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Laundry Business or Dry cleaning business is one of the most lucrative business you can start with a low capital and make millions and also expand and grow your business to be the best available around you. Starting a Laundry Business does not require a special knowledge or a particular degree in the university.

In fact, if this is the first time you are hearing about laundry business or dry cleaning business, for the first time, you can still be successful at it. You don’t need any talent or gifts or a high IQ to make money from a Laundry Business or any part of the world. All you just need to do is relax and read this article to the end.

Let me warn you that this article about Laundry Business will be a bit longer because I want to explain to you fully and also give you a step by step guide on how you can be successful and live like a boss by starting a Laundry business. I know you are not lazy because if you are, you will not be reading this article in the first place. So pay attention and lets me take you through this process. You are about to be your own boss by starting your dry cleaning service.

If you have been searching for how to start a Laundry Business, Laundry business plan, laundry business capital, laundry machine for business or you just want to know how to start a laundry and dry cleaning business, this article will be very useful for you. For those also looking for Laundry price list in Nigeria or equipment needed to start a laundry business and other related question to this subject, this article will also be useful for you. Corpers and anybody can do this.

Laundry Business Secret Revealed

Currently, the global population is evaluated almost eight billion individuals as well as about one-eighth of that figure autumn in the working class level. As an outcome of this, a lot of the people in this course have virtually no time at all to perform simple jobs on the home front like making their own food, doing meals, cleaning their residences as well as fixing their washing. This then has produced work for other people, and also one particularly has actually taken place to end up being a multi-billion dollar spinning industry, which is the dry cleaning business.

There is nearly no person, except a couple of special people, who will not enjoy the feeling of nicely cleaned as well as freshly ironed clothing on their bodies. I for one feel it increases my self-worth when I put on a freshly washed clothing, as well as I recognize a lot of other people who do too. However, as long as most people love it they hardly navigate to doing their own completely dry cleaning, the majority of are extremely busy during the week as well as on weekend breaks instead of doing the washing, they like to rest, see movies or hang out with friends. This leaves an opportunity begging, that will do their washing? This has actually opened a door to numerous dry cleansing businesses springing up, specifically in Nigeria and Africa at big. See also: Lucrative Business In Nigeria That You Can Make You Rich

Laundry Business Ideas

Let me give you an idea to make this very easy and simple. You can combine all these ideas together in just one service and make the best out of it. There is no limit to your creativity.

1. General Dry Cleaning

This aspect remains to be a loan spinner as a number of people just desire somebody to take the problem of cleaning and also ironing their clothes off their shoulders. This includes cleaning clothes, ironing them and including starch if there is demand for it. This laundry business idea in Nigeria continues to prosper since lots of people are simply too careless to handle their completely dry cleaning themselves.

2. Just Ironing

With the development of washing machines, numerous residences are starting to acquire the gadget, yet still have to iron their clothing as there is no equipment designed yet to handle this task. The completely dry cleaner can capitalize on this by aiding folks to handle their ironing at a little cost, claim # 100 with PHCN light and also # 150 with additional power. The completely dry cleaner might be making near # 150,000 month-to-month from just ironing clothes for customers.

3. Residence service

Some individuals are unconvinced about just how their clothes are being dealt with while some have unique chemicals they require to be used on their garments yet they lack the zest to embark on the job themselves. The dry cleaner could offer this service at a higher price as well as make some excellent cash money for himself.

Types Of Laundry Business

Understanding the types of laundry service out there will also help you decide one of your choices. This will help you narrow down your plan to the exact one that will work out very well for you. Here are the types of dry cleaning service we have. There may be more, but I will just talk about the popular and common one.

1. Laundromat

Most of us would have seen a Laundromat in one or two Hollywood movies before. When you see a guy or a girl walking into a big place filled with laundry machine and then put his cloths and insert a coins and the machine will roll over the cloth before the next action take place. Now you remember! That is a Laundromat.

A Laundromat is described as a self-service washing service where people take their clothes to wash and also dry themselves. There are several on the range and the makers are normally operated using coins. This types of service is more popular in established nations, particularly nations in Europe and also America. It is also known as coin laundry, coin-laundry or launderettes.

