NYSC Portal Login Dashboard

The official NYSC Portal login Dashboard is the right place you will go if you want to login directly into your dashboard to do any thing relating to NYSC.

The NYSC Portal login Dashboard is a very friendly and easy to navigate dashboard. Each sections are displayed in plain English and the arrangement made it very easy to do anything and everything you want to do.

NYSC Portal Login Dashboard

You can click the button below to go to the Official National Youth Service Corps Portal Dashboard directly very fast.


Things To Do On NYSC Portal Login Dashboard

I am going to briefly talk about everything you can do on the NYSC portal. The first thing is that you can login to your own dashboard to correct your details and make any changes to your information on the NYSC Portal.

NYSC Registration

You can do your NYSC registration right on the NYSC portal. If there are no registration in Progress, the portal will display “No Active Registration”. Immediately the NYSC registration begins, the status will change so that you can be able to do your Registration. See also: NYSC Registration Requirements

NYSC Portal Login

Serving Corpers and prospective Corps members who have done the NYSC registration can log in right one the NYSC portal login Dashboard.

NYSC Portal Login Dashboard

To login, you will need your email and password. After that, you will be taken to your own personal NYSC dashboard that contains your information. There is also an option to recover your password in case you can’t remember.

Verify Your Certificate

This is not really important to most higher institutions. If you higher institution is a new one or not accredited and you want to verify your certificate, you can do it on the NYSC portal.

Check Payment status

The NYSC portal login Dashboard is also a place to check the status of any of your payments relating to the NYSC scheme.

Visit NYSC Homepage

The National Youth Service Corps official homepage is a place you can get news, and other updates about the scheme. From the portal, you can visit the homepage.

Read Foreign PCM Requirements

This is specifically for Nigerian graduates from accredited foreign institutions. If you want to read details about your requirements for the NYSC mobilization, you can do it right from the NYSC portal login Dashboard. See also: Nigerian Foreign-Trained Graduates NYSC Requirements

See payment Guidelines

Many prospective corps members and fresh Corpers who need a hand or a detailed information about how to correctly make payment on the NYSC dashboard can do so from the portal.

Read Frequently Asked Questions

The NYSC Portal dashboard is also a place to read some official answers to frequently asked questions about the NYSC. Before you start worrying about finding an answer to a questions, the the FAQ first.

Check Senate List

During mobilization, prospective Corps members will need to check their names on the Senate list before they can proceed with the NYSC registration. Right on the portal dashboard, you can check if your name is on the Senate list.

Read Biometric Instructions

Technology has taken over as the NYSC management introduced biometric verification into the NYSC registration. There are instructions to follow and some important details to know about the Biometric verification and you can read the instructions from this dashboard.

See Accredited institutions

The last thing you can do on the login Dashboard is check if your institution is accredited for NYSC.

Now you know everything about the NYSC login dashboard. Go ahead and check it out.

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      • Miss or Mrs LoLa, please ma’am, am Anyanwu grace Daberechi. Batch A 2020. My name was in the Senate list. I have printed my green card, but I don’t have a call up letter. My dashboard reads. ” you are not in the is stream (stream1) you will be notified when to print your call up letter. Ma’am, even now I just checked its still the same. Am scared please what should I do? Help me I really want to go for service please ma’am

      • Pls when I login with my email address, wot am seeing is invalid pass code, wot is d problem nah

  1. Ola, pls I can’t seems to login into my dashboard and I did few hours ago and they keep telling me my connection is not private and this might be because attackers is trying to steal my email or password. What should I do?

  2. Koyejo damilola

    Good afternoon madam lola, how can I recover my lost NYSC certificate?

  3. Gloria Ibrahim

    Good day princess Lola please my case is that my Age has passed the required age. please any idea on what I should do? thank you

  4. Good evening ma. Ma i have a problem on my nysc account I want to log in since last month but the thing wrote me incorrect password or gmail. but me i wrote it correctly. pls. i restore but i lost my sim card that i open gmail account. Thank u .

