NYSC Medical Certificate

NYSC Medical Certificate Details And How To Get Yours Easily – 2021

NYSC Medical Certificate is mandatory and a Must have before you can be allowed to get into NYSC orientation camp. Here is a full detail about the medical fitness certificate.

The NYSC Management has announced to all prospective Corps Members that NYSC Medical certificate is a prerequisite for entering various NYSC Orientation Camps across the Country. The document is necessary to ascertain the medical fitness and health status of PCM for Camping activities. Read also: 7 Salient Facts About NYSC Mandated Medical Certificate

This improvement is coming from the NYSC Scheme after the scheme lost three corps members in 2016 during orientation camps across the country. Either you want a sample of medical certificate of fitness for NYSC or content of the NYSC medical certificate or you want to know the list of medical test for NYSC. This is the post you need.

“All Prospective Corps members MUST present his or her medical certificate from a government or military hospital showing their health status before they will be registered and admitted to the Orientation course.

NYSC Medical Certificate Test List

Having been informed that all PCMs are to compulsorily present the NYSC Medical Fitness Report as one of the qualifications for entry into the Camp, the following are the tests that each PCM is expected to undergo:

  • HIV
  • Genotype (Optional)
  • Blood group (Optional)
  • PCV
  • HCV
  • Urinalysis
  • Stool analysis
  • Blood pressure (Optional)

Also, it is expected that it should be stamped by the hospital and signed by the chief medical officer of the hospital.

Easy Steps To Getting Your NYSC Medical Certificate

Due to the controversies generated by the death of Youth Corps members in Orientation Camps, the leadership of the National Youth Service Corps has made it mandatory that all Prospective NYSC Corps members MUST present medical certificates from government or military hospitals showing their health status before they will be registered and admitted for the Orientation course after undergoing mobilization.

Government hospitals are hospitals owned by the federal or any of the state governments and any of its agencies. These include hospitals owned by the Military, Police, Customs, Federal Medical Centres, Teaching Hospitals, General Hospitals, Government Specialist Hospitals, etc.

Easy Steps

To obtain your medical certificate, you would be required to undertake the following steps.

1. Go to a Government or Military Hospital and get registered. Upon registration, a file would be opened in your name and a hospital card would be issued to you.

2. Thereafter, you would be directed to the various laboratories (if available) where the required tests are conducted. There, your samples are obtained and tested. In most instances, not all the tests would be conducted in the hospital labs due to insufficient staff or materials. Hence, you may need to patronize private labs for some tests.

3. Once the tests have been conducted, you need to obtain the results for your medical records. You then take these test results to the doctor as your certificate would be based on the test results.

It is important to ensure the document issued to you by the doctor is signed and the stamp of the Government Hospital properly imprinted on the certificate.

Also, no matter the circumstances, the Certificate of Medical Fitness must be issued ONLY by a doctor under the employment of a Government or Military Hospital. Don’t carry out the tests in a Government laboratory and get a private hospital to issue you the certificate. Such certificates would be unfit for purpose.

If you have any other questions, just ask me below:

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  1. How long does it takes for the certificate to be ready after conducting the test ?

  2. Thank you so much Lola… you are really helpful here

  3. Hi good evening How much does it cost to get the certificate

  4. My school is issuing medical result for 1k, it is the same as this one u just stated” medical certificate “? And if no what do I need the school own for?

  5. Thanks Lola for your timely help .I want to know if a nursing mother who will be of camp must also get this fitness certificate thanks .

  6. Jibril Umar Ismail

    I have a former medical certificate can i use it?

  7. Are we to bring only the government hospital medical certificate or it must come with the medical test results?

  8. How can i register while up till now am still seeing no record found after all my school have submitted the hard copy of our senate list am from bauchi state university

  9. I did mine in march, can I still use it??

  10. Hey, tnks so much for all ur info. Indeed u are God sent bless u. I’ve done my medical test since April can I still use it, and is certificate different from d test result given to us

  11. Must the medical certificate of fitness comes with all the test results? Or is it okay to said in the certificate that the person concern is mentally and physically fit? Because some government hospital are not indicating the test results, they only said he/she is mentally and physically fit

  12. Is it compulsory the medical certificate should have NMA stamp on it.

  13. My medical cert only reads … I am medically fit after conducting the required test with a stamp on it from the authorized source. meaning, the tests eg Blood pressure, hiv etc were not spelled out.

    I hope it’s still valid ?

