NYSC 2021 Batch C Questions

NYSC 2021 Batch C Questions – Get Answers In 2 Minutes Or Less

All NYSC 2021 batch A questions goes to this page and you should know that we will attend and treat all questions. I’m so sure you have a lot of questions and you wish there is just someone that can listen and give you the best answers to them. If you are such a person, then you are in the right place.

You are welcome here dear NYSC 2021 Batch C prospective Corps Members. I am going to be your NYSC Google assistance for a while. All you have to do is ask all your pressing questions and I will try my best to provide an accurate answer with lightning speed.

Do you have any questions about NYSC in general, NYSC mobilization, Senate list, JAMB, WAEC, and all others? Every one of your questions about NYSC 2021 Batch A will all receive answers.

Just ask the question the best way you can put it and I can assure you that I will understand. Give details and give an explanation to make it easy for me. That’s all you need to do.

No matter how plenty, how comprehensive, strange, big, ridiculous, funny, short your question is, we will provide an answer and treat it as important. Before you ask your question, quickly Follow Us on Instagram and Like Our Facebook page.

NOTE: Please kindly read the already answered questions before you ask yours so that you don’t keep asking a question we have treated.

If you have any questions, please use the comment box below and expect an answer in 2 minutes or less.

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  1. Av not see my name in Senate list,no record found,y?

  2. Do I need to conclude my school clearance before commencing registration on nysc portal

  3. Chimezie Nnaemeka

    Would there be another chance of registration for batch c PCM

      • GM,my name is on the Senate list and am a nursing mom with no marriage certificate , I only did trad and my husband is not around.pls how do I go about my registration knowing that I can’t provide documents that validate my marriage

    • Good morning, please my statement of result was issued without my initial, but all my documents carry my name in this formate, Austin Abigail O, but when my statement of result was been issued, the O was omitted. I have this initial both in my jamb and waec, went to the school to complain and I was told initials are not been added to statement of result. Please would this affect me in camp and secondly recently found out a letter was added to my second name, when I printed my jamb admission letter, would this affect me in any way or do I need to go correct this in jamb office. I wasn’t mobilized with this current batch so I want to know if I should correct anything before it’s late. Thank you

    • What are the documents to carry as an international student

  4. I saw my name on the Senate list yesterday but today none of the list are showing again

    • That’s is not senate list

    • Same thing applies to me whether is graduation list or senate list my name was there yesterday today my name same goes to other universities such as jos, Port Harcourt and others our names are not longer on the portal the names has vanished I am not referring to school senate list which has been pasted on my school board (unn) but the list uploaded on the nysc portal everything has vanished

  5. …. I graduated 2019 and registered for nysc same here…. So my name showed up in batch A senate list 2020 as registered and I was posted to other states but I didn’t go…. now my name is on batch c 2021 asking me to print my green card ….which I tried to do today but it states awaiting call up number…. Should I go and validate or wait for call up number?

  6. I tried checking graduation list it not showing any name again… What could have caused it

  7. I tried checking graduation list but it not showing any name again.. What could have caused it

  8. I saw my name on the graduation list on nysc portal suddenly it disappeared after some hours including my colleagues’ names.
    Please can these be resolved so I could register

  9. Temidayo Oyelami

    Please will there be stream 2 for batch C?

  10. Pls oh , my result is with date effect from 10th may, 2021 and in nysc portal is showing 26/7/2021 what should I do

  11. Saifuddeen shehu

    My name is on the senate list but not on the graduation list and it showing I have not been matriculated. Can I register? What should I do?

  12. My result is with date 10th may 2021 and the nysc portal has 26 July 2021 what should I do?

  13. am a foreign student i gain admission with 4 credit o level result so during my study i did another one that is okay so i registered for Nysc batch A i went for pre camp verification and was cleared till now no call up letter i only uploaded the waec i did during school, received texts that i should upload waec i use to gain admission so i have to go to waec office to get the original 4 credit cert should i upload my two o level result and will i still revalidate am confused.