2. Staffed Laundry

This kind of service entails utilizing staff to assist customers in various forms. They might market products such as cleaning soap to the clients, provide adjustment, watch to make certain that clothing are not taken and also they can take up the task of doing the laundry in support of the client. This is rather popular in the U.S. as well as UK.

3. Wash And Fold

This is an aspect of the dry cleaning company is most common in Nigeria as well as various other components of Africa. It involves customers leaving their clothing with the dry cleaner who washes and also irons them for the owner to come to pick it up on an arranged day. Some completely dry cleaners even use solutions like pick-up as well as delivery, making it easier for their customers, although there is a little extra fee. See Also: Palm Oil Business In Nigeria – Best Free Guide

How To Start A Small Scale Laundry Business

Before I go into everything you need to set up a standard dry cleaning business, I want to talk about starting a laundry business on a small scale briefly so that those that want to start low can skip the next paragraph.

The type you could begin small and at some point expand to something large. This is solely for those who want to start from their home with just a low budget.

Things You need To start A Small Laundry Business

1. Wide Ironing Table

It is extremely important for your table to be broad sufficient, at least to give sufficient pushing space as well as comfort as you will certainly be managing huge quantity of ironing. Do not make use of little table that will make your job bothersome and eventually cause you some problems.

2. Great Pressing Iron

Purchase high quality pressing Iron for the sake of effectiveness, as well as do not forget you are handling individuals’ materials. Inefficient Iron could trigger a lot more trouble compared to gain by raking havoc on your client’s cloths. Go with excellent quality, new Iron from known makers like Philips.

3. Garment Conveyor

You will need a garment conveyor for hanging finished clothing. Just obtain a great locally made by furniture manufacturers, however, allow it to be wide enough to avoid stuffing towels. The conveyor I am discussing is just a hanging stand, not the ones that convey towels utilized by larger completely dry cleansers.

4. BIG Laundering Basins

You will require most of this to soak different colors as well as different kinds of materials individually. Beware just how you take care of individual’s textiles so that you don’t set about paying for damages instead of making profits. Do not blend colors!

5. Industrial Washing Detergent

Cleaning like a technology, you should grasp it with all sense of severity. Excellent cleansing detergent will go a long method to help you in making complete cleansing, which consequently will bring even more clients.

6. Area for Ironing

Sizable ironing atmosphere will not only make your task faster and much more comfortable, it will certainly offer you a sense of balance as well as relaxed sensations. Devote large enough part of your house for it.

7. Various other Things Like

Clothespins, Lines, as well as Drying out area needs to be implemented as well. You can get a Nylon for packaging

Those are the 7 points you should not if you are starting small. Just skip the next topic. You can also read because no Knowledge is wated. See also: How To Make Money Online In Nigeria – 100% Tested & Working Easy Ways

Everything You Need To Start A Laundry Business

The next thing now is to give you a list of everything you need from start to finish to start this laundry business and making money. You will need to pay more attention from here.

1. Laundry Business Capital

Launching a dry-cleaning company in Nigeria depends upon your launch resources. If you are starting a standard laundry business, you should have around some money depending on your taste and environment. You could start a laundry business with #500,000 and also with #2M respectively. You tell me your plan below and let me give you an estimate.

2. Human Power

For a start, you can hire 3 individuals. One would be a beautiful young Lady that will be the face of the business. She tends to customers, get their details, rapport with them and keep track of the activities. The second can be the guy in charge of the washing machine and the 3rd can be the guy ironing. Take care of your workers and let them do their job.

3. Generator

It is a good idea you obtain a minimum of 6KVA power producing a set. Electricity can disappoint in Nigeria.

4. Washing Machine

Visit a store or check online for your specification. If you want me to recommend a washing machine for you, just let me know in the comment box below.

I got my 14KG Leading loader washing machine for 120,000 Naira at an LG Company (Fouani) in Festac community in 2015. Currently, it costs between 100 and also 120,000 naira, you could do your verification online.