    • Akayovwe Godday

      Why new certificate. It seems to me as waste of fund. I also have . The one I use at 2013 at polytechnic from Government Hospital.
      Please just let me know why new one

  14. They do medical certificate in my School hospital but they refused to do for pregnant prospective corps members. They said all pregnant PCM should go their hospital where they attend Antinatal and get a medical report showing they are pregnant. Will dat be accepted in d camp in place of medical certificate for pregnant PCM pls?

  15. Hi. The name NYSC officially know me through my dashboard is ADE BOLA JOHN, which is correct. But the name on my school ID Card that am going to present in camp is BOLA J. ADE, is there going to be problem in camp?

  16. pls Lola sweetheart, I ve done d test n ve collected d certificate but I now discovered that d HCV test I did is not recorded on d certificate. Hope it will be accepted in camp. other tests are recorded except d HCV

  17. pls Lola sweetheart, I ve done d test n ve collected d certificate but I now discovered that d HCV test I did is not recorded on d certificate. Hope it will be accepted in camp. other tests are recorded except d HCV

  18. Am from Enugu, school at Enugu. States I choose Anambra Sokoto Taraba and Delta

  19. Hello Lola! I did my medical certificate on June 11th last month. I’m going with steam 2 this month, will my medical certificate still be valid? Or should i do another one?

  20. Hello, I did my medical certificate on June 11. Can I still use it?, Coz someone told me that if it’s not up to 3months they will collect it.

  21. I did mine at a primary health centre
    Does it count?

    • Olajumoke Eunice

      Regards the medical fitness, can we do it and be issued certificate 2/3 months before the orientation camp?

  22. Does this mean that a medical fitness certificate from a private hospital or laboratory is invalid?

  23. Nwankwo chiamaka tessy

    Ma’m what if i go with my school medical certificate, that i obtained during my Hnd 1 program

  24. Hello, ,can i get a medical certificate from a clinic at ministry of petroleum? Is it also considered as a government hospital?

  25. Same with me, dont know if its acceptable

  26. Hello dear lola, your doing a wonderful work here. Plz i want to know if primary health center medical report would do. Thank you and God bless

  27. Odulaja adeola Abidemi

    Sis my own question is that when are the starting registration and can we do the medical now or I should wait when I am through with registration . My second question is that when someone register for NYSC is it compulsory you do your medical test there.

  28. Pls I registered for my Nysc in 2018 and I was posted to sokoto but I was unable to go due to some reasons and I was told I can revalidate now but the issue now is that am now married and I don’t know if I can include my marriage certificate during the revalidation, because I heard revalidation doesn’t change deployment state.. Pls I need you to reply me.

  29. Pls Lola can I do the medical certificate i n a private hospital

  30. What hospitals are available in lagos for the medical fitness

  31. Hello miss Lola. I Made a mistake in filling my health status during registration. How can I get it corrected before I’m given a state because I don’t wanna go far but serve in Oyo. Please Help me because registration is closing on Monday. Thanks ma’am.

  32. I already got a medical report for a certain health condition because I wanted to redeploy, is it necessary I get a medical fitness certificate too??

  33. Olajumoke Eunice

    Regards the medical fitness, can we do it and be issued certificate 2/3 months before the orientation camp?

  34. Lola can i use my school medical certificate, though it’s a state university?

  35. Hi Lola. My medical certificate indicated I tested positive for pregnancy. Do I still need to go to camp with a medical report?

  36. Evening Lola
    Plss I did medical certificate from LUTH in April
    Can I use it next month in camp?

  37. Gud evening lola princess. I am hypatitis patient will i be accepted in the camp.?

  38. Good evening Lola, please can I do my medical test in a government owned health center or health care?

  39. Is it compulsory for small food establishedment to go through the screening

  40. Can I use that of private hospital?

  41. Afternoon Lola, please I did medical fitness in January, can I still use it for 2021 stream 2 batch A

  42. Good evening dear, I appreciate your efforts. Please I want to know if I can use a medical fitness report from a government primary health care center

  43. When will camp be open for batch a stream 2 pcm

  44. I have don my medical certificate from a government hospital but I want to do medical report can I do it in a private hospital p

  45. Please Lola I did my medical report in a government hospital but all the tests were not included will that give me a problem

    • It should be accepted. Diffent hospitals have different ways of doing things.

      • Please Lola I did my medical fitness certificate at my school federal polytechnic nekede and it stated that the above name is physically and mentally fit at time of examination and that he or she shows evidence of adequate vaccination

  46. Is lasu health center okay because that is where I did mine will it be acceptable Lola ?

  47. How many months should a certificate be valid before going to camp? I did mine in March and I’m moving by July

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