  14. Oyediya claudine

    Please what should I do as a foreign graduate

  15. Should I wait to see my name on nysc senate list before registering?

  16. How long will it take before call number comes out

  17. Please make me understand what is the difference between graduation list, senate list and NYSC approved senate list?
    Because I saw my name on senate list but can’t find it on NYSC approved senate list…. What should I do?

  18. When is batch C registration closing?

    Secondly,I have not seen my name on any list ,I made an official complain to my school They asked me to submit my details as at yesterday being the 6/10/2021 which I already did.They told me to check back by Monday .
    won’t it be too late for registration?

  19. What if my school has not submitted names to nysc yet till let’s say Saturday, i will still have to wait b4 registering? I hate late registration

  20. Good morning. Please I’d like to know if there’s a way to go with stream 2. My name is on senate list and I’m being asked to register. The thing is I don’t want to go with stream one because my convocation is during the stream one batch and I’m being told it’s difficult to leave camp. Is there a way to push my posting to Batch C stream 2

  21. My date of birth on my Waec and Jamb is the same but not correct so I did age declaration from the court bearing the correct age which i used in all my university credentials, NIN, my BVN and I also used it during Nysc mobilization in school, will it affect me in camp?

  22. Can I register now if I’m going for Batch C stream 2

  23. Pls my jamb name is Ezenwa Blessing ifunanya while my degree result is Ezenwa blessing even in nysc portal too, what should I do

  24. Good morning Lola. My name is on senate list and I’m being asked to register, the thing is my convocation is during Batch C stream 1 and I’m being told that it’s very difficult to leave camp. Please I’d like to know if it’s possible for one to defer to Batch C Stream 2?

  25. I revalidated and got a new call up number..please will I still be posted to my previous state or will I be posted to a new state entirely

  26. Mukhtar Muhammad

    Hello, I tried to log into my dashboard and it keeps on saying ‘Your institution has been blocked’ what is the step i should take?

  27. Good morning. My name is on senate list and my being asked to register.
    The thing is my convocation is during stream 1 and I was told it is difficult leaving camp. I wanted to know if it was possible to defer to stream 2 and how to go about it

  28. Please how do I know my nysc registration number after a successful application?

  29. My name showed on the senate list; not yet matriculated ( cannot register).
    And my name is on the jamb matriculation list.

  30. Please will there be online registration for batch c stream 2021 separately or they are all one

  31. pls when is the deadline for registration bcus my school is yet to give us result and place senate list

  32. I want to know weda UNN has uploaded names because I can’t find my name on the senate list since yesterday

  33. pls when is the deadline for registration bcus my school is yet to give result and paste senate list

  34. Good afternoon,I just registered for batch c but when I printed the verification slip, I saw that chose a wrong verification centre, I chose yola and I stay in Abuja. I don’t know what to do.

  35. I have an exam to write that’s already scheduled and by that time I would be in camp.So please how can I get to leave camp for 2/3 days to enable to write this exam

  36. I have seen my name on the senate list but not on the matric PMC list, its only show 6 names frm my department

  37. Greetings, I just did my registration today and I would love to start getting documents I will at camp like medical report so am asking can I get it now?
    Hope the date on it won’t affect when I wil submit it at d camp.
    Like if I get it today it will bears today’s date n I will submit it at the camp any day, hope the date has no effect

  38. My name was uploaded on nysc senate list in 2018 but I didn’t register. I still have my name on the nysc senate list now, can I go ahead with registration or I have to go back to school before I can register

  39. Can I change year of graduation during nysc registration??? Because My school use 2021 as year of graduation instead of 2019 and i clock 30 this year

  40. Adamson saheed olanrewaju

    Good morning lola, there is error in my matriculation number. Any help please. My matric Number is 160631004, but 160631003 is there.

