NYSC Stream II Postponement – Blessing Or Curse?

The NYSC management postponed Stream II registration deadline and orientation camp date till August 13th and August 20th respectively a couple of weeks ago.

This has caused a lot of mixed reactions among the NYSC 2019 Batch B Stream II Prospective Corp members who have been preparing to enter camp shortly after the end of Stream I camp excercise.

Some prospective Corp members claimed they quit their Jobs, stopped their training, they are getting old and a lot of other reasons due to the one month postponement of Stream II Orientation Camp.

Others are saying the postponement will give them more time to prepare or even acquire a training.

There is nothing we can do about the postponement though, but at least we can talk and discuss to know what individuals think about it.

The question is what exactly do you think about the Postponement of NYSC 2019 Batch B Stream II Orientation Camp from July to August 20th.

Is It A Blessing Or A Curse?

Use the comment box below to tell us what you think and back it up with an intellectual reason.

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  1. I see it as a blessing because it gives me the chance to learn and complete my training in graphics design. It also gives me the privilege to attend an intimate friend wedding function and a chance to celebrate id-el-kabir with my love ones 😉✌.

  2. every disappointment is a blessing, only God knows the reason while the DG announced the postponement. so to me, the postponement is blessings and not a curse…

  3. GOD knows all thing’s. Initially when I saw the news indicating stream II orientation camp has been postponed, I felt bad initially. Later I cheer up, because I got a very strong connection afterwards. Assuming am in a camp, I might not have access to such. Moreover I continue my fashion skill training and also preparing well for august. August is almost here. As for me, It’s a huge blessing

  4. For me it a big blessing because if they didn’t postpone it am very sure I won’t be evaluated because I was meant to go with stream 1 but my dashboard was saying you have not been evaluated because you upload invalid documents and up to 10th of July it was the same and than I known there’s a problem I have to rush to the Nysc office and give my complaint and the woman I met with collect my email and check on her own login immediately she told me that I have enter voicemail because I didn’t upload my O level certificate when they sent me a message to do so that the person in charge just put me in voicemail (maybe he was like this girl is not ready) and I plead with her ask her what I will do and she said you’re luck because they postpone the registration date that there’s enough time to work on it and boom on Tuesday I login and behold my call up number was there oh my world the joy I felt was great up till now am still super happy because if not for the postponement I will have to wait for batch C and time is not my friend so for me it a blessing

  5. Wen i heard it was painful but later it turns to blessing bcoz I av bn able to complete my class room assignment for students vacation today n a lots of assignments to be carried out dz month till August will gv me chance of earning more money b4 orientation camp.There is purpose for everything,tnk u mz Lola for always bn there us really appreciate ur efforts.Kudos.

  6. Sincerely, at first I was a bit disappointed because I already applied for leave of absence for 3 weeks at work. Fully prepared for the camp, even my colleague at work have started asking” are you not going again”but I later told them the new development at work and they were cool with it. At least one month to work, learn and earn. So it’s still a blessing in disguise. Tho time no Dy!

  7. surely ,it was so disgusted at first time I heard it, but later when I realized that I was not ready for the exercise, it gives me another chance to get prepare well so that everything will go as we expected.for now am fully ready for it.

  8. I see it as a blessing o because my senior sister had an important thing she had to do in Lasgidi the week we were supposed to be in camp, her little son was meant to go and stay with someone else who was not a family cause my family stays in the South and my big sis here in Abj with her family and she wasn’t comfortable leaving her little baby with anyone as she wouldn’t have been able to go with him. At least, I eased her the stress of sending her little son to stay with another person while she was away and I was never comfortable with it because of how bad this world has turned into so, I believe it was postponed because of my little treasure.
    Secondly, a blessing because I didn’t have all my camp items complete but I still have till like a month to complete it cause of cash. God really is at work cause I was thinking of my tp down to the South, money to buy the remaining items and money I’ll take to camp but everything turned out for my favour. I’ve always been a favoured and blessed child. I’m just so happy it’s a blessing, was even meant to go with stream 1 but God delayed me for my good!

  9. Gods'love Oliver

    Wao! it was not greeted with form fair at the genesis of the situation, but just as the axiom has it, one man’s disappointment is a blessing to others. After i got the news although in sad way, i got to school the next day only to behold that the whole staff were happy about the postponement. do you know, they go no miss me during the graduation party of the outgoing students scheduled on 28th July. it was not funny the kind of humorous laughter and joy on their faces. hmmmmm! anyways, i am powerless over the scenario. On the throne of Divine will i lay the situation, hoping in child like manner that it will surely result to my laughter.

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