NYSC No Available Slot Issue

NYSC No Available Slot Issue – NOW AVAILABLE

Slots Now Available

This is to inform you all that you can now log in and continue your NYSC registration because slots are now available for selection. Click the button below and you will be able to select your state of choice and complete you NYSC Registration.

The NYSC management always gives prospective Corp members the ability to select 4 state of choice during online registration and you will surely be deployed to one of these four states you will choose. Choose wisely.

Click the button below and select your states of choice asap.


NYSC No Available Slot Issue has been around for a long time and every batch, during registration, there is always a point in time when Prospective Corps members will be seeing

“Sorry, there is no more available state slot for deployment”

… right on their dashboard. This will then prevent them from choosing any state as their state of choice. This is exactly what we are all experiencing at the moment and it has been generating reactions from PCMs who are unable to select their state of choice. See also: 3 Tips To Protect Your Valuables During NYSC Camp



The solution to this issue is to relax and wait for a little time, the states will be available again before the end of the NYSC registration date. Based on experience and the way out of this situation in the past, the best thing is to wait and try again later. See also: 5 Reasons You Should Not Carry Your Laptop To NYSC Camp

You all should keep calm, the fault is not a mistake from your side, it is the normal NYSC state of deployment issue. The states will be available again anytime soon and as soon as we have info, you will be the first to hear about.

Stay connected and keep trying.

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  1. Batch A 2019 april allawee has not been paid, lola what is the issued.

  2. I am from Abia state
    Schooled in Venue
    Applied Nassarawa, Imo, Bauchi, Akwa ibom

  3. OK, thank you ma, you are doing a great work.

    But some female friends could still register as at this morning when I am still seeing no state available, but I will wait like you have said.

    Thanks once again

  4. Thanks for the info..pls keep us posted.

  5. Pls will the registration portal be reopened for stream 2 registration ?

  6. Ezemagu Onyinyechi Maryann

    I have registered since Monday and up till now I haven’t seen my call up number

  7. Dennis Okwechime

    I tried joining the group chat but it said the group is filled up, please help.

  8. Katsina
    Zamfara, Edo and Ekiti

  9. Oyo

  10. Hello, I have a question

    I am yet to collect my waec result from my secondary school, the school is withholding it due to some issues

    Will the normal Online print out be accepted on camp.

  11. Siyanbade Janet busayo

    No available state slot
    Please help oooo

  12. You’re doing well ma, I’ll wait then.

  13. I am foreign trained graduate , my portal is still showing not evaluated and also showing concessional deployment not approved. Hence I haven’t been given call up number.

  14. Hi, i applied for the rearrangement of my name on my dashboard since Monday but nothing has been done about it yet..please what should i do.

  15. Dis no available slots is taking like forever

  16. I applied Yobe, Akwa Ibom, Nasarawa ND Enugu

  17. Kogi

    Gombe, Cross-river, Oyo, plateau

  18. School oyo
    State Ogun
    Picked Kaduna, cross river, Kwara and Ondo
    Kindly help predict

  19. Still no available state for deployment, please what’s wrong.

  20. Emma Ugochukwu

    school, Abia
    Akwa ibom

  21. pls o it it still showing no available state slot oo

  22. am fucking tired of waiting for dis no available slot shit.
    for the past three dayz now, no available slot
    will it ever be rectified or we should stage a protest in abuja?

  23. madam i just see my name today can i still go with this stream 1

  24. thanks for the info. meanwhile, i havent made payment yet; can i still make the payment after concluding and submitting my registration? thanks.

  25. If someone sees states in only d first state of deployment, can he just tick there and continue registration without waiting for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th states of deployment to appear?

  26. kelvin mordecai

    hello ma, good morning
    please here is my complain
    i registered with batch A, but did not appear in camp
    right now i want to join batch B , so i tried to revalidate but it showing me no Available Slot
    i heard anoda info dis morning dt we that were suppose to be with batch A but did nt appear in camp
    we will be Automatically Enlisted into batch B, without any need of revalidating, due to the existing problem of NO AVAILABLE STATE SLOT
    Please how true is this information.

  27. State: Oyo
    State of institution: kaduna
    States for deployment: kano, nasarawa, enugu and ogun

  28. Am Taofeek from Abuja, am trying to complete my registration since saturday and have not been able to choose my preferred states, its been showing Sorry, there is no more available state slot for deployment. pls what can i do so as to complete my registration.

  29. Ishola Mujidah Oyelola

    i have been unable to make payment. is it because i have not been given deployment state? because it says no slot yet

  30. please i have not been able to make payment

  31. Azeez Abdulsalam

    From kwara
    School in kaduna
    Picked niger
    Cross river

  32. Hi,
    Pls I applied for change of DOB, Nysc has sent me a mail that my issue has been treated.
    But the fact is, the exemption msg is still on my dashboard.
    Pls, what’s the problem?
    Will it work?

    I need a reply to this please.

  33. Gooddayma, I registered as a married and my changed name didn’t reflect on my green card bt the title is mrs,please how can I correct dis.

  34. Borno
    Cairo Egypt
    Yobe, Cross River, Kaduna and Imo

  35. Since there is now slot for state of Deployment.

    Is there still a special registration for stream 2?

    Or can we still know if we are in stream 1 or stream 2?

  36. am from Enugu state, schooled at anambra

  37. Plz what date is batch b leaving for the orientation camp

  38. From kaduna
    Schooled in Zaria
    Chose. Plateau, cross river, Gombe, Enugu.

  39. Nwadiolu promise

    From Delta
    School in Auchi Polytechnic
    Akwa ibom

  40. From Delta
    Schooled in Benin

    Chose Lagos, Anambra, Kwara, Bayelsa
    Help me predict

  41. Esther odetokun

    Borno, Kaduna, cross river, ogun

  42. Hello dear, I want to change my date of birth but can’t see any link for that on the site..

  43. Enugu Anambra
    Kano Akwa Ibom Niger Ebonyi

  44. From Katsina.
    School Kaduna.
    State of deployment: BORNO, OYO, NASARAWA, RIVERS.

  45. Ezeogu Mercy Chioma

    Hello dear, my medical fitness on the 5th of June …..hope its still valid to take to camp?

  46. Ezeogu Mercy Chioma

    Hi dear, I did my medical fitness on the 5th of June …..hope its still valid to take to camp?

  47. Musa
    Borno state
    Cairo Egypt
    Yobe, Cross River, Kaduna and Imo state

  48. Ezeogu Mercy Chioma

    Good morning ma, I did my medical fitness on the 5 of June ( earlier this month)…..hope its still valid for camp?

  49. From Nasarawa state
    School:Nasarawa state
    States of deployment:Kwara, oyo, kaduna, cross river

  50. from Abia state and schooled in Kano. i selected Katsina, Gombe, Ogun and Delta

  51. I’m from OYO.
    I picked

  52. From OYO.
    School :- outside

  53. From OYO
    School :- outside


  54. Edo
    Kaduna delta kwara,abia

  55. After completing my registration right on my dashboard it is showing m print slip which I click several times but not working, and as it is now I have not gotten my green card or even the call up letter

  56. Can I change my date of birth after completing my registration?

  57. State of origin Kano

    Cross river

  58. Samuel Ndudi Manasseh

    Please when is another batch going to orientation camp

  59. Please i have been seeing no slots available for the 2020 batch A while registering. What should i do?

  60. It’s still the same thing till now,we still can’t choose states

  61. Bello olanike omoshola

    Good afternoon please I registered yesterday and since it has been bringing no available slot….please any way forward

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