NYSC Management Finally Speaks On Resumption Date

NYSC Management Finally Speaks On Viral Resumption Date – Official

The NYSC management finally released a reply to the resumption date news rumour that broke yesterday. In case you are missing out, you can click this link to read about the viral news that was published yesterday. If you also remember, I informed you yesterday that we can’t rely on the news because it has not been officially confirmed.

The news has gotten to the NYSC management and they have just released a public notice to address the matter.

Belo is the direct message from the NYSC management. Read and lets talk after.



The attention of NYSC Management has been drawn to a news release circulating on the social media, bearing the above caption.

The said release states that arising from a purported meeting, Orientation Course shall resume 27th October, 2020, with Batch “A” Stream 2, which it adds has further been subdivided into Batches “A” and “B”.

Management hereby conveys that the news release is fake. Prospective Corps Members and the public are therefore enjoined to kindly disregard the news in its entirety. See also: NYSC Data Subject Consent Statement – Agree or Disagree

Management has been working with the Presidential Task Force (PTF) on COVID-19 in order to ensure the reopening of NYSC Orientation Camps nationwide, which the PTF had earlier tied to the resumption of educational institutions in the country.

It is imperative to state that the Scheme has ensured that all the COVID-19 safety protocols incidental to safe hosting of Orientation programmes are in place in all its 37 Orientation Camps.

Note also that some precautionary safety measures already adopted by the Scheme had earned it the commendation of the PTF.

While the NYSC sincerely appreciates the patience so far shown by the PCMs who have waited for over six months to be called-up for participation in the Scheme, it equally empathises with them over the unanticipated disruption of their programmes, resulting from COVID-19 pandemic

However, the Corps is highly optimistic that the Federal Government, through the PTF will soon give approval for the full resumption of camping.

Meanwhile, continue to stay safe and stay tuned to NYSC’s Traditional and New Media platforms for authentic information.

Thank you.


The viral news is fake. So please disregard it and stay connected here for legit updates. Once you belong here, you will never miss out of anything important.

Now Your Turn To Talk

What do you think about this latest news from the management? Do you think NYSC will resume this year? And what is your opinion on the idea that covid-19 is still the reason why NYSC can’t resume now? Feel free to express yourself and let’s speak out.

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  1. Terhemen Lumun Isaac

    It’s very good that this kind of news (fake or not) has reached the public, maybe it would aid in hastening whatever it is that they have to do from their end to get camps running again. After all orientation programmes resuming on the 27th of this month across all states isn’t a bad idea at all it is in fact a welcome news it’d have been really nice if it were true.😑

  2. You are a frustrated half baked graduate and you are not to be blamed. Inherited Stupidity is not a crime, So feel free to walk away idiot.

  3. Good evening Lola, what about stream 1 Batch A, are we resuming on Monday as schools reopen?

  4. Like seriously! I don’t see the reason why covid 19 is still delaying the reopening of orientation camps. All offices are open, business is back to normal. They are delaying us. They should make their decision asap. We are getting frustrated oooo.

  5. Its ok. Yhanks

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