NYSC 2019 Batch A Questions

NYSC 2019 Batch A Questions – Get Answers In 2 Minutes Or Less

You are welcome here dear NYSC 2019 batch A prospective Corps Members. I am going to be your NYSC Google assistance for the next few hours. All you have to do is ask all your pressing questions and I will try my best to provide an accurate answer with lightning speed. See also: NYSC Registration For 2019 Batch A – Everything You Need To Know

Do you have any questions about NYSC in general, NYSC registration 2019 batch A, NYSC mobilization, Senate list, and all others? Every one of your questions about NYSC 2019 Batch A goes here. See also: NYSC Registration Frequently Asked Questions

Just ask the question the best way you can put it and i can assure you that I will understand you. Give details and give explanation to make it easy for me. See also: NYSC Zoning – Full And Complete Guide

If you have any questions, please use the comment box below and expect answers in 2 minutes or less. See also: How To Make NYSC Post You To A Place of Your Choice

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  1. Good pm Lola. Pls I want to know if I register after 4-5days due to late upload of senate list from my school, will I still go with batch A?

  2. Please when is Imsu uploading their senate list ?

  3. Please as a foreign student if my transcript is more than one page can I upload just the first page

  4. Hello! When uploading my documents, it asked for JPG files rather than PDF at a size between 100-200kb. If I upload the file as JPEG, will it work? (Since JPEG and JPG are somewhat similar)?

  5. pls shud I go ahead and regista online. Futo haven’t upload Senate list but has been approved since January

  6. Please is it possible for me to upload my WAEC results printout in place of certificate as I plan to get the certificate ready before camp?

  7. i have registered for NYSC but unable to print evidence of registration

  8. Good evening Lola, am a foreign student can I register pending evaluation letter.

  9. The date on my Waec differs from that on my Jamb and university data please would it affect my NYSC? and how can i go abt resolving it

  10. Hi Lola princess (:
    I was unable to proceed with my registration yet, not even to complete the pre payment page, however, some of my colleagues from the same institution were successfully be able to. What can I do to make this work right pls?
    Thank you.

  11. Pls, I had double admission (IMT and ESUT) in 2013 but I studied in esut, my jamb admission status shows IMT will this affect my nysc mobilization.

  12. Hi, is it safe to register without your name been on the senate list ?

  13. I did my regularisation but have not seen any update yet so worried any idea to FastTrack it

  14. Is it possible to get my jamb regularisation reg number in less than a week

  15. I had issue of biometric failure in the Abia camp during batch C stream 2 2018. I wrote an application informing them to drop it so I can do another one, but till now they are yet to do so. I called and informed tell them but to no avail. What should I do?

  16. Pls I have made a mistake during my registration Iupload all my document twice how can i delete one and leave one for you?

    • There is no delete button there. So I will advise you to visit any close NYSC secretariat and they will fix it for you.

      • Can I leave it twice for you since they are the same or I must go to the sectriate?

        • since they are thesame. Leave it like that. You won’t have any issue. But if they are different, visit NYSC secretariat close to you.

          • Can I call the secretariat to notify them of the issue (I have the same issue). I uploaded the wrong document, tried to change it to the right one and now I have 4 uploads (1 wrong one and 3 of the correct one). I googled the phone number, but its saying switched off when I call. How can I contact them (Lagos Secretariat)?

          • Visit any close NYSC secretariat

      • I registered with 2018 batch c stream 11 with this name Muojekwu Norah Ifedi though am married I fill the space might for married people with my husband’s details but I didn’t report to camp due to some challenges but have done revalidation for me to go with this batch A but after the revalidation the name on my dashboard is Ezimuo Norah Ifedi please is their any cause for alarm. Please help me

  17. Hi Lola, please the Date of birth with nysc differs from the one on my waec certificate.. Will there be issues at the orientation camp

  18. Hi Lola, do I still have to register now qeven if I plan to go with batch B

  19. Hi Lola
    My school senate list is out but I don’t want to serve yet, do I still have to register nw?

  20. Dear Lola,
    Please any info about AAU senate list?

  21. Hi Lola, do I have to bring my ND certificate to camp as well as ssce certificate? Because I’ve not not gotten any of them. I only have my statement of result for my HND

  22. Lola, please I have completed my registration, I tried to login into my dashboard using my phone, but it showing error completing process I don’t know why!! My payment receipt was sent to my gmail account

  23. Dear Lola, good PM, hope you’re doing alright?
    Please after registration and payment, how long would it take for the call up number to be sent to us?