  5. It keep showing on my dashboard no more available state slot and i have not made my payment, what can i do?

  6. is the thumbprint page which i keep on seeing when i login normal or need for exclusion.I need to get to make correction on my dashboard and payment.

  7. Bilal Abdulkadir

    I was mobilize in batch A., and I registered, can I go service with batch B?

  8. I would like to go with stream 2 is there anything I can do to influence that and do you have to resume the day camp resumes!?

  9. I can’t find the stream which I belong to… How do I found ou that?

  10. I am having no state for deployment and I have not made my payment , pls wat am I to do ???

  11. State of origin: Ogun
    School: fed poly Bida
    State choose: Nasarawa, ondo, kaduna, Rivers.
    Which state will i be posted to?
    How will i check if am in stream 1 or 2?

  12. Good evening ma’am
    I’ve checked my dashboard and it’s just showing batch b, how do I know the stream I belong to?

  13. Thanks Lola for ur consistency in giving us required info. God bless u.
    I was supposed to do revalidation, but I was seeing “no available state 4 deployment in my dashboard ” but since d issue has bin solved, do I still go on to choose my choice state or wait for stream 2 registration. I actually want to go with stream 2.

  14. Thanks Lola for ur consistency in giving us required info I was supposed to do revalidation but I kept seeing “No available state 4 deployment in my dashboard” but since d issue has bin solved, do I still go on to choose my choice state or wait for stream 2 registration. I actually want to go with stream 2.

  15. Effanga Etim Bassey

    Hello lola pls i chose…nasarawa, kano, akwa ibom &oyo but I schooled in osun state and i live in calabar..which state will i be likely posted to??

  16. Goodday princess Lola, please can I rearrange myname when I get to camp

  17. State of origin; Enugu state
    School; IMO state polytechnic
    State choose; Abuja, Lagos, kano, awka ibom
    Pls i want to know where they will post me.

  18. pls the call up letter is not visible on my dashboard i could only see my call up number and more so I don’t know the stream I belong pls help o

  19. I checkedy dashboard and it says you have not yet been mobilized and upload all your documents but i did upload all my documents don’t know why? its taking so long i’ve missed nysc batch A and B stream 1 i need answers please.. aNd my documents was uploaded more than once

  20. How do I know the stream I will be camping with princess lola

  21. My name is online but was showing jamb reg no does not exist, u cannot register, after reprinting the admission letter and submitted, till now am still seen same thing. What should I do next

  22. I have done all my school told me to do but still getting same result. I don’t know if there is any other way

  23. Please I did my registration with batch B stream 1 but couldn’t print my call up letter due to challenges, can I still join stream 2 since all information is still on batch B mobilization list. Please help me. Thanks

  24. Abubakar Jamilu muazu

    please i received an email of my call up letter and green card on the 28/06/2019. I printed my call up letter and saw on it that i am suppose to report to camp on the 18 of this month.Which almost two weeks ago. please what am i going to do now. please help me out.

  25. ukpong nsidibe sylvanus

    is my name in stream 2 batch b

    • Abinye Cordelia Nathan

      Good morning ma, my year of graduation was wrongly uploaded which now affect my age of service after registration I was sent notification that they are processing my exemption letter even when I graduated at age 29. I need your help please.Thanks.

  26. Lola when is d date for stream 2 camp????

  27. Adeyinka Temitope

    please I applied for relocation on marital ground since may 1,2019 but till now I haven’t gotten any feedback, am disturbed and so worried, please when should I be expecting my approval?

  28. i missed Batch B Stream 1, I was automatically added to stream 11 which I was asked to wait for a notification to print my call up letter, my question is this, “will I be still be posted in same state of deployment/posting in stream 1?”

  29. Yakubu Esther Rabo

    Good evening ma, please when can I get my callup letter, and how can I know where I have been posted to?

