Important Notice To All Prospective Corps Members

Important Notice To All Prospective Corps Members About Resumption – Updated

NYSC resumption has become the latest news trending at the moment.

Lots of news, reactions and talks flying around about NYSC resumption.

In case you are yet to hear about it, there is a screenshot below that will show you about the news circulating.

Please and please, you should know by now that until the NYSC management confirms it, it’s still a rumour.

The Management is yet to officially announce or release a public notice about it. So don’t put your mind 100% so that you don’t get disappointed is probably it’s a rumour.

If NYSC will resume fully, it will be announced publicly and everybody will hear about it.

You should also remember a lot of past rumours that have been disregarded.

Just stay calm and let’s wait for an official confirmation. Stay connected and you will be the first to hear the news once it’s confirmed.


The NYSC has been silent on this matter of resumption leaving us all in the Dark for a while.

Some are asking why is NYSC not saying anything and others are asking related questions.

This is to announce to you that the NYSC Management has spoken and to those of you who missed the message, below is the full statement.

The Director-General, National Youth Service Corps, Brigadier General Shuaibu Ibrahim conveys his deepest appreciation to all the PCMs who have been at home in the past six months, waiting to be mobilized to the NYSC Orientation Camps nationwide for the commencement of Service.

See also:NYSC Data Subject Consent Statement – Agree or Disagree

It is very important to state that nobody anticipated the sad disruption of the operations of the Scheme, and other national programmes arising from COVID-19 – a global challenge threatening over two hundred countries.

The long period of waiting, no doubt has been quite challenging and frustrating as it seemingly constitutes a big drawback to all your planned actions for the year.

However, as NYSC Management salutes your courage and tenacity, in spite of the challenges posed by the global pandemic, an English maxim says: it is better to be late than the late. Discretion is the better part of valour.

Note that the action taken by the Federal Government by shutting down the operations of so many institutions, cutting across the various spheres of our economy was to primarily safeguard the lives of citizens which is the core responsibility of Governments the world over. See also: NYSC 2020 Batch A Stream II Update & Introduction

There is no gainsaying the fact that we all need to be alive to contribute our own quota to national unity, integration and development which the National Youth Service Corps has continued to champion in forty- seven years.

The long period of waiting has been very discouraging as expected, but graciously, you all have your lives intact which is what matters the most.

Happily, we are on the verge of reopening the camps, working hard in harmony with the Presidential Task Force (PTF) on COVID-19 on safe Orientation Camp resumption.

We can say delightfully that we are approaching the end of the tunnel, and in no distant time will resume full operations while strictly observing safety protocols. See also: FG Speaks On Reopening Of NYSC Orientation Camps

Meanwhile, as we jointly await the cheering news, let us continue to be diligent in prioritising our well-being by adhering strictly to COVID-19 safety protocols such as: frequent washing of hands with soap under running water, use of face mask, two metre-social distancing and use of alcohol-based hand sanitisers.

Always stay tuned to the NYSC traditional and new media platforms for authentic information.

Together, we shall triumph.

God bless you.


This message above is Official and it’s a sign of hope that things will resume back to normal very soon.

However, there is still no specific date yet or time frame. We are all asked to wait for the call to resume.

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  1. There’s nothing here we didn’t know before. Soon doesn’t have an end. Two months ago they said camp would soon be open only awaiting “green light”. We need a date we can look up to not the whims of men in charge. WE DON TIRE

  2. am very happy to hear this news at that time.
    God bless us

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