  24. I filled in 2014-18 instead of 2013-18 during my nysc reg. I already chatted u up and you said I should relax but I want to know if this will affect me at all or during camp

  25. Hi Lola, thé café i uséd mistakenly uploaded another passport for me instead of using my passport
    what can i do

  26. HI Lola, I want to ask if Nysc mobilises sickle cell corpers? During my registration, I was asked to upload an evidence of ailment. Is a medical cerificate, showing my genotype sufficient?

  27. I did my online registration including the payment since 4th of this month the exactly day registration begins, up to now I haven’t got my call up number, it’s showing something like this, you have not been evaluated yet. Ensure documents uploaded are complete. And I’m very sure of all my documents uploaded are well completed. Thank you till I hear from you.

  28. Good day Lola. I registered for the NYSC two days ago and they sent an SMS to me saying “your call up number shall be sent via SMS once mobilized”. My question is, is it with the call up number that one can use to print the call up letter?

  29. hi Lola,
    I’ve gone to my school to collect my certificate, the school collected all it’s i.d cards, I’m left with none to use at camp.
    what am I going to do.

  30. When registering yesterday, instead of various geopolitical zones which I was expecting to see, I saw something like ” first state ” ” second state “. Etc and each of the list contains States from like 3 zones … Does this mean the state I selected as ” first choice ” is the one I’m most likely going to be posted to ? I didn’t even see Lagos or Abuja in the options .

  31. Pls Lola,my certificate normally carries my full name in this format-ADIE MICHAEL ENEJI but at the process of JAMB regularization it was mistakenly written as ADIE ENEJI MICHAEL.so my question is;will it affect my NYSC registration

  32. Hi lola
    My name was among those released st school and most of my mates have registered because they hsve seen their name on the portal But till now i hsve not seen mine. UDUSokoto. Those that mean I will be left behind since my name has not been online and I cannot register?

  33. Hi Lola, is it possible for someone of 30yrs + 5months to serve?

  34. Good evening Lola, please when is the official closing date forschools submission of results to Nysc?

  35. hi Lola
    Thanks for your quick response.

    if I could get photocopy of any of my school i.d card, will that be enough.

  36. Good morning ma’am,
    Is it possible changing the passport photograph after registration?

  37. Good morning, my school hasn’t uploaded our results on the nysc senate list, is there any chance of me going for batch A… i have mobilize in school but up till today 10th of march they haven’t uploaded our name on the senate list… can it still be uploaded.

  38. Good morning Lola. Plz, wat guarantees one of going with Batch A stream 1? I did my registration d very day d registration portal opens.

  39. Lola, good morning and happy Sunday. Please for those of us that finished from polytechnics are we going to orientation camp with the ND certificate or statement of of result?

  40. hi Lola good morning Pls do we need to upload original waec result, jamb result and admission letter during the online registration?

  41. Hi lola me and my friend will registered the same day and both of us are from the same institution but the issue is that my friend now has seen her green card while i haven’t seen mine. I don’t know what’s the issue even the person who registered after us she has also saw his green card. what is the problem?

  42. oshunsala Sadiat

    Good morning princess Lola pls the date of birth I use in doing my nysc registration is different from the one on my waec do it’s the same year range but the day and month is different and my name also was written as shadiat instead of Sadiat on the same waec result but have done court affidavit for it, but please hope it will not affect me in camp?

  43. Pls I always see my name on senate list but 3 days back I really check and it started showing no record found, what could be the problem and what will I do…. Delsu

  44. Good morning Lola. I registered since on Wednesday last week and I’ve not still seen my green card. When will I receive it? It’s taking too long.

  45. Good morning Lola, my name was on senate list but for the last 3 days I couldn’t see my name on the Senate list again please what could be the problem and what will I do thanks.

  46. my question is brief…my school is not even talking about nysc for now,our results have been submitted to academic division but the senate have not approved it…so can u please give us any info,on the month batch B will commence to keep us prepared pls,thank u lola

    • Am so sorry about that…. I wish I have a direct answer to your question. I don’t have the date for the next batch for now. Once anything comes up, I will let you know through your mail.

  47. Good morning princess
    Pls is the original copy of our secondary result needed at camp?

  48. How can someone know that he/she have registered

  49. Lola, I was mobilised in 2018 Batch A, but been that there is a mistake in my registration number when my school is doing upload, instead of 2009403575 they wrote 2009403375, but I have being applying for correction through my school since then but nothing have been done about that up till now. Then I don’t know if I should go ahead and register with the one on the Nysc portal.

