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Check Your NYSC Call-Up Letter In 2 Minutes Or Less – Here To help

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The Call-Up letter is Finally OUT!

Am sincerely sorry, yesterday, my server was totally down. If you still haven’t check, specify below

We are so happy that you guys are going to camp in a few days time. We are committed to helping you and making things stress free for you. You don’t have to use up all your energy on checking or knowing where you are deployed.

We are always available to assist

We have helped a lot of People to check and send their call-up letter into their mail without any stress.

In case your network is super slow, you are off a network area, you don’t have a system and many other issues. It all ends now.

All you just need is send us your login details while we check for you with a speed of lightning.

Your details are very safe with us and it cannot be used for any harm anyway. Fill the form below and We will send tell you where you have been posted or send your call-up letter to your mail.


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I am Lola Princess and am from Earth. I am from somewhere in Osun State, raised in Lagos, based in Lagos. I love making friends and blogging. Am your NYSC Google Assistant and am always here.


  1. can the pcm stream 1 deploy to kaduna check theirs?

  2. Lola thanks for the update. Ur beloved Osun is calling me.

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