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NYSC Call-Up letter

7 Urgent Facts You should Know About The NYSC Call-Up letter

7 Urgent Facts You Should Know About The NYSC Call-Up letter is a list of some things you do not really know about the issues surrounding the call-up letter you are about to Print. Somebody might want to quickly check simple steps to print a Call-Up letter

I have been asked by several Prospective Corp Members when the portal will be opened so that they can log in and know where they are posted. Curiosity is good, but just take a moment to read this list.

7 Urgent Facts You Should Know About The NYSC Call-Up

I am here with you to share and give you 7 Urgent Facts You Should Know About The NYSC Call-Up letter Continue reading and discover the facts.

1. There are no bad states

I wrote an article few weeks back on 10 NYSC Highest Paying States and 10 Best States To Serve As Corper In NYSC Nigeria. However, have heard and seen people who were not posted to any of those states and still finished NYSC fulfilled.

Many Prospective Corp members want to go to Lagos, they want to go to Abuja, Calarbar, Port Harcourt, Sokoto and other big Cities across the country. Most of you guys do not pray to be posted to a Village or developing rural areas.

The fact you should know is that there are not bad states. Anywhere you see on you call-up letter, you should accept it and then make the best out of it.

2. The call-up letter is not the Final Answer

Probably you are posted far away or to a place you might not like, the Call-up letter is not the final say or final Judgment. You still have a chance to re-deploy when you get to the Camp. Ladies, do not cry when you see some states that you can’t even dream of. Pregnant women should not panic and newly married PCM should not be worried because you are posted far away to your hubby.

You can re-deploy at camp. So please don’t break down when you see Bornu state.

3. The Call-Up letter is Not an ID Card

Many PCM might think it is. The fact is you should go to camp along with your ID card. It will be so hilarious if you are asked to present your identification and then you remove the Call-Up letter.

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4. It Might not be Out by Exactly 12am of the day

If you plan to be awake 12 am on the exact date, better go back to bed. You will print it the next day. Even if you stay awake all night, it’s not going to change where you have been deployed. I understand your curiosity and I know how fast you want to know where you have been posted. You have to be hard on yourself.

5. You will get a mail and a Text message

NYSC management will forward a message to your phone number you used to register and via the email you used also. All PCMs are likely to receive a message, One to congratulate stream I and the Other to tell Stream II that they should let their junior ones go first…. Lolss

6. You can print it any time before Camp

Many PCMs are having a sleepless night so as to print their call-up letter. It’s not a must you print it today. You can relax and print any time before camp.

7. If you did not pay the online #3,090, you will visit your school

That is self-explanatory.

Thanks For reading 7 Urgent Facts You Should Know About The NYSC Call-Up letter

Congrats Guys……….

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