    Though my program is Part-time. I will be applying for Exclusion.

  50. Hello, pls may I know if TAXATION as a course that is not yet accredited but graduated, as pioneer,and ready for the service I can go for service after been mobilized and pasted my name that I should go for registration?

  51. Hi Lola
    A job well done with all the information u are giving out. PleaseI want to ask for the best place for PPA and it pay in Ebonyi State

    • Thanks… I think ministries are okay


      Please loLA, I have issues with my BVN, my BVN name is SADIQ AMMED and the name I registered with for NYSC is HAMIDU MOHAMMED SADIQ, I have already gone to the bank to modify the name to HAMIDU MOHAMMED SADIQ, but it has not been updated yet. I heard we will open a new account in camp and if the change to my BVN name is not done before I go to camp can I open an account in camp. If they did not update my BVN before I go to camp what am I to do please

  52. plz how do I correct d date of birth on my waec , Wat r d process n where can I do it

  53. Good evening, plz when is the last day of uploading Senate list

  54. Hi Lola. Please i used Sept 1989 as my date of birth which will be 30 years by Sept this year. Although It show on the Senate list that I graduated in 2017. Hope it will not affect me.

  55. Lola I registered but my evaluation letter was not approved, how do I go about it ?

  56. Is medical certificate compulsory for nursing mothers and pregnant mother?

  57. hi Lola
    Pls the date of birth that came up during my online registration is different from the one on my school profile don’t know if it will affect me…

    • You will get a WAEC verification pin from first bank and use it to correct it

      • Pls Lola the DOB on my NYSC page is the same as waec and jamb but it’s different from my school DOB, and the school DOB is the real one, and There’s no DOB correction on my page don’t know how I’ll change it even if I get the waec pin… Will it really affect me in camp if I eventually don’t change it.. Pls I really need to know inorder to be on a safer side ..thanks

  58. Hello I have a question NYSC message me to re-uppload my transcript and I did it since last week but on till now I didn’t receive my grean card why?

  59. oshunsala Sadiat

    Hi princess Lola, please I have a question please how long does it take to be evaluated ? today making it a week that am yet to see my call up number or for instance if you’re combining two result I mean ssce result are you to upload the two during registration ?

  60. Pls lola as a foreign student can i also register before i receive my evaluation letter?coz i heard its normally takes some time before we get evaluated.

  61. Hi, princess Lola. Good evening. Please I want to inquire about something.
    Please do clarify me.
    Does institutions do upload another names for batch A, stream 2.

  62. Does call up number indicate that green card is ready???

  63. Hello Lola
    I need your help…started registration a few days ago… everything was going smoothly until I got to the last page where I’m to submit… problem is the state of choice never came up..what do I do?

  64. hi lola
    Pls what does the green card contains? is it just my call up number that makes it a green card?..

  65. Do you know if you need to pay for addition of name on your dashboard . the name on my stament is Patricia Ebony silifia black (not my real name though) and what’s showing on my dashboard is Patricia Ebony Black while my is card is just showing Patricia Ebony. Although I have applied for addition of name on my dashboard I just want to know if am required to pay any money for it to change

  66. I was unable to do online registration since the portl has open

  67. Hi lola
    The cafe guy who did my registration mistakenly printed my green card cost it’s ready and I have DOB issues can I still change it and reprint?

  68. hi lola good day
    I’ve done the change of DOB dis morning Pls how long will it take them to effect the changes on my green card so that I can print it out..

  69. Lola Pls my friend said she did the change of birth stuff but it still didn’t tally with the school date of birth but she has done affidavit for it hope it won’t affect, and will the accept the affidavit in camp?…

  70. Bello Abdul-Salam

    Good day sir/ma,
    My name is Bello Abdul-salam, a foreign student from Ghana. I started my registration the first very day it begins and i noticed it doesn’t save when i click continue. I have to start all over again,
    The registration failed to continue due to my course not on the list, i tried using the find course but can’t find it.
    I would want you to assist me as i can’t move further with my registration and no time on my side as deadline approaches.
    Bello Abdul-salam
    Email:[email protected]
    Course: Social change communication (B.Sc)
    School: University for Development Studies Tamale , Ghana.

