NYSC Whatsapp Group Link 2022

NYSC Whatsapp Group Link 2022 – Must Join

The NYSC WhatsApp group link 2022 is the best place to get first-hand and Legit news right on your smartphone. Information is a powerful thing, especially in this national youth service corps program and a legit source of information can save you from stress and make life easier.

This is the drive behind the 2022 NYSC Whatsapp Group. The goal of the group is to provide 24/7 information, special support, and assistance, official public notice, LEGIT updates, official breaking news, share life saving and amazing articles, nysc news updates, nysc news today, and every detail you need to make your NYSC experience seamless and easy. [Read also: Top 10 Reasons People Hustle To Do NYSC In Lagos]


Either you are a prospective Corps Member, a graduate or even if you don’t know anything about NYSC or how it always go, this NYSC whatsapp Group link 2022 is your best bet. As long as you belong to this NYSC whatsapp group, you will never miss out on anything important.

NYSC WhatsApp Group link 2022 Notes

Some important notes to pay attention to about the group is just below. Kindly read carefully so you don’t get confused.

The WhatsApp group is always locked for some reason. Scammers and spammers always join the group only to bombard members with spam, bet9ja stuffs, porn, endless and irrelevant stickers, harassment, and all sort of talks and messages that have no relevance to NYSC at all. So we decided to lock the group to prevent such.

Once the admin drops any important update, it will be right before you. No distractions, no uncountable messages pushing it away. You will only get the updates and will even be able to scroll up to see previous updates easily.

Open Telegram Group 2022
However, we have an always open telegram group where you can join, chat, meet people and make noise like you like. As long as you are not a spammer or a scammer, you are 100% welcome there.

The best thing is to join both the WhatsApp group and the telegram group but the WhatsApp group is most important because that is where you will get all updates. Telegram is just for chats among PCMs and has support from Admins too.

Another thing to note is that some people might send you a DM or add you to another group. You should leave such group and block such person. Lots of scammers will scam you if you dull it. Be smart and only message the admin.

You can send messages to the admin at anytime about anything. We are always available to help anytime. Be free to message the admin for anything.


NYSC Whatsapp / Telegram Group Rules

Before you click on the NYSC whatsapp Group link 2022, kindly read the rules of the group to know how we do things here.

  • No spamming. If you spam, we will remove and ban you from the group.
  • No posting of bet9ja stuffs, pornography, racial discrimination, harassment and other nonsense on the group.
  • Respect the Admins, we are like a brother and a sister and we are here to help you.
  • If anybody add you to any group you don’t know or send you a DM about any service or updates, report to the admin and block the person.
  • Respect one another and communicate maturely
  • Do not post any advertisement or investment scheme on the group.
  • No racial discrimination or tribalism. We are all one and one love binds us together.

Whatsapp Group Disclaimer

  • We have some disclaimer to spell out and you should pay attention and read to the end.
  • The WhatsApp group is not created by the NYSC management. It was created by nyscnews.com team of experienced professionals and ex Corps Members who are always ready to help at anytime.
  • Do not send money to anybody and be smart with your money. We are not responsible for any money you send to anybody.
  • The admins reserves the right to ban or remove anyone from the group at anytime with or without warnings. We created the group for people to join and not to remove them. So until you break the rules, nobody will remove you.
  • Every group members is responsible for his or her post. If its not from admin, we are not responsible for what other type or says.
  • The admin also have the right to change the group settings, security features and other thing that will benefit the group.

Once again, you are most welcome to this NYSC whatsapp Group link 2022. Feel free and feel at home. We have got all information and all updates you can ever need. As long as you belong to this group, you will never miss out on anything important.

You are welcome on board

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