Top 10 Ways Corpers Ruin Their Lives During NYSC

Top 10 Reasons You Will Remain Broke After NYSC

This Top 10 reasons you will remain broke after NYSC is a list that will bring before you why most Corps Members will still be broke even after the National Youth Service Corps. If you are an old Corper Who is about to be done with NYSC, you can relate to these reasons below. If you are also a new serving Corps Members or Prospective Corps members, the below reasons will try all their means to keep you broke after NYSC.

Top 10 Reasons You Will Remain Broke After NYSC

Since the existence of NYSC, there has always been some Corps members who will leave the National Youths Service Corps programme loaded and some others, who will have to call home for transport fare or better still have some change after the 1-year service. You are about to find out the top 10 reasons you will remain broke after NYSC just below. See also: Online Jobs In Nigeria That Can Make You Very Rich

  1. The Never Enough Mentality

This mentality alone has done more harm than good because staying ahead of situations always start with a positive thinking. However, the never enough Mentality has sentenced this positive thinking you need into a one year prison without parole till after your NYSC.

We all believe and agree with all certainty that the N19,800 will never be enough as a Corper and that’s the fact, it will never be enough. I know some of you will want to punch me, squeeze me or even spank me. You can go ahead. While I don’t support the chicken change though, the fact is even if the Federal government is paying N50,000, it will still be never enough for some people.

I have been a Corper, I have a lot of friends who are still serving and they are saving a token every month. If you don’t want to be broke after NYSC, you should consider uploading a virus to restructure the never enough Mentality. See also: Business Ideas In Nigeria With Low Capital For Corpers

2. Present Only

Maryam Bhadmus, a guest writer here wrote two amazing articles most Corpers will ignore. One is about businesses to start with N5,000 and the other is about starting a business with N10,000 or less.

I co-founded Corpers Forum and during my NYSC and now, am making money, living comfortably and building a career online without any physical job. I have written tons of articles about online jobs, making money online, businesses and others for Corps members to exploit during NYSC.

Most Corps Members don’t think outside the box until the NYSC allowance stop coming in. That is when they will have the reality before them and wish they did something while they had all the time in the world. One reason why Corps Members are always broke is because they have the passion for the present alone. They believe the future will sort out itself. You have a lot of options of things you can do during NYSC. Please try to invest. Read also: Food business In Nigeria – Read This Best Guide

3. Fashion Flang

Looking good is cool, staying cute is normal, looking frosh and indomitable is awesome and increase self-confidence. However, when you devote all your life and all your income into fashion either about what you wear or how you look, it becomes abnormal.

If you are the type that spends every allowance on clothes, and fashions without any other source of income, you are giving yourself a room in the broke neighborhood. Some Corpers can do fashion, even if NYSC post them to a village with Banana trees all over everywhere, they will still dress to impress the trees. Am not saying you shouldn’t buy cloths, but when you take it as if your life depends on it, check it.

4. Always Updated

If you like buy an apple cream of N14,000 and an android shoe of N17,000. After NYSC, you will be able to withdraw your money back from your Android shoe.

You buy Infinix Note 4 this month, two months later, Infinix Note 5 is out. To update, you sell your Note 4, add more money and buy Note 5. As that is not enough. Two weeks later, Note 5 Pro comes out exactly at the time your N19,800 allowance drive in. Perfect timing. You sell Note 5 android one, add more money and buy the pro. As if that is not enough o… Let stop there abeg!

It’s good to have updates, but not when you depend on your NYSC allowee 100 percent. If you really like updates, instead of wasting your allowee, go to play store on your Android phone, you will see a lot of apps to update. See also: Lucrative Business In Nigeria That You Can Make You Rich

5. Club Freaks

This is majorly for Corpers serving in the city. Although village Corpers might do theirs at the local Palm wine joint. If you are a club Freak with no other source of income apart from the NYSC allowance, you need to pity your pocket. You are no more a student that can request money from home anytime, you are an adult and if you really love clubbing, look for extra means to earn extra cash.

This is majorly for Corpers serving in the city. Although village Corpers might do theirs at the local Palm wine joint. If you are a club Freak with no other source of income apart from the NYSC allowance, you need to pity your pocket. You are no more a student that can request money from home anytime, you are an adult and if you really love clubbing, look for extra means to earn extra cash.

