

  48. State of origin: delta
    School: delta
    Cross river

  49. State of origin, Akwa ibom
    School.. Aksu
    State selected : delta, beyelsa, Rivers, jigawa

  50. Hi Lola, please it’s about the certificate of medical Fitness. I was posted with batch A, I did the medical certificate then but could not go to camp so I revalidate with this batch, will I still do another or the one I did before would serve. Please reply.

  51. IMO state
    Enugu, bayelsa, nassarawa, kano

  52. hello ma, plz is compulsory to go to camp with ND original result certificate instead of statement of result ??

  53. Hello Lola. Thanks for your help. Please I will like to know the state of nursing mothers at the orientation camp. Would we be allowed to take an exeat and leave after completing our registration?

  54. Soroye Temitayo

    Hi Lola.
    State of Origin: Ogun
    School: Ogun
    States picked: Plateau, Jigawa, Abia & Osun
    Which one will I fall to?

  55. State of origin:Lagos
    Institution:Osun State university
    States choose:
    Cross river

  56. Hi lola,
    State of origin:Anambra
    State selected:Kano, Niger, Akwaibom,Ogun

  57. State of Origin: Kogi
    Institution: Bauchi
    States choosen: Jigawa, Nasarawa, Akwa-Ibom, Ogun

  58. Good evening ma
    Please, after I printed out my green card
    Realized my date of birth is wrong
    How can I correct this now

  59. State of Origin Anambra
    institution Anambra
    place visited Anambra and Lagos
    selected state plateau, Akwaibom, Ogun and Ebonyi.

  60. hi Lola,thank u for ur good works here, I registered yesterday and I really want to go with stream 11,how will I do it

  61. State of Origin is Abia
    Institution: Sokoto
    States chosen : Kaduna, Niger, Akwa Ibom and Ogun state.

  62. State of Origin: Abia
    Institution: Sokoto
    Chosen states: Kaduna, Niger, Akwa Ibom and Ogun state.

  63. State of origin: Katsina
    institution: Sokoto
    States chosen: Kaduna, Edo, Ondo, Niger.

  64. please the date of birth on my waec result is not thesame with the one on my jamb portal, please i want to know if it can affect me not to be mobilized for nysc?

  65. Hi Lola I registered on 3 June which stream will I go with. secondly, state of origin; lmo, schooled @ abia, deployment state Kano, ogun niger, amambra.

  66. State of origin Taraba
    School Adamawa
    Selcted states Gombe,kaduna,Edo,and Osun

  67. state of origin: imo
    state schooled: rivers state

    state selected: nasarawa, delta, kano enugu

  68. Can nursing mothers be visiting camp? the child is 7months

  69. Hi lola
    State of origin kogi
    I choose jiagawa,rivers,nasarawa,osun

  70. Hi Lola 👋 I registered very early and there is tendency that IAM in stream one can I skip it even when it’s been sent to my school.? What do I do

  71. state of origin imo state
    state schooled rivers state

    states selected: nasarawa, delta, kano, enugu

  72. State of origin: delta state
    School: Edo state

    Selected states:

  73. I AM BATCH B, STREAM 1, WAnt to go with batch b stream 2. how do i revalidate and will i be posted to the same state

  74. which office should i go to after my relocation to Abuja

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