5. Wall Mounts

This is used for hanging currently cleaned garments or pressed textiles. You can obtain this at any type of market nearby. It is the normal hangers we utilize in our closets. It is marketed in packages.

6. Water Tank

A water tank is a need for saving water. If you are privileged sufficient to have borehole at your operation base, then good for you, however, if or else holds true, you will certainly get a water tank of regarding 3,000 liters. You don’t want to start looking for water when there are cloths on gorund.

7. Pressing Iron

Right here you require two pressing irons, a completely dry iron and steam iron. The dry is made use of for typical t shirts while the heavy steam iron is utilized for matches, wedding dress, supper gowns, and also some unique materials. Check online or ask me for a recommendation below

8. Pressing Table

This need to not be a huge bargain, a 3 by 6 wide pressing table would certainly do just fine.

9. Towel

The towel is to start with placed on the table prior to the table towel is placed on the towel. This is to make the ironing process much easier and prevent contours throughout ironing.

10. Extension Socket

This is needed for connecting digital stuff.

11. Packaging Nylons

There are two kinds, the very first is for folded clothing instance are collar Tee shirts, trousers, while the Second is for unraveled clothing (Suits, Jackets, Atiku products, Legislator products, Duvets and also Blankets etc). You will certainly purchase in different sizes, for example, kids packaging nylons, for Agbada, its a different dimension, and regular business t-shirts as well as pants, it is likewise a different price.

12. Pegs

This is made use of for pinning the garments to the ropes that are connected to the exterior wall mounts. As small as it is, it is very vital.

13. Bucket

This is additionally borrowed saving water made use of for cleaning. You can get this at any type of market. Preferably, 2 Containers and 1 bucket are needed for a launch. Cost of acquiring the 3 pails must not be greater than 3000 Naira.

14. Starch

Right here you could additionally make use of either chilly or warm water starch.

15. Liquid Soap/Detergent

Making use of Fluid soap is very budget-friendly; the good thing concerning this is that it could be used for all textiles. They primarily are available in 3 colours, blue, eco-friendly and colourless, some call it white.

16. Glass Rack

This is used for displaying the already dry-cleaned clothes. Asides doing a light weight aluminum glass shelve, you can call a carpenter to build patterned wall shelves for putting fabrics.

17. Fan

Absolutely you require a follower for splashing the heat and also you might include an air conditioner if you want.

18. Chairs

6 Chairs would certainly be optimal. One for the front workdesk, one for you and the last for any kind of visitor who desires to grab a seat for him or herself.

19. Table

A safe and clean table is needed with storage locker attached to it for saving safe things as well as perhaps keep products out of the reach of client’s view. You could maintain your money made for the day prior to paying right into the financial institution.

20. Broom/Packer/Mopping Sticks

These are required for basic cleaning of your workplace, without being informed, every person knows just how crucial it is to have these things on the ground.

21. Conditioner

Aside from the perfume contributed to the starch after prep work, adding conditioner to the water being used to rinse the clothing would is an included advantage to your organization.

22. Identification Pin

This pin is attached to the labeling gun, it is made use of for piercing attaching the identifying paper to the textile with the aid of the tagging gun.

23. Outside Wall Mount

A welder could construct one for you for hanging customer’s clothes, it is highly required.

24. Rope

This is tied to the exterior wall mount. Made use of for spreading out clothes. The range between both posts would figure out the length of ropes to be acquired.

25. Stain removal

There are different chemicals for tarnish removal, Perclum (used for dry-cleaning suits), Ink removal, mucor elimination, Rust elimination, oil elimination and also the sort

26. Clothing Basket

This is needed for storing client’s clothes already labeled and all set for washing

27. Waste Basket

As the name implies, it is utilized for keeping waste items and also need to be disposed off daily.

