NYSC Registration Frequently Asked Questions

The NYSC Registration Frequently Asked Questions is about solving every popular question that prospective Corps members ask about NYSC Registration.

The National Youth Service Corps registration is the process whereby qualified and mobilized graduates will add their details to the NYSC database for deployment. Read also: NYSC Registration Requirements

NYSC Registration Frequently Asked Questions

While we already have a lot of useful articles about the NYSC registration, I just want to provide answers to popular questions you might have concerning registration.

Below are frequently asked questions about the National Youth Service Corps registration.

How will I know if the registration Portal is open?

The NYSC registration is not a secret thing. It will be all over the news and most especially, www.nyscnews.com has got you covered.

Are there accredited centers for the registration?

There are certainly no accredited centers for NYSC registration. YOU can register anywhere of your choice.

Gmail and Yahoo mail, which one is better?

Gmail is better for this purpose. The NYSC recommends Gmail for the registration.

Can I use my normal Gmail or I should create another one?

You can off course use your normal Gmail as long as you still have access to it. If you also wish to open another one, you are free.

Can I do the registration on my phone?

No you can’t. The biometric verification requires a thumbprint scanner and its a very important step of NYSC registration. However, if your phone can capture your thumbprint, you are good to go.

Can I use my Mum or Dad or Girlfriend or Boyfriend Phone number?

NO! Use your own phone number

Can someone do the biometric verification for me?

NO! You are to do it by yourself. If it does not match your thumb, the official will send you out of NYSC camp.

How is the choosing of state of choice look like?

The NYSC management will give you a chance to choose 4 states of your choice during the registration and you will be deployed to one out of the four.

What is the information required in the NYSC registration form?

I have written a full article about that and you can click here to see all the information you need.

Will I submit my BVN during registration?

NO! You should never submit your BVN to anyone.

Is it a must I register on the first day the Portal is Open?

Either you register on the first day or the last day, you will still be posted randomly.

Must I pay the N3,000?

It is not a must but I will advice you to pay. If you pay the money, you will be able to print your green card and call-up letter from your dashboard later. But if you don’t pay, you will have to go back to your school to collect your call-up letter and green card. Your school will still charge you though.

If my girlfriend and I selected the same states of choice during registration, will NYSC post us to the same place?

No one can guarantee that but it doesn’t mean it’s not possible. NYSC posting is randomly, so expect anything.

Is NYSC registration first come first serve?

Not at all. You will be deployed randomly and the time you register does not affect posting.

Do I need a passport for NYSC registration?

Yes of course, you do.

If you have other questions that are not above, just use the comment box below to ask your questions about NYSC registration.

31 thoughts on “NYSC Registration Frequently Asked Questions”

  1. How is passport of necessity considering i schooled in Nigeria.
    Secondly about the medical fitness report is it handwritten or typed. Cos the hospital i went to declined typing it.

  2. Can my name spelling be adjusted,,, I mean my name was not spelt correct on the Senate list. Instead of EZEKIEL, IT was spelt as EXEKIEL. PLS what can I do?

      1. Pls, how can that be done, a friend told me all I need to do is to rectify the spelling during the forth coming reg, but I don’t know how valid that would be. I hope it won’t have an adverse effects sure the cause of reg?

  3. I presented my NECO statements of results during admission at my school, and I don’t have the original NECO certificate with me now, but I have original Waec certificate. Can I use the original Waec certificate to register for NYSC, having 5 credit withD7 in Mathematics ?

  4. Patani godswill

    When filling my form,I didn’t see state of were I want to serve,I only saw were have you visited,and am done with registration,am confused.?

      1. Today I checked d portal under graduate list 31 names were (my name was among) posted with a heading approved Senate list but when I went to d cyber cafe I’m still not able to register online
        Please what might be the cause

  5. Hi Lola!
    I registered during stream 1 but could not complete my registration because I couldn’t select the 4 states. But I’ve been trying to complete it now but I’m still unable to select the 4 states(only 2 is selectable) and my details are no longer showing on my dashboard.
    Please what should I do or can it be rectified?

  6. Hi Lola. Am married and i have uploaded all the necessary documents so I can be posted to my state of choice but I was given a list of states to choose from and my state of choice was not included. Did I do the right thing.

  7. Hi Lola
    The date for registration is tomorrow and like you said if someone does not see his/her name on the nysc senate list can’t register and the lists are yet to be posted. So what are we going to do if its not posted and registration starts tomorrow…..?

  8. Please help me clear my Cruosity. If someone did his or her NYSC registration and later payed the #3000 naira fee when the Porter has closed. Will that person still get his or her call up letter

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