  30. Udeagha chioma peace

    Have done that already, but It is still saying same thing..is that a problem?

  31. Ukashatu Muhammad Dodo

    I forget my password, I have no access to my dash board and I don’t the problems occur please help me sort it out.

  32. For the foreign graduates,is the call up later going to come first before going for the verification or going to the verification first before the call up later comes ?

  33. Hello, pls my name was uploaded wrongly on the Senate list and I have been trying to correct it but
    is not working pls what can I do

  34. Pls want to complete my registration on nysc since 2017 Nov batchB because the gv me examption letter but don’t know to continue with it again need help from someone…don’t even know my pass word and the log in

  35. Hi Lola, I did my registration today and what I found on my dash board was;

    “You have not yet been mobilized because valid details were not sent from your school”. How do I go about hope there will be no problem?

  36. What if the name written on jamb is misspell by an alphabet but you have your correct name in your statement of result or certificate will there be problem when on camp for registration

  37. Dibri Chinese Elvis


  38. please help me it’s so urgent am a married PCM and heavily pregnant, I upload all necessary documents but my approval status wrote not approved but den I was given a comment to upload evidence of husband state of residence and have been trying to re-upload but I can’t…. Please help me out

  39. please help me out, am a married batch c pcm and heavily pregnant I upload all necessary documents but my approval status wrote not approved but den I was given a comment to upload evidence of husband state of residence and have been trying to re-upload but I can’t upload it……. Please how can I sort that

  40. please princess, I haven’t gotten my call up letter. And I have done the registration. please can I still get it before the 5th of November, or I should wait till stream 2?

  41. I can’t see my callup letter on my dashboard and I didn’t see any message that says am in stream ii . what should I do?

  42. Please, i registered for the NYSC batch C. I have been mobilised and my payment says success, but i do not have a call up letter to print on my dashboard. It says am not in this stream. Please what do i do. Am so helpless

  43. Abinye Cordelia Nathan

    Good morning ma, my year of graduation was wrongly uploaded which now affect my age of service after registration I was sent notification that they are processing my exemption letter even when I graduated at age 29. I need your help please.Thanks.

  44. Abdulraheem Saheed

    I saw on my dashboard”sorry you are not on this stream you will be notify when to print your callup letter” even though i am done with all registration including state deployment and have paid for the callup letter.

  45. My name is not on error list and my name is not also on senate list, what should I do

    • Jibrin Muhammed Lawal

      Good day princess Lola, I registered for batch B November in 2017and submitted my application and I was asked to wait to be issued exemption but before the exemption could come, my application for correction of date of birth in jamb notify me of a successful correction and having received the exemption cert, I was advice to return the exemption and a print out of Jamb application for the correction of date of birth, declaration of age, birth certificate and a valid ID Card back to NYSC for revalidation which I did, and I received mail from NYSC for me to go dashboard and make used of WAEC to do the said corrections but unfortunately I did not have WAEC then but only Neco and I took the WAEC I wrote prior to my graduation with me to NYSC but they said no that it must be the one that gave me admission to the university and asked me to root my complains through my school and ever since that time, I have been writing latter’s through my school but all to no avail, and my issues have remained unattended to and am yet to be revalidate for service or get an exemption with a valid date of birth that will work in line with my credentials and other related documents. Pls help me make an enquiry into that for me to no my way forward. Thanks

  46. Onabanjo Damilola Rasheed

    Hi Lola, sorry i want to ask if correction of names came be corrected on our dashboard because the name only credentials is different from the one on Jamb matriculation list.

    Thank you.

  47. Good pm I am seeing on my dashboard sorry you are not in this streem ….I just registered on Monday 11/11/2019 for batch c streem 2…any hope of going ?

  48. Abdulsalam abdulazeez

    Lola pls has our alawee increase??