  71. Hi. Please, what happens when you choose more than one state from the same geopolitical area?

  72. Also, can you only redeploy to any other of the 4 states you chose?

  73. lola dear,my school just released the date for their senate meeting and it’s going to be next week 19 to 21…so my question is will they be another upload and registration For batch A stream 2 or can we still make it to batch A stream 2

  74. my BVN name does not really with the I use to register for NYSC, my BVN name is SADIQ AHMMED, the name I use to register for NYSC is HAMIDU MOHAMMED SADIQ, if am not able to update the BVN before I go to camp any problem please? What am I going to do if it’s not updated before we go to camp, because I have submitted all the required documents in the bank for the update.

  75. My BVN name is not a match with the one am using for my NYSC, I have already gone to the bank to update it, if it’s not updated before I go to camp, any problem please?

  76. Afternoon Lola…..I can’t find my name on the Senate list and graduation list on the nysc portal….some of my colleagues av seen theirs and started reg already….went to student affairs in my school to complain…I can find my name on the school Senate list…they told me to keep checking but still the same till now …is uploading still going on?…bcos m worried already..

  77. I registered on the 4 of march the day portal open I uploaded my statment of result neco because my waec result was not out ,so I got a. message dat is should upload my o level cert, I did dAt the next day and up till date I have not been evaluated by Nysc… it keep showing me I have not been evaluted yet.. pls Wat should I do, and portal is closing on Tuesday

  78. Hi Lola, if I register my marital status as single now will I be able to change it to married when I want to revalidate my registration?

    • Am not sure. But if you will wait till next batch, you can just leave it from there and by next batch you will fill the information. Once you fill all and do your final submission, there is no going back again

  79. Good afternoon Lola
    pls do I still need to have the medical fitness certificate, even though I planned getting medical report to exempt me from some camp activities,due to some medical challenges. Thank you

  80. please kindly help the portal is showing no more available state slot please does that mean i cant go for batch A

  81. Lola pls will they be stream 2 this batch a

  82. pls my dob registered not same with
    my bvn dob.can this affect my registration in camp?

  83. Hi Lola, I have been deployed and I have no intention of going now. Will I be able to go if there’s a stream two and if no, will I still be deployed to the same place in batch B? And also do l have to print my call up letter now please

  84. Hi Lola .. Am having issues … I don’t have my full details on my Green card some places are not yet filled up by them … I don’t know what to do and i have my Call up number on my dashboard ….. I haven’t been able to print out my call up letter too it says details not yet found ….. I have been deployed to Rivers … Please help me

  85. Fredrick Mercury

    Hello Lola! In a previous post, you listed NYSC Medical Cert. , Call-Up Letter, Transcript, School ID Card and NYSC Green Card as the documents we should take the camp. My Questions are;
    1) Are these the only documents we should take to camp?
    2) What if one (A foreign trained student) doesn’t have his/her student card, what should he/she take as replacement?
    3) Is there a separate list of documents to take to camp for Foreign trained students? (If Yes, what does that list entail)

    Thank you very much. I await your reply.

  86. Hi! Please, does every camp have ATM machine? I was posted to the Oyo camp. What advise would you give about bringing cash or ATM card?

  87. Ngozi Van-de-gert

    Good day Lola! Nice work with the updates. Do we sign the green card letter before going to camp or we have to sign it when we get to camp?

  88. Hi lola, how long does it take for one’s relocation to be accepted. I have applied for relocation online and I want to know how long it will take for me to get my response. Thanks

  89. okesola toyin mary

    Hello, I’m planning to go with Batch B but the DOBoon the senate list differs from the one on my Original WAEC result. i.e 1994/1995. will that affect me at camp.
    Also, do i need transcript at camp, our school only give us notification of result.

  90. i am an international student i registered on monday ,up till now its still saying not yet been evaluated,please what does it mean and when can i print my green card

  91. Hello ma pls the name on my statement of result is ADEBO-OJE olohigbe but on Senate list adebo olohigbe nd requested for change of name on my dashboard I just printed it and it still hasn’t changed.pls wat do I do?

  92. hi princess ,,pls the names am using in all documents is adewale clement Temitope but my bvn carries adewale celestine Temitope….will it affect me in camp pls?

  93. Hi! please my DOB in jamb is Dec 28,1989 and I graduated on October 2019, two months to clock 30 years can I still serve? I don’t want to be exempted
    secondly, DOB on my Neco result differs from my jamb and school info .. will it affects me in camp?

  94. What will be my fate in camp if my bvn date of birth is above 30 years while opening account whereas my school date of birth is below 30 years
    Thanks for your answer as l look forward to hearing from you.

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