What Happens When A Corper Misses Biometrics/Clearance

What Happens When A Corper Misses Biometrics/Clearance

I’ve just missed NYSC biometric or the NYSC monthly clearance and then what? If you want to know what will happen if you miss the mandatory clearance, make sure you read to the end.

I used to think that if you miss a clearance, you will get your NYSC allowance because I always think the monthly payment of NYSC to corp members must be automatic.

The NYSC official cannot tell me that it is every month that they cross-check our number, our names and check if we are present for the monthly clearance. I will sometimes conclude that it is impossible because of the total number of corp members in each state and each local government.

Let me tell you at this point that if you are thinking exactly like me, you are wrong. Because actually, I don’t know the process that NYSC officials are using but if you’re not present for your biometric or monthly clearance, you will not get your NYSC allowance for that month.

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So here is

What Happens When A Corper Misses Biometrics/Clearance

Firstly, you are not going to be paid for that month. Technology is helping these days, so its easier to spot an absent corps members. The officials will know that you are absent from the clearance and because you are absent, you won’t get anything for that month.

Secondly, that is an automatic extension for you. If you miss NYSC monthly clearance, your service year is going to be extended because that shows that you were not present throughout the month and because you are were not present at your place of primary assignment you will not only be paid for the month, you will get an extra month after passing out.

My advice for you is that you should not miss your NYSC biometric or monthly clearance for anything and if you will really have to miss it make sure that you have a strong reason and you can present evidence while you actually missed it.

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  1. Hi Lola, I’m currently serving in Kaduna state; batch c2, 2019. I’ve not gotten a PPA yet, was rejected at my first PPA, then my second is still pending at air force institute of technology at air force base, Kaduna. I have not done my documentation as I’ve not gotten a PPA yet but did my biometrics, don’t know if I’ll be credited for January by 30th or 31th. I need your view on this.

  2. pls,I got an urgent mail/call that will take me out of the country. So can I put my Service on hold?

  3. Hi lola,missed my biometrics for two months,how many month extension will I get,and if I present my proof of being sick during this period will I be pardoned?

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