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NYSC 2017 Batch B Passing Out Parade Date Rumor – NYSC Amebo

Good morning and happy Monday to you all Gallant NYSC 2017 Batch B corp members who have been waiting patiently and impatiently for the NYSC official management to release a Passing out parade date for you all to move on with your bright lives. They asked you to serve for 11 months after 1 months of orientation camp and you obeyed as a good Nigerian. Now it is time for you to be honorably discharged and NYSC is not saying anything about the date. These facts are true about NYSC 2017 POP but the management cannot just be silent.

The rumor we are hearing is that the NYSC 2018 batch  B Passing out parade date will be 11th of October 2018.

The NYSC management should see information as the right of Corps members and always make it available for them. Keeping everyone in the dark about a date is not really too good.

I don’t want to talk too much this morning because am angry that despite how our older 2017 Corps members are craving for the date, the NYSC management is not saying anything.

We have been calling and texting and contacting them and we will continue to do so until we don’t get “Sorry we have no official information about that” You will be the first to hear if any information comes up.

If you have anything to say to the official NYSC, just use the comment box below because i will make sure they see this post.

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