  49. I heard Pcm will open another account in camp, tho” my bvn name is glory Joseph while my sch cert is Uweh glory Joseph. Hope it won’t be a problem for me?

  50. Please Lola I have not finished my registration yet due to the age, but it as being corrected on WAEC but it has not reflect the my NYSC portal, please what should I do

  51. My corrected age from WAEC doesn’t reflect on my NYSC portal what should I do about it

  52. Please, when I open my dash board and click on my relocation button it doesn’t respond,what is wrong please


  54. Lola pls the arrears payment
    Are they paying Corper too??

  55. I was given only one slot option,which I choose Osun is it possible I can login to complete the slot.

  56. Hi Princess….!
    I have issues with my age.
    The age on my WAEC result is 1990
    While that of Jamb is 1988.
    I tried to correct it via my NYSC dashboard.
    But, it kept on showing refresh DOB…! Nothing else show up…!
    There’s no avenue of age correction…!!!

  57. Good morning,pls have been trying to login to my dashboard and it keep saying invalid email or passcode ,I tried resetting it to phone and Dey said a new login detail has been sent to my phone number bt I didn’t see the message.i am confused

  58. Adesuyi oluwakemisola

    Pls I saw you are not in this stream on my dashboard whereas I was told u are in stream 2020 stream 2 before I did my registration

  59. There is definately a lot to learn about this subject.

    I like all of the points you’ve made.

  60. Pls I forgot my login password how do I recover it

  61. I am graduate student of university of ibadan Nigeria under the distance learning program in 2014 with B.Sc POLITICAL SCIENCE WITH MATRIC NO.EO10811. instead political science as my course of study they put psycology in registering for exemption letter but i did submit it .pls help me solve the problem. phone 08036275322. Thanks

  62. Alright thanks. But I do I go about it. I made a mistake to said that had submitted it I didn’t I just registered it.

  63. I mean how I mine going to do the application for course correction. Maybe there is site for it.

  64. Have went for correction of my course and they wrote on my dashboard dat I have not been mobilized because valid details were not sent from my institution .however they said my institution has notified. Therefore if rectified I will be likely to be in.what next again.as regards to it as a distance learning graduate since 2014.

  65. I was at the camp at the camp around January but have issue with my biometric later as me to revalidate which have done the necessary things now when I check my dashboard I saw you are not in this stream back next one sometimes in may 2021 my question is will I be deployed to the previous state or the state will be change to another one am from ondo state school in ondo and my state of deployment I choose are kogi kaduna Edo and anambra during the registration there is no north west state there so those are the ones there

  66. Naa me I dey vex say I no follow batch A good but is well.please lola when will batch A stream 2 be going because waiting I dey hear no good for my ear

  67. Naa I dey vex say I no follow batch A stream 1 go but is well.please lola when will batch A stream 2 be going because waiting I dey hear no good for my ear.

  68. State of origin:Ondo. institution: Ondo state State of deployment: Kogi, kadunna, Edo, and Anambra which state will I be posted to.

  69. Pls Mma In my dashboard i have my callup number but no green card / call-up letter to print but there is a write up that says you are not in this stream you will be deployed in the next stream scheduled sometime in may Mma pls do I still have hope of going to camp with batch A stream ii

  70. Ogbara Enoch Oluwasogo

    Good day madam Lola Princess, pls my date of birth during jamb registration was not correct and it’s this wrong date of birth that reflected on my dashboard during NYSC Registration and I don’t want the wrong date of birthday to be on my NYSC certificate and don’t have the verification pin to my WAEC Result.

    Please what can I do?

  71. Odoemene Agnes Chioma

    Good morning Ma, Please I have a problem… I applied for name correction on my dashboard after my registration so now it has been approved Nd I never knew the cyber cafe guy that registered me made another mistake on my name again Nd now my dashboard is carrying Odoemene Chioma Agnes while my statement of result is carrying Odoemene Agnes Chioma please what should I do? Will it affect me in camp?

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