10 Different People You Will Meet During NYSC Service Year

10 Different People You Will Meet During NYSC Service Year

The compulsory national youth service scheme is gradually becoming a sham and scam (my view though, and some will say that it has always been the case). However, it is a time to explore, learn new things, if you are so inclined, know new places, and meet new people, annoying or interesting e.t.c. You can read the part One of this article here.

10 Different People You Will Meet During NYSC Service Year

For some, service year was, is and will be fun and some will just be bored out of their senses. Regardless of where you are been posted to in the service of your fatherland, there are some people you cannot help but meet during service year, both in camp and in the locality of your place of primary assignment. Below is a few:


You will meet these ones mostly at the orientation camp. If you need to locate anywhere in mammy, they know the location of the exact shops and stores where they sell the things you need because they have walked the length and breadth of the market, while buying nothing, yes, nothing! This people do not just stop at the camp, they extend it outside too, they go from local government to local government, especially if they were posted to one remote local government like that. Read also [First Day Experience At NYSC Orientation Camp – What To Expect]

(2) The “FAMZERS”

Yeah… you will probably meet these ones a lot, especially guys. They want to relate on every level, they famz everyone and claim to know something and claim to know everyone. If not that it is not acceptable to serve twice, they could go as far as saying that “when I served the last time, this and this what was happened” they sha want to famz everybody. Again this extends outside the orientation camp.

If you are posted to cozy/small towns, you will meet some wannabe corpers who wish they studied enough to be able to serve their fatherland and so to relate with corpers, they go on to learn every slangs used by and for corpers and they just want it to seem like they were the first set of people to serve in their town, they even go so far as to visit you, make friends with you and when its looking like they can’t get your attention, they pick fight with you over the most unreasonable thing and they make sure to let you know that this is their town and “…when I served…”


These set of people can just snap anything and everything. From the queue of people waiting to collect food to the buckets been filled with water. They make sure they take pictures at every location in the camp.


This is the most annoying set/group of people. This happens at the orientation camp, in the bathroom, those kinds of bathroom where about seven people can bathe in at the same time (just like an enclosure, no roof or doors). You enter into this bathroom to take your bath just like every other person in there and one “shishta” comes in to bathe and is like “please watch how you pour your water, you are splashing water on me!” and I’m like “seriously? Are you kidding me?”.

I mean there are other bathrooms, individual bathrooms where you can enter, close the door and just have the whole space to yourself, but you come to a public bathe and what you gotta say is “do not splash water on me?”. These people make me wonder why they do not just bring their own bathrooms from their house when they were coming to the camp, then no one will have to splash water on them or even use it with them. Abi what do you think? Read also: [11 Serial Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make During Orientation Camp]


These ones are just so starved of love that they confess love to a lady the second to third day in camp and by the end of the first two weeks, they are thinking of proposing marriage. I guess that is just the way it is for me because I do not believe in love at first sight.

(6) The “Involved”

These ones does every activity there is in camp, from cultural display to cooking competition to fashion parade to sports and even to the parade, phew!. Where they get their energy supply from really beats me

(7) The “Allergics” (Big hehs)

These ones are allergic to everything in camp, even the air! Lol, but really, they claim to be allergic to this and to that and to those and you wonder “Na Hollywood I dey watch?” they are even allergic to cold water and heat! Don’t know what the name for that will be

(8) The “Ghost corpers”

Thus term is not new to anyone, PCMs or Already serving corp members. These ones are corpers on paper but are not actually “serving corpers”. They are posted to a place and immediately after camp, they are back at their house and whatever they do at home. This is made possible after liaising with the L.I. or the oga at their PPA. If a corper goes as high as to liaising with the L.I., he or she doesn’t even need to show for clearance every month, just come at the end of the service for certificate. Read Also: [18 Camp Quick Guides For Every Prospective Corp Members (PCMs)]

(9) The “Asking Parrot”

This set of people you will surely meet at the orientation camp. They can ask you jamb questions and its not as if they are being funny, they are really asking that question. Both of you will be inside the room when “Chop chop corpers” will blow and the next question will be, “wetin them dey serve?” I will be like, guy, we are here together. Asking parrot will see people fetching water, they will ask you ” o boy, water don come?” I will be like no, water don go. They will finish you with questions that the answers are so obvious.

10. The “Funny force”

That awkward moment when you are trying to be funny and make people laugh but nobody is laughing. You know that feeling, these set of people don’t have that o. They will always try to get attention by cracking 1896 jokes and making silly unfunny remarks. If you comedy is not your way, can’t you just jump to another career?

The list goes on, you can add your own from the experiences you have had or the experiences you are having

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