Top 10 Reasons You Should Save During NYSC

Top 10 Reasons You Should Save During NYSC

Top 10 reasons you should save During NYSC is an article that most Corpers might want to ignore just because of the Mentality that N19,000 is never enough. In my previous post, I already talked about the Never Enough Mentality and some facts about it. So am not here to argue with you either it is possible to save from the little NYSC allowance or not. I am here to give you top 10 reasons you should save During NYSC.

Top 10 Reasons You Should Save During NYSC

Saving is not an ambiguous word that needs any clarification. I was so happy I was saving 7k every month during my NYSC and in 10 months, I had 70k apart from the last double allowee. You don’t know how much that helped me after NYSC. I have met people who saved 10k every months, 5k, 4k and even as low as 2k. At least saving is saving. Below are the top 10 reasons you should save During NYSC. See als: [Top 10 Ways Corpers Ruin Their Lives During NYSC]

1. Saving Is Cool

There is nothing as cool as saving actually. There is always this particular happiness and pride that a company saving. No matter how little you are saving, there is always something about it which is cool. The NYSC service year will do everything to make you exhaust your allowance before the end of the month. You don’t have to let go of all of it. You will subscribe, buy food, have fun and other important things. Always remember to save, no matter how little it is.

2. You Need Money

Money is so much essential to life that a life can be meaningless if there is no money in it. When you are broke, there is nothing that will be interesting. One reason you should save is because you need money especially after NYSC. If you think you will get job immediately after your NYSC and things go south, what will you do? Even if you don’t have an urgent need for it now, the money you saved will always be there for you anytime. See Also: [Top 10 Reasons You Will Remain Broke After NYSC]

3. For After NYSC

This is a very important reason why you should save During NYSC. After NYSC, the allowance will stop and then you will be faced with the reality of the country. If you are son of a minister or a daughter of a Senator, you might not have to worry about after NYSC. However, if you are just like me and know only God, please try to save for later.

A lot of ex-Corps members never bargained what they got after NYSC and if you have saved some money, it will keep you up for a while.

4. Save To Start A Business

A section of this website “Be A Boss” is about business ideas ranging from online to offline and to starting something of your own. Check around you, the most richest people in the world are not working under anybody.

You can actually save enough money to start a business during or after NYSC and build it till you can boast of living like a boss. You can save to start a business anywhere you are. You need to think about the future. Click here to see all my business articles that will benefit you.

5. Save To Live Comfortably

Living very comfortable with a peace of mind is not all about spending all your allowance, it’s all about saving part of it. You can’t live so comfortable when you finish up your allowance and you can’t do anything until month ends. Comfort is know that yes, you have something you can bounce on.

6. To Free Your Mind From Worries

The worries of what next after NYSC is one of the mind disturbing thought of a Corps members. There are no jobs in Nigeria except teaching jobs with little pay all over everywhere. If you don’t know anyone, you are simply on your own.

Either you want to further education by going for Masters or you want to search for job or even start a business, the little you will be saving now, will help so much later. Am not saying there won’t be worries, there will surely be. But when you have savings somewhere, it reduce the pressure.

7. Save As A Backup Plan

This world we are is a place of probability and nothing is really sure especially in Nigeria. A back up plan is really necessary and can be a life saver.

You might think you will get a job immediately after NYSC and you find out that there is no jobs out here, your back up plan will jump into action. If you start saving now as a back up plan, the stress will have limit even if you don’t get a job immediately after NYSC. No One Knows Tomorrow.

8. Emergency

Emergency is one of the top 10 reasons to save money during NYSC. Anything can happen, this is the kind of the world we are. Some emergencies might come up that your saving will be the only reason you will escape it.

It’s not a good thing to be expecting a bad thing this to happen, but what if it happens, you will be able to bounce back on your saving. And if there is no emergency, your savings are saved for you.

9. Save To Reduce Lavish Spending

The saving habits can really help cut down some lavish spending. Money have a kind of spirit that always want to make people spend it as much as possible. This is why even if you have N100,000 with you, until you finish spending it, your mind will not leave the money.

This is NYSC and you are in a strange town with a lot of things to spend money on. You might have temptation to spend all your allowee but when you remember you have to save part of it, you will mind the way you spend.

10. Opportunity Can Knock Your Door

Opportunities can show up for you anytime and what do you do when you finally have a chance to do something and you need some money to start. A business you need to invest, a job interview you should attend, a workshop you need to travel to attend, or maybe a skill you need to pay to acquire.

These are opportunities you must not miss especially because of some money. If you start saving now, you could really make use of it when an opportunity comes by.

You have a lot of reasons not to save from your N19,800 NYSC allowance, but am sure that my top 10 reasons to save Money during NYSC will motivate you a little bit.

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