NYSC Batch C 2021 Batch C Call Up Letter is Out

NYSC Batch C 2021 Batch C Stream II Call Up Letter is Out – Check & Print

Congratulations to you all as the official NYSC Call-up letter for Batch C Stream II 2021 is finally out. This means that you can now login to your dashboard and check or print your NYSC Call-up letter.

The NYSC Call-up letter is a piece of document that will reveal to you your state of deployment. Click the link below to login and check or print your letter. Then check below for links to all states groups to join and connect with people posted to same place. [Read Also: How To Check And Print NYSC Call-Up Letter On Your Phone]


We have created all 36 states groups with telegram. Managing 36 states WhatsApp group at once is not advisable and not good for our health and also scammers and spammers are hard to deal with on a WhatsApp group. So we decided to use telegram groups.

So please and please, everybody should download Telegram from playstore/appstore and install it. Telegram is like WhatsApp but gives more controls especially in moderating a group. Kindly download Telegram now and install it.


Congratulations once again.

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  1. I just checked ,the call up letter is not out yet

  2. PCM’s Deployment Survey
    Please note that this is a Survey. You may NOT be Posted to the State you have chosen.

    I’m seeing the above what does it mean?
    The notice doesn’t have a link for the survey just a OK button.

  3. Please how do I get the fitness result

  4. how can someone fill covid-19 self reporting form before printing call up letter

  5. Lola, call up letter is out but I can’t see my own, when I clicked at the place they wrote print can up letter it will show me an empty page , when u scroll down then u will see print, so I clicked print it took me to PDF where I can print my green card… Even the covid 19 test to fill is not opening…. I don’t know what to do like… Please help me

  6. If deployed to Adamawa state and your from port Harcourt, hit me up on 08062143540.

  7. Hi Lola, I have wrong graduation date on my registration slip, I have gone to my school to correct it and they assured me that they have done it. Till now, it is still showing 2021 on my slip instead of 2019. Pls is there something else I can do?

  8. What do you do if you cant go to the state of deployment due to security issues?

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