6. No Saving

You say the allowee is too small, you will pay for house rents, NEPA bill, water, subscription, food and many others. I have been there before and I know there are lots of responsibilities and list of things to take away the N19,800 before it enters.

Think about it, if you could save N10,000 every months, it will give you N100,000 in 10 months. I planned saving 10k during mine, but it doesn’t go well, so I was saving N7,000 and ended with 70k in 10 months with the last Double allowee, I was smiling on my POP day not because am leaving NYSC, but because am leaving very fat. The first two allowee went with staying fine, so I only saved for 10 months.

7. Dope Setup

The never enough Mentality is keeping people from saving any amount. The fact that I see a lot of people saving from the NYSC allowance makes me happy because that is a prove that it saving is not impossible. Try to save.

This one is a banger. Most people will become so broke because they simply want to live during their NYSC service year as if it’s their home. It’s not bad to buy Plasma TV, at least 3 Months allowee will buy 32 inches. It’s not also bad to get an home theatre and live like a boss. But all these becomes an issue if you are using all your allowance to buy these stuffs. Read also: How To Earn Money From Facebook – 100% Tested & Working Complete Guide

8. Comfortable Doughnut

You want your room to impress all female Corpers and make male Corpers jealous. So you rent a 4 bedroom flat and fill it all up with gadget, my dear friend, you need a therapist. Then after NYSC, you sell your fridge, sell your TV and even your rug because you are broke and need transport fare. I am not saying you shouldn’t have fun, just remember it’s all for a year.

Comfort is very important and paramount to enjoying your life as a Corper. When your comfortability is a threat to your allowance, you should watch it. I have heard about a Corper that went to install an Air Condition in his one room apartment. I guess he doesn’t know standing fans exists.

Wait, I know you don’t have to endure the NYSC service year, I understand you have to be comfortable. Just watch it especially if you depends solely on your NYSC allowance. If you want 100% comfortability, you will be broke after NYSC. See also: 10 Start-Up Tips For A Thriving Real Estate Business In Nigeria

9. Appetite London

Every month while serving, I always buy a full live chicken and a Pack of Origin Zero. I deserve some enjoyment for myself after a month of work nah and yet I always save my 7k.

Why a lot of you guys might think a full chicken and a Pack of Origin Zero is too much, you should try some people I call Appetite London. They don’t cook, they prefer expensive food from restaurants. They spend almost all their allowee on Food. If you are this type, please watch it. You don’t have to eat all the food in the world during NYSC, there are still more years and more time ahead of you.

You don’t have to be like me in this aspect buying Chicken and Origin Zero every month. I would have been saving 8k or 9k without my chicken and drinks, but hey! I like to take care of myself in a little way. Eating is good, but when it’s threatening your allowance, you have to check it.

10. Girls Always

Hey!!!!!! Oya!!!! Guys, this one is for you especially. You are so much in love and want that thing so much that you will send N15,000 (to and fro) to your girlfriend as Transport fare to come and visit you in the north. The female Corper you met during NYSC Camp is not your core course and pay her your tithe every month.

You that you are still paying Olosho every month, after NYSC, what kind of life will you continue with. Some male Corpers spend half of their allowee on girls. You buy her Sharwama and you are drinking Gaari. You sub for her every month and you are using free facebook. She posts a picture of her real boyfriend on facebook which you can’t see because free Facebook doesn’t show pictures and you are saying wow! wow!!, so beautiful. My dear, you need a slap.

And to you girls that will keep your allowee and be spending his own, please have mercy. I am not saying you shouldn’t take care of your girlfriend, am just saying you should watch it especially if your NYSC allowance is the only source.

I will drop my pen here now and allow you to say anything you want to say at this point. Am sure you understand the Top 10 Reasons You Will Remain Broke After NYSC and you have learned a lesson from it.

The most important thing is to balance it all together. I don’t use my personal experience because am proud, I just want you to know that it is very possible. Some are even saving more than me. No matter how small you can save, just make an attempt.

Please share this article and thank you so much for reading my list of Top 10 Reasons You Will Remain Broke After NYSC.

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