Just Checking On NYSC 2018 Batch C Steam II PCM – Comment Your Status

Hello to all NYSC 2018 batch C Stream II Prospective Corp members who will soon become Full corps members in days. NYSC news is just checking on you all to make sure you are all doing fine. We are checking on those still at home, those on the way, those who are already at camp and those that will be leaving anytime from tomorrow. We are so happy for you and Lola has been praying for you all along. If you come across anything that amazes you, don’t worry, someone is here praying for you all. Hope you have everything you need with you.

Our own winter is coming so, please take along thick cloths and long socks with gloves to fight against the cold. The NYSC anthem says “Under the Sun or In the Rain” but not under the cold. If you left yours, you will get it at camp.

Please now, we want to know what is going on and where you are. You are going to comment below your status by telling us where you are and how things are going there.

Use the comment box below to share what you are experiencing at the moment.


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This is Lola Princess and I'm from Earth. Born somewhere in Osun State, raised in Lagos, based in Lagos. Love making friends and blogging. I'm your NYSC Google Assistant and I'm always here.


  1. I was so disappointed when I try to reprint my call up letter but show me invalid email.
    I registered wit batch c b4 n also ask u whether I can follow stream ll,u said automatically…

  2. No,what can I do? They posted me to Abia state wit stream l but I can’t meet up…
    I decide to go wit this stream but to reprint call up latter it show invalid password & email.

  3. Lola Princess,please do you have any idea on when 2019 batch A will move?

  4. Mine is not a comment, I need assistance, please I need phone number of a corp member in platoon 1 batch C stream II 2018 in Ikare-Akoko NYSC camp

  5. The corp member name is Andrew from platoon 1, batch C stream II 2018 please I need his phone number urgent please

  6. Please Lola can I have the contact of a corp member by name Andrew who served in Ondo state batch C stream II 2018 platoon 1

  7. Princess Lola I need your help please, I need a corp member number, by name Andrew in platoon 1 batch C stream II 2018 in Ondo state

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