NYSC Remobilization Portal Opening Date For 2022 Announced

NYSC Remobilization Portal Opening Date For 2022 Announced

Portal will be opened for Remobilization from 19th April to 6th May, 2022. Remobilization is for those who started National Service and absconded.

Please note that the Remobilization Portal is meant for Corps members who have been deployed to a state for nysc, went to camp, and then absconded after orientation camp. If you belong to any previous batch and you have been given a call-up letter, you went to the Orientation camp and after orientation camp, you did not complete your NYSC or you just abandoned it.

The remobilization portal will be open for you to remobilize from 19th April to 6th May, 2022. So that you can follow the next batch to complete your nysc.

If you are a fresh graduate, this is not for you. If you were given the NYSC call-up letter and did not go to camp, this is not for you. If you were mobilized and you did not register, this is not for you.

The only people that this is meant for are those who absconded from NYSC after attending orientation camp. if you have any questions, kindly use the comment box below.

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  1. I was given a call up letter but didn’t go to camp what should I do wil I start a fresh mobilization or revalidate ?

  2. I was mobilized for batch c , but I didn’t register please what should I do

  3. Please was posted to kebbi did camp but didn’t report back, till after 3months and was told to remobilize..am 2021 batch A stream 2 ..please am I eligible for remobilization now?

  4. Essien, Mercy Wofai

    Good afternoon
    Pls my name hardly appear in the senate list when all the criteria have been met what do I do?
    And I don’t want to miss this batch A 2022

  5. i go to my ppa and he accept me, why i did’t want to serve there what will i do

  6. I was given a call up letter but i didn’t go to camp and i learnt that i will have to revalidate but i don’t know how to go about it

  7. The name on my jamb admission letter is David chigozie Nwonodi and that of my statement of result is Nwonodi Chigozie David. Will this be a problem

  8. Hello. Please I av bin declared absconded. And I saw a remobilsation letter in my portal. Please wat is the next step to take. Nd how many weeks wil it expire if I don’t report to the secretariat

  9. Hello, I absconded for 3 months. will i have to serve at the same state i was posted to?

  10. Hello, please I went to camp and attended the orientation but due to my health issue I didn’t complete it and it shows at my portal that I need to go for remobilization, but I need to know if it’s when I apply for remobilization that’s when I will see the remobilization letter or how is it done. I await your swift response.

  11. Hello Good day, My question, am presently a Batch A 22 corper, my PPA doesn’t want to reject me, due to one reason or the other I can’t continue the service presently. And I have done one clearance after camp with my posting letter… Please send in your advice, thank you

  12. Ogbaronya Chimezie John

    What is expected of those that were given call- up letter but didn’t go to orientation camp?

  13. Am 2021 batch 2 I did my camping at taraba but did not go to my ppa due to some reason I later go back to secretariat to face the CD&R I was told to wait for remobilization after my batch pass out since my batch pass out this month have not see any form of remobilization on my dashboard. How will I go for that.

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