  41. Good pm Lola, i did my Nysc medical fitness last year october can i still use it

  42. Good morning, my name appeared on the graduation list but not on the Senate list but my school claimed that it been sent to the NYSC headquarters and as well showed me the hard copy but still doesn’t appears. A friend of mine that we had this issue together registered somewhere got a green card but still the name didn’t appear on Senate list but marked ‘registered’ on graduation list. So I am confused!!!

  43. Good day, I have registered, but it’s showing “not yet evaluated”and I have uploaded my evaluation letter and all other documents.

  44. Good morning. I have just registered, is it possible to go with stream 2 despite having my call up number?

  45. Good morning. I have just registered, can i go with stream 2 despite having my call up number? If i do so, will it affect me in any way?

  46. Good afternoon, I am foreign student. I have uploaded all my documents and my status is “yet to be evaluated yet”. But I have not be physically verified. Will, my status change after the physical verification?Thank you.

  47. Good day Ma, I’m a foreign student i was not evaluated in the previous batch because i didn’t upload a required document now that it been uploaded should i revalidate

  48. On my statement of result, department is Pure and Industrial Chemistry, but online it’s registered as Chemistry.. Hope it’s not a big deal, because every other information is corresponding… (The department is same)..

  49. Good evening, please I applied for rearrangement of name during my registration on 7th on my dashboard but it has not been rearranged pls what should I do.

  50. What happens a person whose name is on the Senate list of batch C but didn’t register when stream 1 were registering but waited for stream 2 registration so as to join stream 2

  51. Pls d year on my date of birth on my dashboard is differ from the one on my birth certificate pls can I leave it like that because I prefer the one on my dashboard?

  52. Good afternoon.
    Please my bvn(account name) is carrying 3 names which are PETER OGHENETEJIRI OTUAGA but on my certificate and NYCS registration is OTUAGA PETER.
    I don’t know if the number of names or arrangement will affect my monthly stipend.

  53. Good evening, on my Statement of Result, my department is written as Pure and Industrial Chemistry, but on the portal I was registered under Chemistry.. The two are same, but I hope it won’t be an issue in Camp?? Every other detail is corresponding (name, dob and graduation date)… Please I need your reply.. Thank you

  54. Good evening, pls after d registration, my profile is not showing on d portal..it was plain

  55. Good evening lola, please my year of admission should be 2016 but d man that registered me mistakenly put 2017 but other details are correct. Please hope it won’t affect me

  56. Good morning, I applied for arrangement of name (removed a hyphen mark), does this mean that I won’t go with this Stream I?.. Bcoz I have registered already and also have a Call up number.. Please reply

  57. Please ma, my NAME on my SOR is RAJI PRECIOUS KEMI and on my NYSC dashboard is RAJI KEMI PRECIOUS. What would you advice ?

  58. Hello, My name was mispelt on the senate list and so it was uploaded on to NYSC portal i did my registration and at the end there was a section for correction of name. I did that and now it show “it is being reviewed” for the past 3 days now
    2. The date of birth on my WAEC particularly the year is incorrect. A year was added to it and in all my other documents read the My Correct DOB. Will that be a problem? How am i to go about this

  59. Good evening,I’m a foreign student.I want to register for batch c but my name was wrongly spelt slightly on the evaluation letter…Hope it’s not going to affect my registration and camp process?

  60. Gud p.m ma, plss ma, i failed to upload d year i gained admission during my registration and i have printed my green card, what am i supposed to do to correct it and will it affect me in any way??

  61. Can we do revalidation if we don’t go with stream 1

  62. Please how much is medical report for redeployment.

  63. I attended physical verification last week and am verified, I even wrote a text but I didn’t see ‘print cleared slip on my dashboard, why, what’s the problems

  64. I was mobilized and My name was on the senate list for batch C stream 1 but I didn’t register because I want to follow batch C stream 2..So what do I do now because I don’t know if there will be another registration again next month for stream 2

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