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NYSC Senate List – Full Details

The NYSC Senate list is a very important aspect of the National Youth Service Corps. The senate list is so important that without it, you all will not be able to register for NYSC. The only exception to this is only if you are a foreign-trained graduate.

Foreign-trained don’t require the senate list for NYSC registration. They have their own entirely different requirement for both mobilization and registration. You can CLICK HERE to see the full official foreign-trained NYSC requirement.

A lot of questions have been coming in regarding the senate list. Like, What is the senate list? How does it work? what is the purpose, how can your name get on the senate list and more related questions have been coming in. No Matter your questions about the senate list, we are going to solve it all in this article.

If you have never heard about the Senate list before or you are not familiar with the whole process, this article will guide you through and at the end, you will know everything about the Senate list from start to finish. [See also: JAMB Matriculation List For NYSC Mobilization – 2021 Batch C]

What Is NYSC Senate List

The Senate list is that particular list that contains the names and details of all qualified graduates of an institution for the National Youth Service Corps program.

One of the first steps of NYSC mobilization is the senate list because it’s through this list that the NYSC management will know that you exist and you are qualified for a particular batch.

The NYSC system doesn’t know you or recognize you from anywhere and it’s through the senate list that your institution will upload that will put you on the NYSC database in other to participate in the National youth service corps program.

Who Will Compile The List?

There is a little misconception as some people think NYSC will be the one to release the senate list. This is not true because the senate list will be from your institution. Some institutions requires a pre-mobilization form while others mobilize automatically. You can CLICK HERE to read the full details and explanation about the Pre-mobilization form.

Your school recognizes you, and they know every of your academics details. Therefore they know if you are a graduate and you are qualified for mobilization. In a simple sentence, your institution is responsible for the list.

The Senate List Process

The first step is the compilation of the list by your institution after which the list will be pasted at the Division of Student Affairs (DSS) or made available on your school portal.

After corrections and verification by individuals, then the list will be uploaded on the NYSC portal for NYSC to recognize that all the names on the list are qualified for the current batch.

At this point, if you go to the NYSC Portal you will not see your name yet. All you will get is ‘No Record Found’. This is because there are still two more steps before the senate list will appear on the NYSC Portal.

After your institution uploads the senate list on the NYSC portal, they still need to send the hard copy to the NYSC headquarters in Abuja for verification before it will go live.

NYSC Verification Of the List

A while ago, this step became important because of the corruption level of some institutions. Some schools will take money from individuals and just add their names to the senate list without being a graduate or completing the academic year.

Some schools will mobilize someone that is not qualified just because the person offers them money. Based on this and some other necessary factors, the NYSC management decided to be verifying the hard copy submitted by an institution with a JAMB matriculation list.

After the proper verification, then the senate list will be live on the NYSC Portal and everybody whose names are on the senate list will be able to verify their details on the NYSC Portal.

Once you are able to verify your name on the NYSC Portal, then you will be able to register successfully.


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  1. The date of birth on my jamb portal is 22/11/1992 instead of 15/11/1992 as in all my credentials and any moment from now l will be mobilised please what do l do.

  2. Go to jamb office for the correction and u will be given a form to submit and from there u will go to court for affidavit for correction in your date of birth and you going to attach it with the form given to you in jamb office and the submit it to your school for processing

  3. Saaondo sylvester

    The names on my jamb admission letter is interchanges, like my first name used as my surname and surname interchanged for first name, our graduation list is out and it’s the name that appears on jamb admission letter that will be used for mobilization and statement of result, mainwhile I applied for correction of data/ arrangement of my names and they are yet to do it from jamb office, if am mobilized, should I wait for jamb to effect the changes on my names before registering on NYSC portal?

    • What matters is that your name on NYSC portal must correspond with your name on your certificate. Even if your normal on NYSC portal carries the one from jamb, all you will have to do is change it to the correct one. You will have chance to change it after registration.

  4. I graduated since 2019 from ahmadu Bello university Zaria of to now we have not collected our results my question here is if in year 2019 which is the year of graduation u are not of to 30 years will u go for service because now I am 31 year’s


    The name on my jamb result is Orilola mervelous Titilope
    While the name on my school’s credentials nd certificate is ORILEOLA TITILOPE MARVELOUS
    Bt i have already did change of name nd submitted the file to the school nd they havent rectify it
    Nd i need to print my admission letter inorder to b on d senate list
    Pls can i submit it lyk dat

  6. I didn’t attach my statement of result when I filled mobilization form in my institution, please will it stop my name from coming out in senate list?

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