28. Promotions

You can use any of this promotion style to advertise your business

  • Word of mouth
  • Fliers and handbill
  • Social Media
  • A signpost
  • Paid ads

Laundry Business Price List in Nigeria

Suits(Jacket & Trouser) 1,500
Shirts 300
Pence Trousers 350
Chinos and Jeans Trousers 350
Wedding Gowns 3,500
T-Shirts and Polos 300
Senator 600
Agbada 1,500
Atiku Natitve(Up and Down) 600
Dinner Gowns 600

This based on the area your laundry company is sited. I will arrange the clothes and also their costs for you to have a concept of their costs. Normally it is ideal you have a suggestion of the prices in your area of business in order not to fire yourself on the leg. Do not establish your rates as too low and also too high too, do a survey of prices within the location to have an idea. You can reach providing some of your clothes for completely dry cleansing within your area of procedure to get initial hand info on your competitor’s stamina and weaknesses. See also: How To Earn Money From Facebook – 100% Tested & Working Complete Guide

Here Are Why People Will Patronize You

  • It’s cost effective to make use of a dry cleanser.
  • Your washing gets done promptly.
  • The service is all about comfort.
  • It’s inexpensive to establish.
  • Professional results get provided
  • Enhances the individual hygiene of the consumer.
  • Protects the top quality of the garments.

Facts No One Will Tell You About Laundry Business

  • The costs are based upon the price of working.
  • Not all stains can be gotten rid of.
  • Damages to apparel takes place a lot.
  • Dry cleansed clothing last longer compared to hand washed garments.
  • Clothes could shrink.

Challenges of Running a Laundry and Dry Cleaning Business in Nigeria

  • No business, indeed no venture undertaken by man is free of challenges. Below are few challenges noticed with the dry cleaning business
  • Sometimes clothes could go missing, it becomes the responsibility of the business owner to ensure the client is duly compensated.
  • Clothes could get burnt or destroyed during the laundering process. Poor electricity could be a major source of concern, especially in Nigeria. This makes the owner spend more on sourcing a secondary source of power supply.
  • Delivery times could be incredibly short in some cases.
  • Building a reliable customer base might be challenging because there are several dry cleaning agencies springing up daily and it is difficult to satisfy people.
  • Access to clean water
  • Difficulty in getting skilled staff.

Final Point

Never argue with a client yet inform them the truth! Treat them with utmost respect

Take obligation for any type of mistake you fail to observe from your end despite the fact that it is their mistake, that is why your front desk must pay close attention to all materials brought in for washing

There is no limit to how you can grow your business. It is your business.

If you have any question or you need a recommendation, just use the comment box below and I will attempt your question as fast as possible.

If this article has helped you, you should go ahead and share.

After your laundry service business is up and running, you can promote it to attract customers. However, you cannot do this without the help of a good laundromat marketing plan. A good way to start is by placing door hangers on apartment buildings. You need to include your list of services and offer deals to new customers. Other forms of advertisement include:

Bonus Tips On laundry Business

• Bonus Services: Offering bonus services is one sure way to boost patronage to your business. Since most people like bonuses (including those who can afford to pay for the services without batting an eyelid), you could offer to wash and iron two clothes for free for every dozen of clothes a customer brings in and pay for.

• Create Customer Loyalty Competitions & Reward Systems: Introducing customer loyalty competitions and reward systems can help boost the revenue stream in your laundry service business. This is how it works: give every customer a special card when they patronize your business, and ask them to return the cards once it has accrued to a certain number; say 12 or 24. And then, reward them by exchanging the cards with free services, gifts or even coupons.

• Offer Discounts: Another method of advertising that could help grow your laundry business is offering discounts from time to time. Customers will flock to your business when they know they are likely to pay less for your services. You can start with a little discount when starting your business and increase it as your business begins to grow.

• Emphasize on specialized services or perks your customers can enjoy, such as free wireless internet, televisions, and couches. This will help set you apart from your competitors.

Other Useful Promotion tips

• Putting a large/bold banner outside your dry cleaning office.

• Sharing flyers in the neighborhood.

• Promoting the business via social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc) and during social events in your locality.

• Branding a vehicle you will be using for pick-up and drop-off services.

• Pricing your items moderately.

• Going the extra mile in your customer service.

• Visit offices, workplaces, corporate organizations and let them know the type of services you offer.

• Place a directional post at strategic locations within your neighborhood.

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